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How the West Was Won

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  • Shemp HowardShemp Howard113,828
    30 May 2010 31 May 2010 08 Oct 2010
    142 84 65
    This is the Great Legend Shemp Howard here coming at you live from Armadillo people! Today I am going to let you in on my little secret on How the West Was Won.

    The best place I have received XP is Twin Rocks! TWIN ROCKS PEOPLE! In the old days prior to the patches I would get about 1750 XP in under a minute on this hideout.

    Currently if you clear this hideout in under a minute you will average about 600 XP. 600 XP a minute is great XP. When you go to Twin Rocks you will want to bring a Evans Repeater (from the Pike's Basin hideout) and/or a Bolt Action Rifle (from the Tumbleweed hideout). The first time you do the Twin Rocks hideout make sure you go inside for the Mauser pistol. It is a great weapon to take out the Walton's Gang from up close.

    Before you start make sure you have a full bar of Dead Eye and make sure you have multiplayer aiming set to Casual in the options. For the best score make sure you kill all 22 Walton's Gang members in one kill combo. If you kill them under the one minute mark you will get an average of 600 XP.

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    MrMagicZeroWhat is the best way in 2018 ? I get around 300-400 with this taking forever
    Posted by MrMagicZero on 07 Sep 18 at 09:32
    Dr MartyDoes playing offline without the patch still work now? Also, I would have to play this on the 360, right? Because you can't play unpatched games on the One...?

    UPDATE: Game crashes if I try to play without update...
    UPDATE 2: Uninstalled all DLC and now I can play offline system link!
    Posted by Dr Marty on 02 Jul 19 at 14:31
    XxLukzillaxXI'm hunger for the 100% and I’m looking for someone to boost this and all the other online achievements... if anyone else intend to do it, just message me and we help each other!
    Posted by XxLukzillaxX on 13 May at 01:02
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  • South Park TFBWSouth Park TFBW419,602
    08 Aug 2014 08 Aug 2014 25 Jul 2016
    47 3 54
    This solution involves getting into a glitched Online public free roam. You will know you are in one when you go to whistle your horse, it does not come. The next step is to go in the options menu and put your online aiming to expert (This is because you get extra XP if you go in expert aiming). Next, go to any gang hideout on the map. You have to be the only one at the hideout(Basically, if the hideout is flashing, don't go to it!) As soon as you enter a gang hideout, it will end. You will get anywhere from 200-400 XP(Depending on which hideout you go to. Twin Rocks gives 400XP). When it ends, press left on the D-pad to replay. Repeat this over and over until you reach lvl 50. Now all you need to for now is constantly press left for however long you need to. It look me about 3 hours to get from 25 to 50. That's pretty much it.

    Oh, and I use TA daily so comment or message me if you are having trouble following this,

    Still works as of July 2016 with backwards compatibility smile
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    stefan251It seems so. Unfortunately for us. Although the last Title Update for the game should have been released in 2014. And it worked for some afterwards. Maybe they just shut down a couple of servers for this assold game. I don't know. I've been trying to get this to work now for a couple of hours too. In normal, expert and friendly public roams. But I keep getting thrown into the same non-glitches lobbies. Or I'm stuck in the loading screen... roll

    If someone manages to do it could we please get a confirmation that it still works - if it does.
    Posted by stefan251 on 01 Jul 19 at 01:00
    DUS SOULWOUNDI 2nd that. Please let us know what game type and time you got into a glitched server dance
    Posted by DUS SOULWOUND on 01 Jul 19 at 04:10
    stefan251Just read a post on YouTube where someone claimed to have gotten in a glitched lobby a month ago or so (so in June 2019), but he said it took him an eternity to get it. So if this is correct, it might still work, but has become not only random, but really rare as well. Question is... Is that worth the try? In the hours searching and not finding a glitched lobby you could level up the normal way as well...

    Especially as I said, I don't see a point in trying it for hours since I keep getting thrown into the same three or max four lobbies over and over again - as if there weren't others anymore...
    Posted by stefan251 on 02 Jul 19 at 21:04
    26 Sep 2010 30 Sep 2010
    50 6 3
    The way i did it was going trough Pike's Basin on double XP weekend. solo you can do it in about 5 mins, maybe even less, i made a video of it on youtube. you gain about 1800-1900 xp per run on a normal day (no double xp)

    hope it helps!
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    I3EAR iN MiNDyep,it helps
    Posted by I3EAR iN MiND on 17 Oct 10 at 08:06
    LoofahdogNICE! 23 levels in 1 1/2 hour on trip-xp weekend. I couldn't run through the level as fast as five minutes but taking my time, racking up dead-eye bonuses and not dying worked well too.
    Posted by Loofahdog on 08 Oct 12 at 04:49
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