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Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace

In a full Multiplayer Poker game, beat the table when blinds are at maximum

Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace0
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How to unlock the Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace achievement

  • xFallenCastielxxFallenCastielx9,382
    04 Nov 2010 04 Nov 2010
    91 3 18
    The following is the maximum blind for each table:

    Macfarlanes Ranch - $10 buy in - blinds max out at 64.
    Armadillo -$25 buy in - blinds max out at 192
    Thieves Landing -$25 buy in - blinds max out at 192
    Casa Madrugada -$50 buy in - blinds max out at 384
    Beechers Hope - $100 buy in - blinds max out at 640
    Blackwater - -$100 buy in - blinds max out at 640

    If you are trying to boost this, you need to make sure you have 6 people at the table. It has been reported but unverified(by me) that once they sit the table all but two can leave. Then, keep folding until the blinds have reached the level above, and wait until whoever is suppose to win the achievement has the best hand, then go all in. Make sure you do this on the last card(the river), so you don't get out drawn.

    For those who don't know what hands beats what, here's a link describing the various hands and their rankings.

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    RagondinhoJust had this achievement using this guide after many tries and
    lots of problems with the rdr servers...if you encounter that kind of problem try to have everybody go to single player mode then one of the gamers launch a private multiplayer lobby and invite the others.
    Posted by Ragondinho on 10 Oct 14 at 23:30
    Geraldo Junior6Red Dead Redemption Ajude-me a conquistar Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker 10G , Compulsive Liar 10G ((((Kingpin 10G Iniciar uma partida Land Grab Participe de uma série particular ou pública, Mate 8 jogadores atacantes)))) estou montando um time de 9 pessoas.Lord Zobek ooni Data 3/11/2018 Brasil Parana Curitiba mandem mensagens pelo WhatsApp 41997196836.
    Posted by Geraldo Junior6 on 03 Nov 18 at 13:32
    XxLukzillaxXI'm hunger for the 100% and I’m looking for someone to boost this and all the other online achievements... if anyone else intend to do it, just message me and we help each other! (I'm Brazilian)
    Posted by XxLukzillaxX on 13 May at 01:05
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  • TimutimuTimutimu158,331
    10 Jun 2011 10 Jun 2011 09 Jun 2012
    63 2 6
    Before you start this, you should do the following.

    - Get a group of 6 fellow boosters. Random players are unpredictable.
    - Ensure you're all in the party.
    - Set communication to "party chat". Easier to co-ordinate.
    - Commit to the whole time (can be up to 3 hours)
    - Establish an order of achievement (Who will get it first, 2nd, 3rd, etc...)
    - A basic knowledge of Poker.

    1) Take your party to Macfarlanes ranch and start up a game.
    2) For the first round, everyone folds. Doesn't matter who wins.
    3) Everyone except the host and the person going for the achievement can leave. Free roam, watch a movie, new game, whatever. :)
    4) The remaining two don't actually have to do anything for 20 - 25 minutes. Game will play automatically. Reason you're doing this is because blinds double every 5 minutes, regardless of any action you do.
    5) Once the 20 - 25 minutes are up (check after 20 to insure blinds have reached max) both players "Check" until "The river". (The fifth round of betting)
    6) Now both players will need to tell each other their cards. Lets assume player 1 (P1) needs the achievement. If P1 has a winning hand, go "All in". If not, get the other player to fold and repeat this step.
    7) Achievement obtained!
    8) Now since everyone is in the same party, just tell em all to get ready for the next session and don't forget to send an invite if they haven't joined.
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    Timutimu5 minutes is a general time, with a few seconds either side. And you are right, the amount of players at the table does not affect the time. Thanks for commenting. :)
    Posted by Timutimu on 20 Mar 12 at 18:07
    DuelFatesI didn't vote negatively but wanted to let you know the "river" is the 5th card put on the table. Just thought you should amend that in your solution.
    Posted by DuelFates on 07 Jun 12 at 22:05
    TimutimuWell spotted, quite misleading. Even I didn't see that. Thank you, I have edited to reflect.
    Posted by Timutimu on 09 Jun 12 at 06:57
  • Axwell DAxwell D1,222,231
    17 Feb 2012 17 Feb 2012 12 Aug 2013
    51 0 6
    The following guide is the best and fast to gain the achievement!

    Take together 8 people NOT 6, and get them all to a party. Then one of the guys hosts a private Poker Game by pressing the Back button and chooses Xbox Live Private Game and after the loading screen he again presses the Back button to host a Poker game. Then he is alone in the lobby and could invite the whole party. The map doesn't matter because you only have to get the maximum blind for the specific map.

    The blinds are like following:

    Macfarlanes Ranch - $10 buy in - blinds max out at 64.
    Armadillo -$25 buy in - blinds max out at 192
    Thieves Landing -$25 buy in - blinds max out at 192
    Casa Madrugada -$50 buy in - blinds max out at 384
    Beechers Hope - $100 buy in - blinds max out at 640
    Blackwater - -$100 buy in - blinds max out at 640

    On the first round everyone folds out by pressing the X button! Once the second round starts, everyone except the host and one other player leaves the lobby. From now on only two players stay in the game. The boring part begins becaouse you have to sit there for about 20-25 minutes until the blinds are at their maximum. Then the point comes out to go All In! When the game is finished by beating your opponent, the achievement will unlock.

    The key point why this solution is faster is, when the 4 people have left the game, they and the other two players start a second lobby and do the same thing again! So 4 people are going for the achievement and 4 are sitting there and wait for the next round.

    So with this solution 2 teams are playing on the same time and when the first one is finished they and the remaining 4 could start a new 3rd game.

    If you have a good organisated boost this will be a piece of cake for you ;)

    If there are any problems or negative votes, please write me a message!

    (Credit goes to connectmeplease)
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    CrAzEdCaNuCk18Hopefully going to get this tomorrow, your guide makes sense but I would add to check down to the river card before pushing all in when the blinds hit the maximum. Would hate to see someone spend 30 min. waiting, just to get outdrawn.
    Posted by CrAzEdCaNuCk18 on 05 Apr 13 at 22:23
    Oo 8 B4LL oOtoast
    Great Solution. Still works...
    we even try this achievement with two tables and also in combination with the "Compulsive Liar achievement" and the time for both tables were perfect!!!
    Posted by Oo 8 B4LL oO on 29 Aug 13 at 10:05
    TruthTwoThis is a great idea. Shaves two complete games of 30mins each off the total time. Well done.
    Posted by TruthTwo on 26 Mar 19 at 16:56
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