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Treasure Hunter

Held every weapon and accessory.

Treasure Hunter+0.5
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How to unlock the Treasure Hunter achievement

  • PuertoricariousPuertoricarious111,626
    24 Mar 2010 20 Mar 2010 26 Mar 2010
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    There's some confusion about what this achievement requires. To get Treasure Hunter, you have to have held (owned) every weapon and accessory at some point in the game. This includes the unique upgraded versions of every weapon and accessory. You do NOT need to equip them for them to count, just having them in your inventory is fine. Additionally, items and components do NOT, I repeat, do NOT count towards this achievement. You will need a lot of components for upgrading, but they don't count for the achievement. I know that the official guide says otherwise, but it is 100% wrong. I and others have gotten this achievement, and we can all vouch that it's weapons and accessories ONLY.

    It was once thought that this achievement was non-missable. Since I orginally wrote this solution, it's come to light that it is possible to miss this achievement, so I advise that you do 2 things, with a back-up plan in case things get ugly:
    1) DO NOT SELL ANY WEAPONS OR ACCESSORIES. It is actually possible to screw yourself out of this achievement (or make things much harder on yourself) by selling certain accessories before upgrading/dismantling them. As long as you only sell money-making items such as credit/incentive chips, gold nuggets, platinum ingots, etc., then you will be fine. As a general rule of thumb, if it says "Can be sold for a premium" in the components description, then it's safe to sell.
    2) The elemental rings are notorious for screwing people out of this achievement, so you should try to obtain at least one ring in each elemental type during your playthrough. Exploring all of the maps and doing all of the missions will probably get you this anyway, but I'd still recommend making sure that you pick up these items at minimum (some are located in multiple places, I'm just listing at least one place to get them):
    -Ember Ring: Treasure Sphere in Chapter 4, Vile Peaks, Devastated Dreams
    -Spark Ring: Treasure Sphere in Chapter 4, Vile Peaks, Scavenger's Trail
    -Aqua Ring: Treasure Sphere in Chapter 6, The Sunleth Waterscape, Rain-Spotted Vale
    -Zephyr Ring: Treasure Sphere in Chapter 11, The Archylyte Steppe, Central Expanse
    -Clay Ring: Treasure Sphere in Chapter 11, The Archylyte Steppe, Eastern Tors
    -Frost Ring: Complete Mission 11
    As long as you make sure to obtain all of these (and don't sell them before upgrading), then you've eliminated the most missable part of the achievement.
    3) But what if you've already missed all of these rings, or sold them without upgrading them first? There's one last hope. There are charms for each elemental type that are completely unmissable. They are all located in the Archylyte Steppe in Chapter 11, and, when upgraded to their "star" level, can be subsequently dismantled to yield the basic ring for that elemental type. So a starred Water Charm will dismantle into an Aqua Ring, a Fire Charm into an Ember Ring, and so on. DO NOT use a catalyst on any charm, as they all turn into Twenty-Sided Die, which cannot be dismantled for rings and are obtained easily otherwise. Just upgrade the Charm to it's "star" level, dismantle, and voila, you have that elemental ring. You can then upgrade these rings into whatever tier(s) you missed. This is the last line of defense against missing this achievement. If you sold the rings before upgrading AND you sell these charms, then you're screwed.
    [Credit goes to OMETALO and Misha LinGhan for info on dismantling charms]

    Most weapons and accessories in this game have tiers, which are upgraded versions of that particular item. To obtain this achievement, you need to obtain every possible tier of every single weapon and accessory. If it upgrades to something with a different name, then that new version is needed towards the achievement. Keep in mind that all ultimate (Tier 3) weapons for a character have the same name, regardless of which weapon you upgraded it from. You only need ONE of these ultimate weapons per character, any beyond that is just a duplicate. For example, if I upgrade a Blazefire Saber into a Flamberge (Tier 2) and then into an Omega Weapon (Tier 3), then I have already obtained the Omega Weapon and can cross that off my list (along with the Blazefire Saber and Flamberge). If I then upgrade an Axis Blade into an Enkindler (Tier 2) and then into an Omega Weapon (Tier 3), only the Enkindler and Axis Blade have been counted towards the achievement, because my second Omega Weapon is a duplicate as far as the achievement is concerned. So max out one weapon to Tier 3 per character and the rest only to Tier 2, as this will save you LOTS of money and catalyst hunting.

    To understand the basics of efficient upgrading, these two guides are your friend:
    Basskiid's Weapon Guide:
    For Those Curious About Upgrading by JoeBreezy:

    For an excellent checklist that also tells you what turns into what:
    Equipment Upgrade Guide by Drogan13:

    EXP values for weapons and accessories to use while upgrading. Will save you a lot of components:

    Lastly, if you're having trouble finding some of the catalysts needed for upgrading, look here:

    The hardest things to get for this achievement are gil (lots and lots of it) and trapezohedrons, which are required for every ultimate weapon upgrade and cost a whopping 2,000,000 gil each. The best way to go about getting both of these things (and gain good CP in the process for the Master's Seal achievement) involves farming Adamantortoises. For info on that, check out my solution for the Master's Seal achievement here: . Also, be sure to read the bottom of Drogan13's Equipment Upgrade Guide for a great way to turn one trapezohedron into three.

    The other rare catalyst you'll need are Dark Matters, which go for 800,000 gil. You can either keep farming Platinum Ingots from Adamantortoises in order to buy them, or you can try to kill Shaolong Guis (5% drop). I personally went the Shaolong Guis route, though I'll warn you that these guys are challenging (as tough or tougher than Long Guis, in my opinion). But, once you get a good strategy down, you'll kill a lot of them in a short time, and they also drop Gold Nuggets, which sell for 60,000 gil, so you can make money in the process. If you want to attempt this, I've written a guide here: (yes, that's me).

    Once you've gotten everything (and it takes a long long time), you have to talk to Bhakti in Oerba to get the achievement. This requires having completed Bhakti's sidequest (see Pulsian Pioneer achievement). If you have gotten all weapons and accessories and talk to Bhakti, your achievement will pop. Congrats on getting the most time-consuming achievement in the game!

    Guide not helping? View 11 more guides for this achievement.

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    XboxoholicIt takes 56 hours
    Posted by Xboxoholic on 18 Mar 19 at 20:27
    N1GHTM4R3 TV (Even better checklist imo)
    Posted by N1GHTM4R3 TV on 20 Feb at 00:59
    N1GHTM4R3 TV (Even better checklist imo)
    Posted by N1GHTM4R3 TV on 20 Feb at 18:52
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  • TheRickMoranisTheRickMoranis101,654
    04 Jul 2010 06 Jul 2010 07 Jul 2010
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    (Sorry for taking up tons of webspace, but there are tons of items and weapons. I'll remove this if scrolling becomes burdensome.)

    Puertoricarious has a great, in depth solution. The main thing I want to draw attention to in this particular solution is a complete list of weapons and accessories and the minimum amount of EXP each needs when upgrading to serve as a one-stop checklist. If you just want to check out the list, scroll down and skip my other beginning paragraphs.

    Welcome to “Treasure Hunter,” the most time-consuming achievement in Final Fantasy XIII. As the other solutions state, and from personal experience, you do not need to equip every weapon/accessory but you must have had it in your inventory. And, as is also stated numerously, DO NOT SELL ANYTHING, especially anything elemental (rings, charms, etc.) as some of these cannot be purchased and can be missed if you pass a certain point in the story. Components are okay, but hold on to your weapons/accessories.

    While you’re not selling anything, my advice is to save this achievement for last or near the last. If you haven’t acquired the “Galuf’s Grail” achievement yet, then realistically you don’t have to wait as long because the Adamantoises have not turned into Long Guis, but more on that below. If this is your last remaining achievement, then you don’t have much else left to do, so you can sell a lot of your weapons and accessories (save the elementals, and Gold Watch just in case, though!) and get a slight extra boost in cash; just keep your best, favorite, or most useful weapons/accessories so you can still dedicate a quarter of your real life on this earth to gil farming.

    If you aren’t aware of it by now, you are going to need a lot of gil. I didn’t calculate it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the minimum amount is at least 1-10 billion gil. Whatever the minimum, you’re going to need a lot.


    Where to farm – I have two favorite strategies.

    1.) Mission 63 Loop – There’s a lot of traveling in this strategy, but you’re guaranteed at least a Gold Nugget for 60,000gil each time. First, make sure you have a working strategy to take down Adamanchelids and Adamantoises. When you’re confident, teleport to Sulyya Springs and find the Mission 63 stone (near the opposite end of the cave), accept the mission, then return to teleport to Archylte Steppe – Northern Highplain.

    If you don’t know where the mark is, check your map and make your way. While en route, take out any Adamanchelids and Adamantoises you come across; there should be four ‘Chelids and three ‘Toises that spawn around this open area of Gran Pulse, plus your mark, which is an Adamantortoise. ‘Chelids drop Gold Dust (15,000gil) occasionally, and ‘Toises drop the all important Platinum Ingots (150,000gil) and Trapezohedrons (rarest upgrading catalyst).

    I also hopped onto a Chocobo to travel quicker and maybe even dig up some Gold Dust or even a Nugget.

    Repeat ad nauseum. You’ll at least earn 60,000gil per loop, but more than likely more. Earning the “Galuf’s Grail” achievement turns all/most of the games ‘Chelids and ‘Toises into Shaolong Guis and Long Guis, which are harder forms of themselves, so each run, if they haven’t transformed and you can kill the beasts quickly, can take over 20 minutes, and Platinum Ingots are frustratingly hard to come by. If you get tired of this, here is my other and preferred favorite method.

    2.) Eden Hall, not the Adamantoise by the save point – Assuming you’re on your second playthrough, go to Orphan’s Cradle and teleport to Eden Hall. From the point where you teleport, plow forward and kill any and all enemies up to the Juggernaut. The important foes are the Sacrifices and the Sanctum Inquisitrixes because they drop either Scarletites (7,000gil) or Perfumes (12,500gil). Defeat the Juggernaut, ignore the Tyrant, and run through the hall to your left.

    Run down this hall for a few seconds until the doors close shut behind you, go back, and all the enemies should have respawned. Repeat going the opposite way, making it all the way back to the teleport thingy, then turn around again, and the enemies should have respawned again.

    I really prefer this method because with a maxed out Connoisseur Catalog (and a Collector Catalog just in case), maxed out characters, and strong weapons, Perfumes and Scarletites were dropped multiple times. After each run (back and forth at another 20 minutes or so) I commonly had at least 100,000gil. The Adamantoise by the save point (which is located after the long hall instead of turning around) is not nearly as consistent; I’ve gone hours and only acquired very few Platinum Ingots.


    - My suggestion is to finish the weapons list first because that requires the most EXP. A quick way to get enough Trapezohedrons for your final weapons (see Weapons list below) is to upgrade Vanille’s Mistilteinn to Nirvana, then dismantle it to get three Trapezohedrons. (In Dathaen's solution, he links the same quick strategy I used). You’ll need one to start with, obviously and unfortunately.

    - A key to upgrading the higher EXP value accessories/weapons a lot quicker is to have the 3x bonus before you apply your higher experience-giving components. The cheapest way is to apply 36 Sturdy Bones or 36 Vibrant Ooze (can be purchased at Creature Comforts) before applying anything else.

    - A cheap component that gives a nice amount of experience is the Superconductor (Lenora’s Garage). Use 36 Sturdy Bones/Vibrant Ooze, then slap on all the Superconductors you need. I used a lot of these, without the Sturdy Bones/Vibrant Ooze, for the lower EXP value accessories.

    - Once you've completed your lists, you must travel to Bhakti in Oerba to get the achievement.

    The Lists

    Below are complete lists of the Accessories and Weapons. They are compiled from three sources (listed at the end) so I don’t take any credit, except for combining the stats together. Not included are the buffs and debuffs, passive abilities, etc, because this is more of a checklist. I did include the experience points needed, however, there is some discrepancy between sources 1 and 2, but if you meet the points listed you’ll definitely find that star after each item in the upgrade menu.

    Puertoricarious' solution includes links to similar sites for EXP values, and I totally encourage using those if you'd like more stats and suggestions. I don't want to tread on his toes; I just wanted to put all the basic information in one place.

    Items in bold I had to buy, or at least I didn’t get them naturally through the game.

    Stated midway through the comments of Puertoricarious' solution, if you have one of the higher accessories in a grouping, that does not count as having everything below it. For example, having the Mythril Bangle does not mean you have the Gold, Titanium, Tungsten, Silver, and Iron Bangles by default. You must have each and every single item.

    [Accessory Name - EXP - Catalyst to next accessory (Store or where found)]

    Iron Bangle – 800 - Millerite (B&W Outfitters)
    Silver Bangle – 1,600 - Rhodochrosite (B&W Outfitters)
    Tungsten Bangle – 7,500 - Cobaltite (B&W Outfitters)
    Titanium Bangle - 10,500 - Perovskite (must buy, B&W Outfitters)
    Gold Bangle - 13,000 - Uraninite (B&W Outfitters)
    Mythril Bangle - 35,000 - Mnar Stone (B&W Outfitters)
    Platinum Bangle - 76,000 - Scarletite (Sanctum Labs)
    Diamond Bangle - 145,000 - Adamantite (Mission 26)
    Adamant Bangle - 188,000 - Dark Matter (Ch. 13, Orphan's Cradle - The Tesseracts)
    Wurtzite Bangle

    Power Wristband - 4,700 - Cobaltite (B&W Outfitters)
    Brawler's Wristband - 30,000 - Uraninite (B&W Outfitters)
    Warrior's Wristband - 45,000 - Scarletite (B&W Outfitters)
    Power Glove - 59,000 - Dark Matter (Ch. 12, Eden -Edenhall)
    Kaiser Knuckles

    Magician's Mark - 4,700 - Cobaltite (B&W Outfitters)
    Shaman's Mark - 30,000 - Uraninite (B&W Outfitters)
    Sorcerer's Mark - 45,000 - Scarletite (B&W Outfitters)
    Weirding Glyph -15,000 - Dark Matter (Ch. 13, Orphan's Cradle - The Tesseracts)
    Magistral Crest

    Black Belt - 7,500 - Uraninite (B&W Outfitters)
    General's Belt - 28,000 - Adamantite (B&W Outfitters)
    Champion's Belt

    Rune Bracelet - 4,500 - Uraninite (B&W Outfitters)
    Witch's Bracelet - 28,000 - Adamantite (B&W Outfitters)
    Magus's Bracelet

    Royal Armlet - 22,000 - Dark Matter (Sanctum Labs)
    Imperial Armlet

    Ember Ring - 13,000 - Cobaltite (Ch. 4, The Vile Peaks – Devastated Dreams)
    Blaze Ring - 3,500 - Uraninite (Ch. 12, Eden – Siren Park)
    Salamandrine Ring

    Frost Ring - 1,300 - Cobaltite (Mission 11)
    Icicle Ring - 3,500 - Uraninite
    Boreal Ring

    Spark Ring - 1,300 - Cobaltite (Ch. 3, Lake Bresha - Forgotten Commons)
    Fulmen Ring - 3,500 - Uraninite (Mission 6)
    Raijin Ring

    Aqua Ring - 1,300 - Cobaltite (Ch. 6, The Sunleth Waterscape - Rain-Spotted Vale)
    Riptide Ring - 3,500 – Uraninite (Ch. 11, Sulyya Springs - Subterranean Lake)
    Nereid Ring

    Zephyr Ring - 1,300 - Cobaltite (Ch. 11, The Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse)
    Gale Ring - 3,500 - Uraninite (Ch. 11, Taejin's Tower - Fourth Tier)
    Sylphid Ring

    Clay Ring - 1,300 - Cobaltite (Ch. 11, The Archylte Steppe - Eastern Tors; Ch. 11,
    Teijin's Tower -? Floor)
    Siltstone Ring - 3,500 - Uraninite (Mission 39)
    Gaian Ring

    Giant's Glove - 3,500 - Perovskite (B&W Outfitters)
    Warlord's Glove

    Glass Buckle - 3,500 – Perovskite (B&W Outfitters)
    Tektite Buckle

    Metal Armband - 3,500 - Perovskite (B&W Outfitters)
    Ceramic Armband

    Serenity Sachet - 3,500 – Perovskite (must buy, B&W Outfitters)
    Safeguard Sachet

    Glass Orb - 3,500 - Perovskite (B&W Outfitters)
    Dragonfly Orb

    Star Pendant - 3,500 - Perovskite (B&W Outfitters)
    Starfall Pendant

    Pearl Necklace - 3,500 - Perovskite (B&W Outfitters)
    Gemstone Necklace

    Warding Talisman - 3,500 - Perovskite (B&W Outfitters)
    Hexbane Talisman

    Pain Dampener - 3,500 - Perovskite (B&W Outfitters)
    Pain Deflector

    White Cape - 3,500 - Perovskite (B&W Outfitters)
    Effulgent Cape

    Rainbow Anklet - 3,500 – Perovskite (B&W Outfitters)
    Moonbow Anklet

    Cherub's Crown - 3,500 - Perovskite (B&W Outfitters)
    Seraph's Crown

    Guardian Armlet – 600 - Perovskite (Magical Moments)
    Shield Talisman

    Auric Amulet – 600 - Perovskite (Magical Moments)
    Soulfront Talisman

    Watchman's Amulet – 600 - Perovskite (Magical Moments)
    Shrouding Talisman

    Hero's Amulet – 600 - Perovskite (Magical Moments)
    Morale Talisman

    Saint's Amulet – 600 - Perovskite (Magical Moments)
    Blessed Talisman

    Zealot's Amulet – 600 - Perovskite (Magical Moments)
    Battle Talisman

    Flamebane Brooch – 600 - Perovskite (Magical Moments)
    Flameshield Earring

    Frostbane Brooch – 600 - Perovskite (Magical Moments)
    Frostshield Earring

    Sparkbane Brooch – 600 - Perovskite (Magical Moments)
    Sparkshield Earring

    Aquabane Brooch – 600 - Perovskite (Magical Moments)
    Aquashiel Earring

    Hermes Sandals – 600 - Perovskite (Mission 34; Dismantle Tetradic Crown)
    Sprint Shoes

    Tetradic Crown - 1,000 - Scarletite (Ch. 11, Chocobo 5th treasure; Ch. 13, Orphan's Cradle - The Tesseracts; Ch 11, Mission 7)
    Tetradic Tiara

    Whistlewind Scarf – 350 - Rhodochrosite (Moogleworks)
    Aurora Scarf – 525 - Cobaltite (must upgrade Whistlewind Scarf to acquire)
    Nimbletoe Boots (Moogleworks)

    Gold Watch - 525 - Cobaltite (Mission 64)
    I said save the Gold Watch earlier because I missed getting the Champion's Badge
    Champion's Badge – 700 – Perovskite (Ch. 12, Eden – Siren Park)
    Survivalist Catalog - 875 – Uraninite (Mission 15)
    Collector Catalog - 1,050 - Mnar Stone (Moogleworks)
    Connoisseur Catalog

    Hunter's Friend - 10,050 – Uraninite (Mission 45)
    Speed Sash - 1,050 - Mnar Stone (Moogleworks)
    Energy Sash

    Doctor's Code – Ch. 2, Defeat Anima; Ch. 6, The Sunleth Waterscape - Sun-dappled Trail; Ch. 11, Mission 41

    Growth Egg – Mission 55

    Entite Ring - 32,000 - Uraninite (Sanctum Labs)
    Goddess' Favor

    Ribbon - 21,000 - Dark Matter (Ch. 11, Chocobo 20th Treasure; Mission 42, The Faultwarrens, D2 area)
    Super Ribbon

    Genji Glove – Missions 51, 62, 63

    Fire Charm – 750 - Mnar Stone (Ch. 11, The Archylte Steppe - Western Benchland)
    Ice Charm – 750 - Mnar Stone (Ch. 11, The Archylte Steppe - Western Benchland)
    Lightning Charm - 750 - Mnar Stone (Ch. 11, The Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse)
    Water Charm - 750 - Mnar Stone (Ch. 11, The Archylte Steppe - Font of Namva)
    Wind Charm - 750 - Mnar Stone (Ch. 11, The Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse)
    Earth Charm - 750 - Mnar Stone (Ch. 11, The Archylte Steppe - Eastern Tors)
    Twenty-Sided Die – Mission 48

    [Weapon Name - EXP - Catalyst to next weapon (Store or where found)]

    Upgrading the second level of any weapon with a Trapezohedron yields that character’s final weapon, and you only need ONE final weapon per character.

    Lightning – Final Weapon = Omega Weapon

    Blazefire Saber – 24,600 – Perovskite (Up in Arms)
    Flamberge – 445,950 - Trapezohedron

    Axis Blade – 66, 750 – Adamantite (Platus’ Workshop)
    Enkindler - 280,830 - Trapezohedron

    Edged Carbine – 33,000 – Perovskite - (Up in Arms)
    Razor Carbine – 437,550 - Trapezohedron

    Lifesaber – 70,850 – Scarletite (Plautus' Workshop)
    Peacemaker – 236,350 - Trapezohedron

    Gladius -54,800 – Uraninite (Up in Arms)
    Helter-skelter – 332,560 - Trapezohedron

    Organyx – 20,100 – Cobalite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Apocalypse – 233,220 - Trapezohedron

    Hauteclaire – 54,800 – Uraninite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Durandal – 332,570 - Trapezohedron

    Lionheart – 63,060 – Scarletite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Ultima Weapon – 221,900 - Trapezohedron

    Sazh – Final Weapon = Total Eclipses

    Vega 42s – 24,600 – Perovskite (Up in Arms)
    Altairs - 470,550 - Trapezohedron

    Spica Defenders – 66,750 – Scarletite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Sirius Sidearms – 284,960 - Trapezohedron

    Deneb Duellers – 32,580 – Perovskite (Up in Arms)
    Canopus AMPs – 437,550 - Trapezohedron

    Rigels – 54,800 – Uraninite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Polaris Specials – 332,560 - Trapezohedron

    Aldebarans – 20,100 – Coaltite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Sadalmeliks – 233,872 - Trapezohedron

    Pleiades Hi-Powers – 33,000 – Perovskite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Hyades Magnums – 437,550 - Trapezohedron

    Antares Deluxes – 38,040 – Uraninite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Fomalhaut Elites – 153,000 - Trapezohedron

    Procyons – 63,060 – Dark Matter (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Betelgeuse Customs – 243,740 - Trapezohedron

    Snow – Final Weapon = Save the Queen

    Wild Bear – 24,600 – Perovskite (Up in Arms)
    Feral Pride – 445,950 - Trapezohedron

    Paladin – 66,750 – Scarletite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Winged Saint – 218,210 - Trapezohedron

    Rebel Heart – 38,040 – Uraninite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Warrior's Emblem – 154,752 - Trapezohedron

    Power Circle – 89,700 – Scarletite (Up in Arms)
    Battle Standard – 476,940 - Trapezohedron

    Feymark – 38,040 – Uraninite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Soul Blazer – 153,000 - Trapezohedron

    Sacrificial Circle – 84,024 – Scarletite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Indomitus – 477,568 - Trapezohedron

    Unsetting Sun – 33,000 – Perovskite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Midnight Sun – 438,600 - Trapezohedron

    Umbra – 66,750 – Adamantite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Solaris – 280,830 - Trapezohedron

    Hope – Final Weapon = Nue

    Airwing – 22,400 – Uraninite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Skycutter – 168,000 - Trapezohedron

    Hawkeye – 33,000 – Perovskite (Up in Arms)
    Eagletalon – 437,550 - Trapezohedron

    Otshirvani – 66,750 – Scarletite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Urubutsin – 221,600 - Trapezohedron

    Ninurta – 33,000 – Perovskite (Up in Arms)
    Jatayu – 437,550 - Trapezohedron

    Vidofnir – 66,750 – Scarletite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Hresvelgr – 221,600 - Trapezohedron

    Simurgh – 38,040 – Uraninite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Tezcatlipoca – 154,752 - Trapezohedron

    Malphas – 33,000 – Perovskite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Naberius – 438,360 - Trapezohedron

    Alicanto – 54,800 – Uraninite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Caladrius - 334,656 - Trapezohedron

    Vanille – Final Weapon = Nirvana

    Binding Rod -24,600 – Perovskite (Up in Arms)
    Hunter's Rod – 445,950 - Trapezohedron

    Tigerclaw – 44,760 – Cobaltite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Wyrmfang -233,872 - Trapezohedron

    Healer's Staff – 63,750 – Adamantite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Physician's Staff – 281,160 - Trapezohedron

    Pearlwing Staff – 33,000 – Perovskite (Up in Arms)
    Brightwing Staff – 437,550 - Trapezohedron

    Rod of Thorns – 33,000 – Perovskite (Up in Arms)
    Orochi Rod – 470,550 - Trapezohedron

    Mistilteinn – 66,750 – Scarletite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Erinye's Cane – 218,210 - Trapezohedron

    Belladonna Wand – 38,040 – Uraninite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Malboro Wand – 153,000 - Trapezohedron

    Heavenly Axis – 54,8000 – Uraninite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Abraxas – 332,560 - Trapezohedron

    Fang – Final Weapon = Kain’s Lance

    Bladed Lance – 24,600 – Perovskite (Up in Arms)
    Glaive – 445,950 - Trapezohedron

    Dragoon Lance – 38,040 – Uraninite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Dragonhorn – 152,640 - Trapezohedron

    Partisan – 33,000 – Perovskite (Up in Arms)
    Rhomphaia – 274,350 - Trapezohedron

    Shamanic Spear – 38,040 – Uraninite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Heretic's Halberd – 153,000 – Trapezohedron

    Punisher – 70,850 – Scarletite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Banescissor Spear – 215,520 - Trapezohedron

    Pandoran Spear – 70,850 – Scarletite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Calamity Spear – 236,350 - Trapezohedron

    Taming Pole – 54,800 – Uraninite (Gilgamesh, Inc.)
    Venus Gospel – 334,656 - Trapezohedron

    Gae Bolg – 70,850 – Scarletite (Plautus’ Workshop)
    Gungnir – 214,110 - Trapezohedron

    Hope this helps!

    3.) (list made by Aeliana of PS3T, so if you, Aeliana, find this and you want this removed or taken away, I’m more than welcome to; all credit is yours!)
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    ItsJustAChazeOk I got it now. Thanks so much. I was about to flip if it glitched lol. 171 hours played >,<
    Posted by ItsJustAChaze on 28 Jul 12 at 02:14
    DragonlingGreat list/guide. Printed it out and will be crossing items off as I go from now on.
    Posted by Dragonling on 21 Aug 12 at 05:57
    Jezza69Tell you what, post game Eden farming worked a treat for me. PIP during World Cup and Tour De France, just pushing forwards and stabbing A whilst watching TV, turn around and repeat. I got all the money I needed in what felt like barely any time at all. For the final few I just sold everything to get gil which netted me almost 1.5mil. Thanks for the guide!
    Posted by Jezza69 on 14 Jul 14 at 13:40
  • AltergigoAltergigo52,482
    20 Mar 2011 18 Mar 2011 21 Aug 2011
    33 2 5
    ***This is a Gil making strategy to help you complete the achievement***

    Mission 24 - A Potent Sting is a decent money maker. The Mission reward is a Moonblossom Seed.

    Moonblossom Seed sells for 6K, the fight is a 15 to 19 second fight (Pre-emptive Strike can end the fight in 8 to 13 seconds) with no heals, buffs, just use Cerberus (COM/COM/COM) The Mark pops at the stone which is zero travel time. You can roughly net 1.5 Moonblossom Seeds per minute. 60 minutes = 90 Seeds X 6K per Seed = 540K an hour from a guaranteed drop. If your 3 characters are fully geared/roles maxed, you can net up to 120 Seeds per hour equalling 720K.

    No strategy required, All you have to do is mash the A button without looking at the screen. Not to mention all the spoils you get which you will also sell.

    In my opinion, Mission 63 has a lot of downtime due to travel and the unreliability of Death landing. It doesn't compare to the ease of this. No healing, no buffs, no travel/downtime, no inefficient spell such as Death which has landed the first cast for me (once...) as well as taken up to 40 minutes of casting before it finally lands (more than once...) for a mere Gold Nugget.

    Anyhow, I just needed a change of scenery and this is a nice and super easy alternative. You can switch between the 2 missions to keep yourself from dying of boredom.

    Good luck.
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    ManiacTobiSuper simple, fast money making method. With a maxed out party and three maxed omega weapons, the fight lasts only one round and 10 seconds, even without preemptive.
    Posted by ManiacTobi on 16 Mar 13 at 09:27
    ManiacTobiTry attacking one Yakshini first, that made the battle much shorter for me (Fang/Lightning/Hope on COM).
    Posted by ManiacTobi on 16 Mar 13 at 09:29
    DrSchlepensteinI used this method to farm for gil, my luck getting Dark Matters and Traps from killing the Turtles/Guis was non-existent. Got some Ingots, but not once did ever get a Trap of DM. And like the others, I pretty much watched movies on my laptop while doing this, seemed to make the time go by faster.
    Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 20 Jul 14 at 20:33
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