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Adamant Will in Final Fantasy XIII

Adamant Will97 (30)

Felled a heavyweight of the lowerworld wilds.

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Achievement Guide for Adamant Will

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I have just got this achievement the easy way.

First of all, save your game before doing this. Then look through your inventory and look for the accessory 'Doctor's Code'.

You should have two/three of these by now, upgrade them to the star. Should cost around 200 Gil each, then dismantle. You will then get 1 Elixir per Doctors Code.

Start a battle with a Long Gui using:


When the battle starts call in your summon, this will disable the Long Gui's legs. Then weaken the enemy with SAB/SAB/SAB, then switch to RAV/RAV/RAV and keep attacking till the Long Gui's Staggered. Make sure you get 999% Staggered.

Then switch to COM/COM/COM and keep attacking till it gets back up. Use another Elixir and call in your summon again. You should do this till you've killed it. Two Elixirs will be enough.

The party i used was Fang (Leader)/Snow/Vanille. The better the weapons you have, the easier it will be. Good luck :)
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This guide provides a couple of approaches to defeat Long Gui and unlock the Adamant Will achievement. It will work on any Long Gui encounter but is specifically designed for a Chapter 11 encounter. The game is structured to prevent you from encountering Long Gui in Chapter 11. It expects the player to move on to Chapter 12 before completing missions 56-62 in the Cie'th Stone circle. Completing missions 56-62 in the Cie'th Stone circle is the trigger that causes the Long Gui to appear on Gran Pulse. The Adamantortoises disappear and the Adamantoises are reduced in number—the losses being replaced by Long Guis. Long Guis look like Adamantoises, but have a blue tint and darker tusks.

By the time players encounter the Long Gui, they are proficient in battle strategy and tactics. The prerequisite missions (56-62) are not easy and mission 62 has a high degree of difficulty. Accordingly, you should be well versed in the concepts discussed in this guide. I use Snow, Sazh, and Fang. Snow has the Midnight Sun, Sazh the Total Eclipse (from Rigels), and Fang has the Kain’s Lance from the Pandoran Spear.

The concept behind the weapons is to equip the two AI controlled members with powerful tier 3 weapons. The tier 3 weapons give Sazh and Fang an extra ATB segment so they will have six each. Sazh’s Total Eclipse has a Rigels base—magic and strength are balanced and each is just over a thousand points. The AI controls Sazh and Fang very efficiently. The sixth ATB segment, especially with Fang’s ATB boost, is capable of delivering deadly chains. Snow’s main job is to survive and assist in creating RICs. The slight delay in controlling Snow manually has the effect of better synching his five ATB segments with the six of Sazh and Fang. Snow is not a good medic, saboteur, or synergist—roles that best exploit the extra ATB slot. His value is in his high HP. His tier 2 weapon requires one accessory slot to give him RIC leaving two open for maxed out diamond bangles. With over 14,000 HPs, he can survive deadly attacks and, using Phoenix Downs, revive fallen comrades.

The Long Gui is one of the two most demanding battles in the game. The other is Vercingetorix whom you encounter in Mission 64. They are probably equally difficult but they are very different and need different parties and strategies. It is best to tackle Vercingetorix first. On defeating him, he drops the gold watch--am accessory that extends battle time by 10%. This makes it a lot easier to five-star battles. The gold watch could be the difference you need to five-star the Long Gui battle. If, even with the gold watch, you have trouble five-starring the Long Gui battle; a second approach is provided. The second approach is riskier but, when successful, results in a faster battle time. With the gold watch equipped, the second approach when successful should always provide a five-star result.

Snow Sazh Fang

Sen Sen Sen
Sab Sab Sab
Rav Syn Sab
Rav Rav Rav
Com Com Com
Med Med Med

Snow: Survivalist Catalog (for RIC), Diamond BangleX2
Sazh: Energy and Speed Sashes (for RIC), Diamond Bangle (Replace Bangle with Gold Watch if you need more time to five-star)
Fang: Aurora Scarf and Nimble Toe Boots (for ATB charge) Power Glove

The basic strategy is to knock down Long Gui by taking out its legs. This can be done in one of two ways. The easy way is to call an Eidolon. The summoning automatically takes out the Long Gui’s legs and knocks it to the ground. The hard way is to stagger first one leg, KO it, then stagger the other leg and KO it. Once both legs are knocked out the Long Gui falls to the ground and remains there until the legs regenerate. While prostrate, the Long Gui cannot attack. It is vulnerable to a number of status ailments that it is immune to when upright including poison. Whenever the Long Gui is knocked down, inflict poison on it to speed up the attrition of its hit points.

With a relatively undeveloped chapter 11 party, you need luck as well as skill. You have a low probability of success. I fail more often than I succeed. Long Gui’s most potent weapon is roar. It delivers immense damage and removes buffs. It is hard to survive even with a completely healthy party in a Sen-Sen-Sen defensive stance. Ultima is Long Gui’s second most potent weapon. Not only does it inflict tremendous damage but Long Gui often does an Ultima-Quake one-two punch. If you survive Ultima in Sen-Sen-Sen and immediately go to your healing paradigm, Quake will destroy you. Thus, whenever you survive Ultima remain in Sen Sen Sen while you imbibe one potion. If you see Quake on the screen, remain in Sen-Sen-Sen. When it’s over, go to the healing paradigm and restore your strength.

I try to win the battle in four knockdowns—without Eidolon, with Eidolon, without Eidolon, with Eidolon (after your attack chains have regenerated one of your TP segments).

You can start the battle out with Aegisol and Fortisol shrouds. However, I prefer not to. The Long Gui is much more aggressive when you use shrouds and always opens up with a particularly devastating version of Ultima. As often as not, this version of Ultima will KO Sazh while Snow and Fang survive with the one HP thanks to their reprieve ability. The opening Ultima seems to be much more potent than the mid-battle version. Since this is a long battle and shrouds last only a short time, it’s best to start right off managing your own buffs.

I start out in SEN SEN SEN and wait for the opening attack. The first time you encounter Long Gui, immediately use Librascope to gather info. The intelligence gathered by Librasope will cause Sazh’s AI to enflame weapons. The opening attack (usually Quake without shrouds always Ultima with shrouds) takes a second or so to execute. I use a potion right after it starts both for the curative effect and to help with the timing. If you’ve used shrouds and absorbed an Ultima attack, you will most likely have to immediately cure. Without shrouds and taking a Quake attack, all members should have at least half their HPs remaining. This is enough health to go to SAB SAB SAB immediately without healing. There, manually force Snow to cast Slow on the Long Gui. Then, heal in MED MED MED followed by RAV SYN SAB. Target the left leg with Snow as a Rav. Sazh’s AI will begin the buffs with haste and then enflame weapons.

Between enemy attacks, alternate between Rav Syn Sab and Rav Rav Rav until the leg is staggered and KO’d. I rarely see Roar during the initial knockdown and, more often than not, do not see Ultima. If Ultima does appear wait in Sen Sen Sen until you’re sure it will not be immediately followed by Quake. Generally, your party buffed by haste is several times faster than the Long Gui encumbered with slow. After a while, you can anticipate the attacks. The more complex the attack the longer it takes.

A buffed, healthy party can survive stomp without going to Sen Sen Sen. I generally absorb it and go to Med Med Med during an ATB recharging cycle and use potions while I’m waiting for the recharge. Then I’ll resume with Rav Rav Rav. If stomp does not come, I anticipate a more powerful attack and try to move to the Sen Sen Sen paradigm before an on-screen announcement. I will use a potion or two. Using the item(s), delays Snow attracting the Long Gui’s attention. Instead, one of the other two does so first, usually Fang. When you see the red exclamation point indicating the Long Gui’s attention has been captured by a sentinel, go into mediguard. This tactic increases Snow’s survival probability while decreasing that of the other members. If a member is KO’d, use Phoenix Down before paradigm shifting. This will give the revived members a full ATB gauge at the paradigm shift.

Snow and Sazh are both random instant chain (RIC) capable. Not infrequently, therefore, a stagger gauge will fill instantly. Both the Long Gui, itself, and the legs are vulnerable. Staggering the Long Gui while upright (which might occur when you inflict slow on it using the Sab Sab Sab paradigm) is of little benefit. I generally go to Com Com Com and instruct Snow to use Sovereign fist. This resets Long Gui’s stagger gauge and I turn my attention back to the legs.

While you are working on the legs you are also building your buffs. By the time the first leg is knocked out you should be fully buffed. Thus, the second leg tends to be easier and faster to knock out. As soon as the Long Gui topples, go to Sab Sab Sab. Your goal is to inflict poison which only Sazh can do in this party. When you see the poison icon, stagger the Long Gui (hopefully you’ll get an RIC to make it even faster). Drive up the stagger gauge to 999.99% and pummel it with Com Com Com.

End the stagger sequence with Sovereign Fist. Sovereign Fist resets the stagger gauge so, when you shift to Com Com Com to execute it, you’ll want to wait for Sazh and Fang to first execute their attacks. Start building the stagger gauge again. You might get lucky and get an RIC to stagger the Long Gui quickly. Your goal, though, is not to stagger the Long Gui at this time but to summon the Eidolon before the Long Gui gets to its feet. If you do, poison will still be active. If you’re too late, the Long Gui will remove most status afflictions when it gets to its feet.

If you’re timing is right, Shiva will appear and keep the poisoned Long Gui on the ground. If you’ve got a good head start you can quickly stagger the Long Gui. Keep switching between the two paradigms where Snow is a ravager and the Long Gui will be quickly staggered. Drive up the gauge to 999.99% and start pummeling it as a commando. Do not go into Gestalt mode but allow Nix and Stiria to leave on their own. This will ensure the Long Gui’s stagger gauge is not reset. The regular party using the Com Com Com paradigm can do more damage than the Eidolon’s Gestalt mode. When the stagger runs its course, you should have enough time to stagger it again, max the stagger gauge, and go a couple of rounds in Com Com Com. Make sure you use the Rav Syn Sab to remain buffed and refresh the slow status affliction while the Long Gui is down.

The Long Gui’s legs will recover and it will rise to its feet. It may still be staggered when this happens. Regardless, go to Sen Sen Sen and wait for its attack. At this point, it will most likely be more aggressive than it has been earlier. This phase of the battle is the most difficult. You must expect to see Roar and an Ultima-Quake one two punch. It is best to nip away at the legs at this point. After enduring the first attack upon its regaining its feet and healing up start getting into a rhythm of attack, max out HP gauges, and assume a defensive posture in Sen Sen Sen.

Roar is very difficult to survive with a chapter 11 party. It is best to be fully healed and established in the Sen Sen Sen paradigm when it hits. My hypothesis is that the Long Gui must fully charge the equivalent of its ATB gauge before using this attack. So, after a stomp, quake, ultima, or ultima-quake attack, you’ve got a little breathing room. It is important not to be impatient. You have time because you need to create chains in order to regenerate a TP segment so you can summon the Eidolon a second time. Heal fully, shelter in Sen Sen Sen, make a quick strike against a leg with Rav Rav Rav or Rav Syn Sab, then retreat to Sen Sen Sen. This makes for a good defensive rhythm that keeps you prepared for the deadliest attacks while slowly regenerating your HP gauge. Ideally, you will have regained your third TP segment before you KO both legs. You will be more dependent on RIC to stagger the legs in light of your defensive tactics.

When you KO the second leg and the Long Gui topples, adopt the same strategy as before. Poison the Long Gui as your first step (while refreshing slow), stagger it, max out the stagger gauge, and pummel it with Com Com Com. Refresh your buffs between Com Com Com rounds. As you did the first time, when the stagger runs its course start building the gauge again and summon Shiva before the Long Gui gets to its feet and dispels the status afflictions. Again, stagger the Long Gui, max out the stagger bar, and hit it as a commando. Let Nix and Stiria leave without going into Gestalt mode. Continue the punishment with your normal team. Keep an eye on the Long Gui’s green life bar. It may perish before Shiva leaves.

If you take down the Long Gui before your third TP bar reconstitutes, you have to be a little more cautious. If you get a high frequency of RICs, you might get a quick takedown. Thus, the Long Gui might recover the use of its legs before you get the third TP bar. This is not a big problem. If you have been efficient attacking the Long Gui while prostrate, the resulting chains will have helped the reconstitution of your bar. Accordingly, you should be very close to attaining the third TP bar. The threat is that the Long Gui is very aggressive at this point. I tend to stay in Sen Sen Sen and make quick visits to Sab Sab Sab or Rav Syn Sab. When the third bar is complete, I immediately summon the Eidolon and thank my lucky stars I survived. When Nix and Stiria leave, immediately go to Sab Sab Sab so Sazh can inflict poison. Then, continue the assault. As before keep the stagger gauge at the max and pummel the Long Gui with Com Com Com.

If the Long Gui survives the two knock downs plus two Eidolon follow-ons, your chances are not good. Twice, the Long Gui has regained its feet with the merest sliver of green in its life bar only to defeat me. Its attacks appear to become more debilitating as time goes on and/or its hit points diminish. I have, on occasion, prevailed on these circumstances but I have never been able to systematically attack the legs and topple the Long Gui as before. Instead, I attack the Long Gui directly with Rav Rav Rav or Com Com Com hoping for an RIC that greatly intensifies the damage I inflict.

The above approach might take too long. This is particularly the dase if you are unlucky in getting the RICs for quick staggers. If so, An alternative (but more risky) approach to the one described above is to equip Snow only with Gestalt items—Energy sash, Speed sash, & Survivalist Catalog for example. Remember, a chapter 11 party has only three accessory slots. Snow’s Midnight Sun weapon and three gestalt items provides him with a special gestalt/TP boost synthesis. Use the Aegisol and Fortisol shrouds beforehand and summon the Eidolon immediately to avoid Long Gui’s opening Ultima attack. As a SAB, cast slow and then stagger the Long Gui by shifting back and forth between the two RAV paradigms. Once staggered, pummel it with COM COM COM. Since you have a gestalt boost, go into gestalt mode. When Shiva leaves, the Long Gui’s stagger gauge will have been reset. Poison it (SAB SAB SAB), stagger it, max out the stagger gauge, and hammer it with COM COM COM. By the time it regains its feet, you will be well on your way to getting the third TP bar back.

At this point, stagger and KO the legs one at a time. Knock the Long Gui down, poison it, stagger it, max out the stagger bar, hit it with COM COM COM. Summon the Eidolon (you will have three TP segments plus). Hit it as before including going into Gestalt mode.

By the time you finish, you should emerge with almost two TP bars. The first two regenerate very quickly. Now comes the most difficult part. Adopt defensive tactics and stagger and KO the legs one by one. Your TP bar should reach three segments before you topple the Long Gui. If you’re successful, you should be home free. The third summoning of the Eidolon should wrap things up before you even go into Gestalt mode.

The problem with this second approach is that Snow is much more vulnerable without the 2,000 extra hit points the two diamond bangles provide him. Even when I am executing perfectly, I can still fall victim to either the Roar attack or the Ultima-Quake combo—attacks that are survivable if Snow has the two Diamond Bangles as in the first approach. The only times I have been successful with this second approach is when the Long Gui does not use Roar.

The TP boost synthesis can only be used with tier two weapons in chapter 11. The synthesis requires four items. Since, at this stage of the game, you only have three accessory slots, the weapon must serve as the fourth item. Since ultimate/tier 3 weapons lose the synthesis abilities of the base weapon that creates them, they cannot be used if you need the TP boost synthesis.

Whether you use the first or second riskier approach, the bottom line is that the weapons, accessories, and paradigms combine in a strategy designed to defeat the Long Gui in two takedown/Eidolon combos. The game is structured to prevent you from being able to do this. Accordingly, there is a certain satisfaction from obtaining the Adamant Will achievement before embarking upon chapter 12. Although I have completed the game on a different PSN ID and on the XBox 360, I have remained in Chapter 11 for this PSN ID's game--proof positive that the Long Gui can be defeated by the relatively underpowered chapter 11 party.
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