Friends in High Places achievement in Red Dead Redemption

Friends in High Places

Use a pardon letter with more than $5000 bounty in Single Player.

Friends in High Places0
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How to unlock the Friends in High Places achievement

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    The best and quickest way to get a $5,000 bounty is to go to the town of Armadillo and camp in the doctor's office, located on the opposite end of town from the train station. Simply take cover behind the desk and kill anyone and everyone. Once the cops stop spawning you'll need to ride out of town and then go back into town to get them to respawn. This will take about 20-30 minutes to accomplish but be patient and don't rush. Check out my video located at the bottom of this guide for a good visual guide.

    It has come to my attention, thanks to a comment by Gamer God87, that sometimes the prompt to turn in your pardon letter will come up without having to press Y. So when you go to turn in your pardon letter, stand there for a moment, if nothing comes up then press Y to get the prompt to come up to press B to turn in your pardon letter.

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    GS13 ERGO PROXYgot it in no time thanks for the guide smile
    Posted by GS13 ERGO PROXY on 02 May 14 at 09:40
    Bad KermitGot this last night after beating the game. It didn't take terribly long, even with a couple of careless screw-ups by me. Thank you!
    Posted by Bad Kermit on 30 Apr 18 at 16:24
    Heracles437BThank you! This method made it really easy to obtain. And, surprisingly, I also got the White Bronco achievement when I was riding back into town.
    Posted by Heracles437B on 27 Sep 19 at 02:35
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  • sarangINDsarangIND79,443
    03 Jun 2010 04 Jun 2010 04 Jun 2010
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    Best place to win this is in Blackwater. You need to keep the Pardon letter you got from Seth earlier. So do not give it away.
    Once you have Blackwater unlocked you can use it.

    - You need to climb up on the top of the tall building in front of the Train station
    - Stay very near the ladder, you can see many civilians showing up on your 11'o clock and 4'o clock (facing towards station), one by one.
    - You can get upto 10 kills per minute, which is close to 500$ in bounty, just by moving LS around in these 2 directions and shooting people there.
    - The cops will never climb up but they can shoot you from 5'o clock. You can immediately hit RB to take cover if you are taking hits, or go to Dead-eye and shoot them. Killing cops will fetch you 100$ bounty for each kill.

    - Once you get bounty of above 5000$. Make Marston take cover by the duct in the middle of the roof. Wait for few minutes once everything cools down.
    - Now climb down and run towards the station
    - Enter the office on the left side and show the letter to the clerk there
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    lord verhblackwater is the best place to get it. What I did was buy some moonshine for 30 dollar each. Then shoot a sheriff or two, after that take your moonshine and then you have 10 secs unlimited dead eye. If you killed two sherrifs al the others will come towards you. And you can simply click on their heads with rb in dead eye. Once every sheriff is dead you will loose your wanted but not your bounty. Then save it in the saloon if you have hired a room. And do it again that's the quickest way to get it. You don't have to wait till they respawn again only save:)

    The reason you can't see i got the achievement is because my internet connection gets back next week thursday if everything goes allright ( I switched from internet provider but it went wrong)
    Posted by lord verh on 05 Jun 10 at 16:48
    fadedninja77I found an easier way. Got to Blackwater start shooting a bunch of people then go to your room (where you save) and post up using R1 on the right side of the door directly across from the top of the steps. They will keep coming after you, occasionally on will stay on the bottom floor and you have to go down and shoot him. If they stop coming go outside shoot a couple more folks and run back to your room. Save as needed. I didn't die once.
    Posted by fadedninja77 on 23 Jun 10 at 01:28
    I'm only getting $13 for a civilian and $25 for a cop! It's took me over 20 minutes just to get $900 - Is it something to do with my honour?
    Posted on 08 Sep 15 at 20:05
  • 柏直瓜子柏直瓜子579,622
    13 Jun 2010 13 Jun 2010 13 Jun 2010
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    Credit goes to youtube user "leadexample"

    "Once you are able to access Blackwater enter the tower from the west side near the train station. You will see a large brick building which says [Welcome to Blackwater]. There is only one way onto this building, and the AI can't climb. Climb up to the top of the building and start to kill people. If you follow the pattern of this video you will earn $5,000 bounty in no time.

    As you start killing people the law will start to arrive. At the start standing at the top of the ladder leaves you open to attack but once there are 7 or so law enforcers they all hang around the buildings. Once you hit this number you will be safe to stand at the top of the ladder, use the camera to spring from left to right, this will produce an infinite amount of AI for you to kill.

    Once your bounty hit $5,000 duck behind vent on the roof until your wanted level goes away. Make a run for the train station and use a pardon letter, you should have at least 1 if you have completed the hideouts or all of Seth's missions."
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    Suicide PerkiesThat's the best solution on the site, just with a quick flick of the camera left then right one or two more people (often one of them a police officer) appeared back on the street next to the park and town hall... worked far faster and easier than anything I'd tried before. Thanks!
    Posted by Suicide Perkies on 12 Jul 11 at 15:11
    thanks for posting this. Great solution. took me a few tries but i finally got it. i would suggest doing this during the day and stock up on ammo. I would also suggest waiting a while before climbing off the building. Got killed twice just getting off. Like an idioit i got there and pressed the wrong button to pay off instead of using the letter. But it does work better than any solution on here. TKS
    Posted on 18 Jan 13 at 14:29
    Warboy925Helped me get rid of a lot of pent up frustrations with this game, esp with some of the challenges, +1 from me!!
    Posted by Warboy925 on 11 Jun 16 at 09:15
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