Most Wanted achievement in Red Dead Redemption

Most Wanted

Become a Public Enemy for 10 minutes and escape alive in a public Free Roam session.

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How to unlock the Most Wanted achievement

  • M4EOzzyM4EOzzy183,386
    23 May 2010 23 May 2010
    314 16 100
    So, a friend and I discovered what has to be the absolute easiest way to get this achievement. Is completely doable solo, of course the only concern are other players coming after you. I managed to get into a game solo.

    Go to the town of Escalera in the bottom left of the map. At the top of a hill is a hacienda/mansion. Go through the gates, on the front corner of the wall is a tower with a ladder going up into it. Climb up here and take cover against a wall. Now, start shooting the law officers in the area and keep doing it until you receive $1000 Bounty / Public Enemy status. Now just sit here for 10 min. Occasionally a guard will try the ladder, so you need to watch that, but that's all.

    Now the best part...typically you have to escape to get the achievement, but for some reason, because they can't see you on top of the tower, after a few moments you'll lose your wanted status and the achievement will pop.

    In summary, climb tower, become public enemy, wait 10 min. Done.

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    XxLukzillaxXI'm hunger for the 100% and I’m looking for someone to boost this and all the other online achievements... if anyone else intend to do it, just message me and we help each other!
    Posted by XxLukzillaxX on 13 May 20 at 01:04
    Scenic Route 16I’ve done this 5 times and the guards just stop coming around $800 and after most wanted so this guide doesn’t really work.
    Posted by Scenic Route 16 on 15 Dec 20 at 07:49
    Vitality GaugeGreat solution
    Posted by Vitality Gauge on 20 Dec 20 at 01:22
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  • Shemp HowardShemp Howard115,220
    21 May 2010 26 Sep 2010 04 Jan 2011
    48 6 3
    My method for Most Wanted is a little different from everyone else.

    Head over to the beautiful town of Armadillo. Go in the saloon and instead of having a drink kill everyone instead. This will raise your Wanted level. Go upstairs the saloon and exit out the upstairs double doors and go left outside on the balcony. From here there will be a low portion of the roof right above John Marston's single player Armadillo safe house. Jump/Climb up onto the roof and continue to shoot the lawmen that are coming after you. The best place to avoid being shot at is behind the Armadillo Saloon sign. Crouch behind the center portion of this sign so they lawmen can't get a shot on you. Keep popping your head out and try to get a high kill combo. Doing so will make your bounty go up faster.

    Once you have been branded as Most Wanted you will need to lose your wanted level. For this you have two options. One is while camping behind the Armadillo Saloon sign bring up the map and set a waypoint for Coot's Chapel. It is a little south of Armadillo. Call your mount and make sure no one is south of you. Carefully drop down to the second floor balcony of the saloon, and then drop to the ground. Get on your mount and ride to the chapel. Lose your Wanted level on the way so there is no longer a red circle on your radar/map. Once the word WANTED is grayed out on your screen just chill inside that chapel for 10 minutes. Being that it is a public Free Roam session you may want some buddies to protect you for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes of staying alive you will have your achievement.

    An alternate way that you may find that works out very well is to stay on the roof after you have been branded as PUBLIC ENEMY MOST WANTED. What sometimes works is just stay completely still crouched down behind the Armadillo Saloon sign. Make sure you holster your gun and don't move. What this does is since you are unseen by the lawmen your status will go down to the gray and they will stop trying to shoot at you. At this point once you lose that initial WANTED status you will keep your bounty and you just need to stay alive/public enemy for 10 minutes.

    What is really cool say you lose the WANTED status and it goes all the way to the gray you are pretty much good to go. Even if the red WANTED letters come back up you still got the achievement in the bag as long as you stay alive for the full 10 minutes.

    So as long as you are a public enemy and get rid of the red WANTED status once all you need to do is just hide somewhere for 10 minutes.

    So head on over to Coot's Chapel and atone for your sins! Tell them The Great Legend Shemp Howard sent you!

    MilitantCactus recommends that you enter a Friendly Free Roam. See the second comment for more details. Thanks Militant!
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    Perkinator 3000For a long while I thought that you had to be the Public Enemy AND Wanted by the law for 10 minutes before you could escape and win this achievement. I'd been trying it that way and had A LOT of trouble with it.

    Well this solution showed to me that just isn't the case. And safe in the knowledge that I didn't have to be Wanted - just be the Public Enemy - for 10 minutes, I got it first time.
    Posted by Perkinator 3000 on 01 Oct 10 at 10:31
    MilitantCactusCamped behind the sign for the achievement, griefers turned up after I got it and tried to dynamite me, so I thought I'd point out that in Friendly Free Roam other players can't kill you for the bounty, but they can drop dynamite nearby and force a suicide.
    Oh, and another great solution from The Great Legend.
    Posted by MilitantCactus on 31 Oct 10 at 19:13
    HelmarocExactly what I did (though your guide wasn't actually what got me to do it). Of course, I was stupid enough the first time that I forgot that I was supposed to escape.
    Posted by Helmaroc on 26 Apr 11 at 23:54
  • BSimmons4PrezBSimmons4Prez215,876
    28 Aug 2010 28 Aug 2010 03 Sep 2010
    42 4 9
    Here's the quickest,easiest, and safest way to do this:

    Go to Cochinay. Its way up at the top of your map, North of Tall Trees.
    In single player this area is not accessible until after a mission is completed.

    This is a Native American camp, with NO people in it. There is a pen with some livestock not far inside the camp entrance. Kill the animals.
    Suddenly the Mexican Army will show up, way outside of their jurisdiction.Kill the 5 or so men that show up.

    Then while still inside the camp, run as far south as you can until you run into the fence. Then go back to the pen, and if the animals re spawned, kill them again. If they have not re spawned just run back to the fence and wait a minute and go back.

    After you've done this two or three times, you will become public enemy without even having a bounty. You will know you were successful, because the announcer will say you are now public enemy.

    In ten minutes you will have the achievement.

    One thing you can do to hide from other players trying to hunt you down once you've been named most wanted:
    Go to the back of the camp and start climbing up the ladders into the cave in the mountain. This place is huge. You will have plenty of warning if someone is trying to sneak up on you as they must stand up to climb a ladder, therefore showing up on your radar.
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    BSimmons4Prezhonestly? I was really bored. I stayed up there for a few hours one day.
    Posted by BSimmons4Prez on 20 May 13 at 23:42
    PINKE1842Perfect solution. Took a little messing around, but worked like a champ.
    Posted by PINKE1842 on 29 Jun 14 at 18:43
    WickedWitchWestI'm in Cochinay and i can't find any cattle around...Glitch maybe?
    Posted by WickedWitchWest on 19 Jul 15 at 10:39
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