Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack

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Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack

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The mother lode

Gold medal all Advanced Co-Op missions.

The mother lode+1.3
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    This achievement is about as difficult as Normal Difficulty. The only drastic difference between both modes is the lack of Casual/Normal Aim. You are also able to now use your already unlocked arsenal from Free Roam (anyone who has moved into Legend (like myself) will be better off taking one of the preset classes) which should balance the "supposed" increased health of enemies.

    Each map has its own method of mayhem, and likely a most efficient means of completion. Because of this I will list what helped me complete these missions in both Normal, and Advanced modes. Hopefully if you're having troubles completing a mission, my methods could assist at completion. I will also be listing my methods with three other players, having teammates will make for a quick completion of these missions (as long as they are able to aim).

    There is a specific order that the maps cycle through, this guide doesn't follow that cycle. The six maps are Escape, Walton's Gold, Kidnapped Girl, Herd, River, and Ammunition.

    I'm unsure of what denotes a Gold Medal vs. a Silver/Bronze. But after every mission completion my team and I always received a Gold. Our times for Normal Mode ranged between 5 and 10 minutes for the missions, whereas in Advanced our times ranged from 7 minutes to 22 minutes. The medal system could be based on points and/or completion time, but regardless of your completion time, unless you're getting no Kill Multipliers, your scores should always remain above 5,000 total.

    *Update* (Thanks to Nerevarine)
    Apparently score and kill multipliers are your goal for Gold, as evidenced by two times/scores in "The River" runs by Nerevarine. As he has said, aim for the head and kill quickly.

    Escape (Carriage/Tumbleweed)
    Completion Time - 22 Minutes
    Total Score - 9,870

    Recommended class setup; 2 Soldiers, 2 Snipers. (1 Miner optional)

    For the first portion of the mission, clear the enemies until you reach the carriages, have one person drive the Gold Carriage, and two man the carriage with the chain-gun; the remaining teammate can choose to either ride shotgun on either carriage, or ride separately.

    The next portion involves riding the carriages to the U.S. Army. As soon as the radar shows red dots, stop the carriages. Everyone pick off the riders before they come close, otherwise a close-quarters shootout will likely have a teammate or two dying. Once you're past the two groups, drop off the carriages and then move on towards Tumbleweed.

    When your group arrives, move up towards the left cliff and clear the snipers on the opposing side. Once you've the outer rim of Tumbleweed cleared, clear the town with the cannons. Kill the remaining scattered gang members and then ride back, once you've cleared the town.

    A shootout will ensue, good luck and aim straight. Immediately after the shootout, run to Benedict Point and clear the remaining marshalls. At least one teammate ride the stage coach, while the others either ride separately, or shotgun/passenger (whatever they're comfortable with shooting from). This portion will use the same strategy as earlier in the level, once enemies appear on the radar, slow down and pick them off.

    Once you've gotten closer to the bridge; if necessary, dismount your horses and slowly clear the passage to; and across the bridge, to Completion.

    Walton's Gold (Mine/Holdout)
    Completion Time - 7 Minutes
    Total Score - 9,950

    Recommended class setup; 2 Soldiers, 2 Snipers. (1 Miner optional)

    This mission begins difficult. Have the two Soldiers push into the camp, while the Snipers slowly pick off snipers on the cliffs. Watch for miners throwing dynamite, and a chain-gunner near the entrance to the cave. After you've cleared the outside, move into the mine and begin making your way towards the mine cart.

    A well-thrown stick of dynamite into the center of the mine will clear the majority of the miners, the remainder are in the outside path. Split the team; one clearing the outside path, the other the center and the back of the mine. A short game of Bag Grab will start, and end quickly if the entire team takes two bags, twice, to the mine cart.

    Once outside, your team will have to holdout in the house next to the mine. Quickly clear the left and right sides of the house, then work your way killing the remaining miners. At two points respawns will occur. The first will be a group that runs behind the house and down next to the chain-gun, the next will run to reinforce the fallen gang members in front of the house.

    If you take your time the Completion screen will show when the last enemy dies.

    Kidnapped Girl (Fort Mercer/Carriage Escape)
    Completion Time - 13 Minutes
    Total Score - 7,600

    Recommended class setup; 2 or 3 Soldiers, 2 or 1 Snipers. (1 Miner optional)

    The beginning of the mission places your team in front of a chain-gunner, and Fort Mercer. Kill the gang-members in front of the gate first while the Sniper(s) pick off the enemies on the walls of the fort. Once clear, use the explosives on the door and proceed inside.

    First, clear the courtyard, then split the team. Having two members head to the second floor and clear the second story of the house near the back of the fort will hasten this portion. Once the far courtyard and the corresponding house have been cleared, escort the girl to the Carriage.

    As with the mission Escape, stop the carriage and pick off enemies before they reach the carriage. This carriage ride is near the difficulty of the second/last carriage ride in Escape, but can be taken a little quicker. When you are nearing the destination farm (forgot the name), slowly clear the stockades, and the cliffs with rifles, then move the carriage to its resting place.

    The last portion of the mission is simple, and has you defend the girl from six to eight riders. Quickly dispatch the riders, and you'll have completed the mission.

    The Herd (Pike's Basin/Cow Herding)
    Completion Time - 9 Minutes
    Total Score - 8,900

    Recommended class setup; 3-4 Soldiers, 1-0 Snipers. (1 Miner Optional)

    Use Repeaters/Sniper Rifles to clear the enemies around the cow corral. Once the gang-members, and the two spawns from the left and right hills are dead, proceed down the hill and mount your horses. Herd the 20 cattle down Pike's Basin, watching the cliff ledges as you go for enemy-spawns. After about 2 minutes, and 10-15 spawned gang-members, you should be leaving the basin.

    As with the two carriage missions, this portion will have horseback enemies attempting to kill you, and the cows. Quickly dispatch them before they have the chance to shoot at the herd. Follow the marked radar until you've herded the cattle to Armadillo.

    The River (Boat/Ensalida(sp?))
    Completion Time - 11 Minutes
    Total Score - 6,700

    Recommended class setup; 2 Soldiers, 2 Snipers. (1 Miner optional)

    This mission is incredibly straight forward, and simple. The first stop will have you dock, then clear your way towards a rock formation. Take your time and clear the frequently spawning enemies. Once you've arrived at the rock, jog back to the boat and start down-river. At several points while on the river; throughout the mission, enemies will spawn on the ledges near the shore, or on boats that float near your own. Dispatch the land-locked gang-members first, and/or quickly kill all of the enemies on any boat by shooting the intelligently placed explosive crate at their feet.

    The next stop, will dock you next to the house you started near in Escape. A quick toss of some dynamite will easily kill anyone inside the hut. Kill the remaining enemies, then proceed back to the boat. One last stop.

    When the boat docks, toss dynamite at the nearest house. Another stick tossed to the house at the center of town should also kill its inhabitants. Slowly and carefully clear the town working your way around the town in a clockwise direction, after taking a left off of the boat. Several mounted Mexican soldiers will spawn, I believe they throw dynamite/fire bombs; kill these on sight.

    When the last soldier has fallen, the completion screen should appear.

    Ammunition (Tesoro Azul (sp?))
    Completion Time - 8 Minutes
    Total Score - 8,400

    Recommended class setup; 3-4 Soldiers, 1-0 Snipers. (1 Miner optional)

    The last mission, and my favorite.

    When the mission starts, follow the tool-tip advice of moving East. Immediately soldiers will blow the doors, and run in, two players should face each door and kill those spawns. Once these initial enemies are downed, work your way out the Eastern exit of the town, clearing the soldiers quickly (going too slow will start the cannon fire from the encampment on the hill (you don't want that)).

    Work your way up the Southern hill, toward the chain-guns and mounted cannons. Quickly pick off the gunners and riflemen as you work up the hill. Once close to the encampment, a couple sticks of dynamite can easily clear the entire camp. After you've mopped up on the hill, use the cannons to kill off the remaining soldiers which should now be running towards you.

    When the last soldier has fallen, you should be given your final Gold Medal, and hopefully the last achievement for this mission pack.

    Hopefully you've found my tips/walk-through interesting and helpful.
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    20 Mar 2011 01 Apr 2011
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    for those of you who are, just like i once was, still stuck on the river (i reccomend playing with four people, if you dont have that many friends, use the gaming session thingy on this site)
    1 the time doesn't matter, but only makes a difference between a 100, 250 and 500 point bonus
    2 but the full 10.000 points overall are still needed
    3 by far one of the best tricks for this mission is to know this little secret: when you are on the raft the enemies are all one-shot-one-kill's, but you do NOT gain points by killing them, unless getting multipliers and/or headshots. so let the two best shooters (or the ones with the most deadeye left) gain some kill chains for a lot of points. if one dies, the other one should take his place
    4 another tip for this is to go for headshots, as you gain about 50 point for a regular kill while you get 250 points for a lil' shot in the head
    5 the final but most important tip i can give: use deadeye :D
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    19 May 2011 19 May 2011
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    The fist five missions on advanced (minus river) were pretty straight forward just push through and try to keep death and time low and then try to score as many points by killing everyone as you can, you can let a couple deaths happen and maybe take a little longer but if you kill everyone then you will end up getting the points and the gold. Now the only challenge is that for some reason River has to be treated differently. You MUST score as many headshots as you can to get enough points. i have a lot of expirience in this map now so I know the system. When getting of the raft the first time just go around and pop everyone in the head like a champ that you are and dont worry about much of anything else deaths and time on this one do not matter at all on what your rating will be and I mean at all, we probably had 5 deaths and a half hour but we got gold because of all the headshots. Another thing to note is when traveling on the raft kill off all the guys on the enemy rafts by shooting the tnt boxes not by killing them. have two people of your group shoot the people who run allong the river banks because the only way to really get points off of these guys is through kill chains. baisically the whole point in this is down worry about glitches deaths or time, head shot and kill chain and you will get an easy gold.
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