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Compulsive Liar achievement in Red Dead Redemption

Compulsive Liar

In a full Multiplayer Liar's Dice game, win without losing a single die

Compulsive Liar0
6 guidesOnline/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline game mode.Versus - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a face off gamemode who have met the achievement requirements.Players Required - These achievements require a minimum number of participating players to attempt.6 Players Required - These achievements require a minimum number of participating players to attempt.

How to unlock the Compulsive Liar achievement

  • The NerevarineThe Nerevarine440,691
    10 Aug 2011 10 Aug 2011 05 Aug 2014
    75 9 4
    First off, don't even bother trying to get this legitimately. I won two games by knockout with randoms that started at full tables with 5 dice left and didn't get it. Some research suggests you need all six players present at the end... and that just isn't going to happen with randoms who quit more often than not.

    I dislike providing a solution demanding you boost, but it's likely your only chance at this unless you have a posse of 6 people who want to play more than a few games of Liar's Dice. I will therefor first provide a solid strategy for doing this against randoms just in case you want a go at that first, followed by the most thorough boost method possible.

    For the purposes of this guide, "1x3" means "one dice showing the number 3" and, likewise, "3x4" means "three dice showing the number 4."

    Liar's Dice: A Winning Strategy

    People refer to the game as luck-based but, it's really not luck at all. Players make bets on how many dice there are amongst all players that show a particular number. The strategy comes in how you advance the bet without risk while avoiding being forced into a bet.

    The game strategy will consist of two parts, the full table (when there are many dice you cannot see) and the empty table (when only a few players and dice remain). The number of players in the game (the number of bets before you get another turn) is a key factor to determining the risk of your bet.

    At a full table, the odds are not in your favor. Whenever possible pass the burden of making a bid onto someone else by bidding low. Anything over 5 is risky unless you're sitting on 3-of-a-kind.

    If you can't bid low, compound on another player's bid. If someone bid 4x5 and someone else bid 6x5 before you, they probably at least have a few between them. Go ahead and bid 7x5 even if you're sitting on 3x1 since they probably aren't sitting on a wealth of 1s between them so 7x1 is a bad bid.

    The basic rule when the table is full is not to call attention to yourself. Don't make yourself out to be a big bluffer or hot shot early in the game.

    At an empty table, meaning, when 3 or more players have been knocked out, the odds are much more in your favor. If you're still sitting on 5 die you have an upper-hand and can start hustling and playing smart bluffs and counting dice.

    Rule #1: Don't ever bid spot-on! If you have 3x2, bid 1x2 or 2x2 to play it safe and check the others to see if they compound your bid or switch to different values.

    Rule #2: Don't call spot-on bids! It's not worth it. Unless you're out of moves and in a heads-up situation, it's a bad gamble.

    Rule #3: Assume players bids are true when they have 2 or more die. Unless it's a mathematical impossibility that the bid be true (based on your 5 die and the number of remaining die on the table) don't call a bluff.

    Rule #4: People with one-die almost always lie. Instead of trying to guess what their die is, figure out what it isn't and how you can play them into a trap. If they bid 1x2, and you don't have at least 3x2, do not bid on 2 again! Instead, bid something you don't have, say 1x5 and then when they go to 2x5 you know they're bluffing.

    Rule #5: Sometimes you have to bluff in small table scenarios. When you do, make it believable and make it put the next player in a safe position to build on. Make your bet quickly to inspire confidence (instead of letting the timer run down) and make sure it's in the die value that the next player previously bid on if at all possible.

    Survival is key! Winning with all your dice requires quick defense and some mathematical cunning. You'll have to observe the behaviors of other players and watch out for Wild Cards: people who randomly call Spot-Ons or make extremely large or strange bids, as they're more trouble than skilled players due to their unpredictable styles. You'll also have to reverse some smart plays by other players using these (or similar) tactics.

    Liar's Dice: Fastest & Easiest Boosting Method

    1. Go to a private free roam. Invite your party of six microphoned people and posse up. You are now the posse leader.
    2. Choose Liar's Dice from the menu.
    3. Identify the player who will get the achievement and ready-up to begin the game.
    4. Before any bets are made, players coordinate and count the number of sixes on the table by saying how many they have in turn and totaling the result.
    5. Until the player before the winner is up, players make the smallest bid increments possible. The first bid is 1x1, the second 1x2, and so on.
    6. When the player before the winner is up, the player bets the exact number of sixes that the table has agreed there are.
    7. The Winner then calls Spot On and everyone loses one die.

    On the following turn, the player preceding the Winner will start the bid. If your party is fast enough, they can identify how many sixes there are before the timer runs out and the player can offer another spot-on bid, essentially repeating steps 4-7. If not, you'll have to work your way around the table again and waste a lot of time, but it is safer to waste a bit of time confirming the number than to be hasty!

    The process repeats until the winner eliminates all players and unlocks the achievement just before the results screen.

    Making Errors
    When six people are trying to add up numbers it can get confusing and you'll make errors.

    - If someone bids the wrong bid before the winner calls a Spot On, simply have the winner make another bid, then the next person makes an absurd bid (20x6) and the following player calls the bluff. Do NOT let your winner lose a dice to a mistake!

    - If your winner loses a dice don't panic, simply have the posse leader select "Liar's Dice" again from the multiplayer menu and you'll all instantly be returned to the lobby.

    If you coordinate and communicate you can knock out a game in 6 minutes or less, and get a full table the achievement in well under an hour.

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    Solario32You make some great points in your strategy. Thumbs up!
    Posted by Solario32 on 23 Feb 13 at 15:41
    KingMerlsanyone think you can still get all achievements in this game by now...
    i really wanna get it
    Posted by KingMerls on 14 Jul 13 at 10:59
    Geraldo Junior6Red Dead Redemption Ajude-me a conquistar Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker 10G , Compulsive Liar 10G ((((Kingpin 10G Iniciar uma partida Land Grab Participe de uma série particular ou pública, Mate 8 jogadores atacantes)))) estou montando um time de 9 pessoas.Lord Zobek ooni Data 3/11/2018 Brasil Parana Curitiba mandem mensagens pelo WhatsApp 41997196836.
    Posted by Geraldo Junior6 on 03 Nov 18 at 13:33
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  • TimutimuTimutimu158,511
    08 Oct 2011 08 Oct 2011
    32 1 0
    The key to this is co-ordination. If you follow this guide, it shouldn't take you longer than 7 minutes (Not including set up)

    Set up:
    - 5 other boosters with Mics.
    - Private free roam / Liars dice.

    Ensure you're all in a party, and then you'll need to get the host to set up a posse for all 6 (Boosters plus yourself) and then teleport to a liars dice mode.
    6 people are REQUIRED for a full table.

    Everyone will need to be assigned a number, and you'll be counting 6's.
    Person going for the achievement will be calling Spot on calls to bust everyone out of the table quickly.

    a) Commit low bids until you reach the person before (We'll call him P1) the one that is going to get the achievement. (We'll call him P2).
    b) Everyone will go around in order and say their number and then the number of sixes.
    GaMeRtAg123: "Number 1 has 2 sixes"
    Cheevo_Hunt3r: "Number 2 has 3 sixes"
    xX_360_Xx: "Number 3 has zero sixes" etc...
    It is important to follow this procedure, or else everyone will be trying to talk over each other and get confused.
    c) P1 should be listening carefully for the sixes, count them up and then bid that number.
    d) P2 will spot-on call.
    e) everyone else should lose a dice.
    f) process repeats until P2 wins the table.

    Done right, it won't take you long.

    Now, I'm not claiming credit for this guide, that goes to Mama Berry who filled us in during our hunt for this. So i hope others will find this beneficial.
  • Lockyz75Lockyz75600,976
    20 Jul 2011 21 Jul 2011
    21 5 0
    this is how i did it

    You will need a total of 6 people for a full Liar's Dice game. The fastest way to have everyone lose their die is to make spot-on calls. Have whoever is going for the achievement to make the Spot-on call. If the call is made correctly, everyone BUT the player going for the achievement will lose 1 die. Repeat this 5 more times, and the person will earn the achievement after everyone is beaten.

    If the person going for the achievement is far along in the group then go back to private free roam and let them host continue to make fake bets until one player before whoever is going for the achievement.I found it easiest to get the 1st player to call 1 1s the 2nd 1 2s and so on round the table. At this point, everyone will need to communicate to GUARANTEE that the correct amount is on the table. (Every player should call out the number of say 6s they have when its there turn to make a bid to avoid everyone shouting out at the same time.) Once it is correct and i advise that at least 1 player is noting it down on paper and everyone is counting to avoid mistakes, have the player going for the achievement make the Spot-on call. If correct, everyone will lose 1 die. once you have one player get it you will get into the swing of it and it will go faster.I also advise that once everyone is down to 2 dies let the achievement getter call out if he has more than 1 die of any number and use that one to make the bid as i found you could get round the table and no-one would have number die you agree to use at the beginning of the game and as everyone has a certain time limit to make a bid you need to be fairly quick or you have to take an automatic bid
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