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Go Team!

Be on the winning team for four consecutive victories in any team based game in public matches.

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How to unlock the Go Team! achievement

  • Faris HiltonFaris Hilton675,359
    24 May 2010 24 May 2010 28 Jan 2011
    121 8 21
    Join a public free roam and then invite a friend. Posse up and then create a team deathmatch or any other team based game mode.

    Now, when the match starts, have your partner leave, which automatically nets you a win.

    Now when you go back the voting lobby, invite your friend to the game again and when the next match begins, do the same.
    After your partner leaves the match for the 4th time, you will get the achievement.

    PS: make sure you kick whoever joins the match because for a small window of time you and your partner will have the majority guaranteeing the unwanted player is kicked.
    This shouldn't really be a problem since the method takes mins and if you are in a fairly empty free roam, the chances of people joining your game are pretty slim.

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    EliteCrafter69There is no way this works now people just keep on joining the game and it's impossible to kick all of them out
    Posted by EliteCrafter69 on 15 Jun 17 at 22:39
    Phoenix SabeCan confirm this is still working as of Oct 15 2018. Just a pain in the ass if people join, you just have to kick them out as quickly as possible. Took a few tries.
    Posted by Phoenix Sabe on 15 Oct 18 at 14:31
    XxLukzillaxXI'm hunger for the 100% and I’m looking for someone to boost this and all the other online achievements... if anyone else intend to do it, just message me and we help each other!
    Posted by XxLukzillaxX on 13 May at 01:03
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  • Shemp HowardShemp Howard113,837
    20 May 2010 21 May 2010 23 May 2010
    82 12 14
    Go Team...sounds like it is a daunting task. I mean win four in a row? That is pretty tough! Actually it is very simple!

    What you will need for this is one boosting partner. I chose one of my buddies on Xbox Live. This will take you about 30 minutes for both of you to get the achievement if you play Capture the Bag as your gametype.

    What you will need to do is start up a Public Free Roam session. While in the session invite your boosting partner and meet up in the town of your choice that has a Gang Match marker. I like the town of Armadillo because it is small and has visible markers. Once both of you are in Armadillo make your way to the Gang Match marker. Make sure your friend is standing next to you by the marker. Start a Gang Match and have your friend join it. Once you see both of your names pop up on the upper left hand corner start the match by holding down the Y button.

    Now most of the time since you were standing right by each other at the Gang Match marker you will be thrown into your own match. Wait for your boosting partner to show up then vote on your favorite gametype. Once the gametype is chosen immediately start the match so it is just the two of you. I prefer playing Capture the Bag because you only need to capture the bag 4 times for your corresponding team. On the town of Armadillo it is setup so at one end of the street there is one drop off chest/goldbag for each team. This is easy because all you do is run back and forth down the street to pick up the other team's gold bag and then drop it off at your chest. Drop off the bag 4 times and you are done.

    After the match vote to play it again. Once gametype is voted on again start the match as quick as you can. Other players can join in at any given time so be sure to give them the boot! This is known in this game as Vote to Kick!

    Being that this is team based, and multiple players can join in at once. Have your friend grab your bag of gold and tell him/her to go hide it, or have them protect your own chest with some team killing tactics. In this game type your team's bag does not even have to be in the chest for you to capture the other team's bag. Your friend helping you in this matter is great if you don't have time to vote to kick or if there are too many people that join up in your game session.

    Not many people will join in because if they have a big posse they will get matched up in some other match. If one person joins in they will be easy to kick. Usually no one else will join though and you will be fine. Remember these wins have to be consecutive and you need four of them. If you dashboard out or get disconnected from your game session then you will have to do all four of them over again. Don't get discouraged if others join and mess you up. It also helps to do this late at night.

    At the end of your 4th game you will be getting the Achievement and shouting Go Team! Wait a minute I thought no one else was on your team? Oh well! Atleast you got the Achievement!
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    Wyatt Maximusdo not start a gang match in a town to do this. you will be broadcasting your intent to everyone in that free roam session. instead, choose gang match from the drop down menu. this will cut way down on people coming in on your game session. hold your own matches take less time (3 gold bags).
    Posted by Wyatt Maximus on 26 Apr 11 at 05:39
    Shemp HowardIf you choose the drop down menu you will get matched up with people that are already playing that game type. I mean it would work great if they didn't have to be in Public matches. Like if you could do them in private that would be great, but if you press the back button and choose it from the drop down menu you will just join some other game that has people in it. Like I said if you could get this achievement in Private games that would work great, but these have to me in Public matches.
    Posted by Shemp Howard on 26 Apr 11 at 14:21
    JoKeRs ObLiViOnif your reading this i need help getting this add me if you want to boost for some achieves.
    Posted by JoKeRs ObLiViOn on 27 May 11 at 21:37
  • atOnzatOnz45,062
    10 Jul 2010 10 Jul 2010 10 Jul 2010
    43 2 3
    1. Get a friend and make a posse in public free roam.
    2. Go to the nearest town with the Gang Matches Icon.
    3. Both of you hit Y on it to enter a game.
    4. Once in the game, leave the posse so that you can start.
    5. Vote and skip to HOLD YOUR OWN game type (I did Chuparosa). This game type is faster than Grab the Bag by 40-50%.
    6. Vote to Start the game.
    7. Have one person capture the other person's bags three times to win (approx 3mins per game).
    9. Do this 4 times (approx 15mins total per person)
    10. Kick anyone else who joins (rarely, if ever, happens).
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    Haseo ATCGotta say, I hate your step 10.
    Most players who randomly join boosting sessions will just mess up what you have going, but a few, like myself, will gladly play along, even if I already have the achievement. It's always a good idea to find out if a random player is a "hater" or a "booster" before kicking him out.
    Posted by Haseo ATC on 29 May 11 at 20:39
    GatorFistWayyyy faster, thank you.
    Posted by GatorFist on 15 Jun 12 at 16:14
    ShaneKarmaKick em' All!!! Thank you so much for this solution. Bar none the best of all of them.
    Posted by ShaneKarma on 14 Jul 12 at 23:58
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