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Legends and Killers Pack

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Original Gunslinger

Get 25 Deadeye kills with Red.

Original Gunslinger+0.4
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Achievement Guide for Original Gunslinger

  • ananasnaamaananasnaama77,852
    07 Oct 2010 07 Oct 2010 07 Oct 2010
    67 11 1
    First, in multiplayer, go to the outfitter and select Red Harlow as your character. For this achievement you do need to kill real players, NPC kills won't count. You can do this on free roam, but I'd recommend doing it in Legends and Killers Free for All Matches. There are boxes that refill your deadeye that should be always used, and plenty of enemies to get kills from.

    Since in my opinion deadeye is the best way to kill enemies anyway if you got a slow, powerful weapon, boosting this is in my opinion unnecessary - you'll get this in the course of a few matches, which you'd probably do anyway. Just remember to play as Red :)
  • IdsiIdsi87,938
    10 Aug 2010 10 Aug 2010
    36 12 3
    Important to note for boosting all these achievements, next to starting private matches with friends:
    Only the person wanting the achievement needs the DLC. Your friends
    can still play with you and your achievements are unlockable playing on the original maps.

    Also, unlike the 'Hail Mary' achievement, NPC kills do not count. Either in Free Roam or PVP matches, make sure you're killing other players.
  • SixfeetbehindSixfeetbehind81,847
    26 Nov 2012 26 Nov 2012
    19 2 0
    There is one important fact that noone mentioned. You can NOT get this achievement If you and your targets are in the same posse. There will be no "red X" and it wil NOT COUNT.
  • 19 2 0
    Best way to do this achievement is to bribe your friend into being a moving practice target.

    First of all, in the Outfitter, you have to choose Red Harlow (Red Dead Revolver) as your character.

    Then, make a private session with your friend and find a place with one of those green chests that refill your Deadeye meter then bang! shoot him 25 times(using only Deadeye, of course).

    Each kill is approx. 25 points, so it's easy to keep a track of how many times you've already killed the person.
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