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Axe Master achievement in Red Dead Redemption

Axe Master

Complete all Tomahawk challenges in Single Player.

Axe Master0
24 December 2020 - 7 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevelShop

How to unlock the Axe Master achievement

  • PRI DarkArchonPRI DarkArchon70,165
    10 Aug 2010 10 Aug 2010 29 Aug 2010
    130 2 28
    1 - Buy Tomahawks from Manzanita Post, $10 each, for a max of 20. I recommend buying 20 just in case.
    2 - Get 1 kill by throwing, 1 kill by melee, and 1 kill on horseback. This can be done on civilians.
    3 - Kill a flying bird with a Tomahawk without dead eye. Don't try to throw a Tomahawk at a bird when it's really high in the air. There are some places where birds are perched such as right outside Manzanita Post or at the docks in Blackwater. As soon as you get close to the bird it will start to fly, aim and kill. Alternatively, if you kill a bunch of people Vultures will start to fly low overhead, so if you can get on top of a building, or aim well enough from the ground, you can pick one off easily. (Thanks to Guugley for pointing this out.)
    4 - 5 kills in a row without missing. You can apparently do this on civilians (Thanks to Fluorisfun for pointing this out, and donut77 for confirmation) or combine it with #5
    5 - Complete a hideout using just Tomahawks. Load up on them and choose your favourite hideout, I did Twin Rocks. Only about 10 enemies in total. Use dead eye to kill enemies on the rocks, and stay in cover.

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    EthigyGreat solution! I was able to complete the first four challenges without ever having to leave Manzanita Post. I then just used the Gaptooth Breach hideout for the fifth challenge.
    Posted by Ethigy on 14 Dec 17 at 21:20
    iiAssassinXxiiTrying to do twin rocks and rank 5 won't unlock for me. I've done it 3 times now and even reset the game and it still won't give me the last rank...
    Edit: After a few minutes it unlocked randomly whilst I was looting some enemies. At least it's done now.
    Posted by iiAssassinXxii on 04 Jun 19 at 18:05
    J4CKA1Hopefully this unlocks. I did the gaptooth trick and twins rocks legit. Nothing yet.
    Posted by J4CKA1 on 26 Apr 20 at 01:36
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  • Lt DavoLt Davo200,354
    13 Aug 2010 13 Aug 2010 13 Aug 2010
    71 3 9
    The easiest way to complete the last part of the challenge is to put on the Treasure Hunter gang outfit and go to Gaptooth Breach. Provided you don't do anything hostile, you can go all the way down the mine to get the treasure without being bothered. On the way out, you only have to fight 3 enemies near the mouth of the cave. Kill each with a thrown tomahawk and exit the cave. At that point, you win the hideout and the challenge, and most importantly, the achievement will unlock.
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    Dfunk715Great idea. Best guide out there to complete the final challenge
    Posted by Dfunk715 on 24 Aug 13 at 15:18
    TREKWARS QI could hug you right now! This solution took a stressful situation and made it one of the easiest challenges in the game. If I could give you a thousand positive votes, I would.
    Posted by TREKWARS Q on 11 Jun 16 at 10:05
    I only had to fight 3 enemies at the very end
    Posted by WickedD365 on 04 Jul 18 at 13:58
  • Mister BudsMister Buds1,384,811
    10 Aug 2010 10 Aug 2010 10 Aug 2010
    57 3 5
    Note that this guide was written from the perspective of someone that already completed the main story line and hideouts in the game. You can work on these challenges while going through the story, if you haven't finished yet, and you probably should, as it's a little less boring.

    Throughout these challenges you should also remember to loot the body of every enemy to retrieve your tomahawks. It's also a good idea to save after each completed rank. I chose the safehouse in Armadillo since the Twin Rocks Hideout was my main base of operations.

    Similar to the ambient challenges in the base game, there are a few tomahawk challenges included in this new DLC. Unfortunately there are only five ranks for you to complete this time. You can see what your next challenge is by pausing the game and selecting your journal.

    Rank 1: Purchase a tomahawk at the general store in Manzanita Post.
    It doesn't get any easier than this. Call your horse, set a waypoint for the general store in Manzanita Post (located in the top right corner of the map south of the Tall Trees area), and ride. Each tomahawk costs $30 and your limit is twenty. I would recommend buying the limit, if you can afford it.

    Rank 2: Kill one enemy with a thrown tomahawk, one with a tomahawk melee, and one while on horseback.
    While on horseback, throwing the tomahawk is pretty much your only option. For some reason that does not stack with the throwing tomahawk kill though, you have to do one on foot and one on horseback.
    I went to the Twin Rocks Hideout for this one. It's very simple and only has a few enemies. Ride up to the low wall out front, and whip a tomahawk at the closest enemy. Jump off your horse, target another enemy, and hit him with a tomahawk. To melee an enemy, get up close to them, hold left trigger and then hit right trigger. It will automatically melee instead of throwing. You'll also continue to hold on to the tomahawk.

    Rank 3: Kill a flying bird with a thrown tomahawk and no dead eye.
    I thought this was going to be a lot tougher than it was. Birds typically fly too high for you to throw your tomahawk at. I started looking around for birds that were sitting on a post, and was going to wait for them to fly away and nail them, but that was taking too long. Luckily i found a spot that works well for this. There is a wooden bridge that extends between two dirt hills, over a path. It's right above the first "n" in Macfarlane's Ranch in the normal view of the map. If you're by your safehouse in Macfarlane's Ranch, and set a waypoint to tall trees, it will take you right under it. Climb up one of the hills and get on the bridge. The birds fly right by you, at about eye level. Just wait for one to get close, lock on, and throw.

    Rank 4: Kill five enemies in a row with the tomahawk without missing.
    Head to the Twin Rocks Hideout again. Take out the gang members on the tall rocks first with a normal gun. Now there should be four enemies left outside (one on the roof and three on the ground). Take them one at a time. Get at a good angle to an enemy (no obstructions/cover in the way) go into dead eye and mark him. The tomahawk is pretty much an instant kill, so don't worry. Once you eliminate the four members outside, at least one will run out of the front door of the house. Do the same to him.

    Rank 5: Clear a gang hideout using only tomahawks.
    This is not too hard. I had to do it three times though due to uncontrollable circumstances, which I will post for you to avoid.
    My first attempt was at Twin Peaks because there's only a dozen enemies. There seemed to be some sort of glitch that would not allow me to kill the gang member on the rock to the left with a tomahawk, no matter how many times I hit him.
    My second attempt was at Fort Mercer. I completed the hideout using only my trusty tomahawk, but the rank did not complete. I believe this is because i let Leone in and he uses a gun. I didn't retry without letting him in.
    Instead I went to Tumbleweed. There are a good number of gang members to take out, but the buildings in the town and the low walls around the mansion offer good cover. Take it slow and don't run out in the open if there's a lot of enemies. On this rank it's more important than ever to loot the bodies and get your tomahawks back so you don't run out.
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    SambaI actually killed the first 2 on top on the rocks with the sniper rifle and still completed rank 5.
    Posted by Samba on 20 Dec 10 at 12:59
    TBonePhoneRank 5 I did Fort Mercer without letting the guy inside, challenge complete.
    Posted by TBonePhone on 08 Jan 11 at 04:18
    boldfoxrdGood solution. I used Tumbleweed and just kept out of the open and not in too much danger.
    Posted by boldfoxrd on 05 Sep 12 at 02:21
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