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Instrument of Change

Witnessed the dawn of a new crystal legend.

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How to unlock the Instrument of Change achievement

  • ZarbolordZarbolord61,717
    14 Mar 2010 14 Mar 2010 17 Mar 2010
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    Tips before the final bosses (as you enter the cradle for the first time)~

    If you havent maxed out your 3 base classes, then it might be a good idea to do so (as far as possible of course, level 10 only opens after you defeat the final bosses).

    I suggest upgrading weapons onto 2nd tier upto their max level (if not already done so) and accessories if you have any money left.

    One way to get money is to fight the human enemies in the city before you reach cradle (which can also be reached from a teleport inside cradle) or go hunting in the pulse wilds for gold nuggets or gold powder.

    As you complete cradle you'll have a lot of annoying enemies on the way, so be prepared for some tough long-ish fights. It depends a lot on your stats so if you want it easy then grind those classes!

    A few tips for the final bosses~

    The team you use really doesn't matter, but this is what I had (only stating classes used):

    Lightning with Com 4, Rav 4, Med 4, Sab 1
    Snow with Sen 4, Rav 4
    Hope with Syn 4, Med 4, Rav 4

    I had the following paradigms:
    Strategic Warfare
    Relentless Assault
    Combat clinic

    I'd start out with Strategic warfare, give a few blows the time hope boosts everyone with haste, then I'd switch to premeditation, let hope boost everyone with other stat enhancers, while snow takes all the damage and lightning casting poison (yes, strange how the final bosses can get poisoned! XD). But poison really helped me out since it dug into the boss HP quite well. Beware that inflicting debuffs is difficult as the chances are very slim. As soon as I poisoned (and maybe cast other debuffs with luck) I switched between combat clinic and tri-disaster, keeping my HP high and increasing the stagger gauge. Once the stagger gauge popped I switched to relentless assault to inflict a max amount of damage.

    I used this technique for all 3 bosses at the end, so you technically don't really need to change anything, just keep up the same strategy and you should be fine!

    As Mazrael pointed out in his comment, there is one attack that orphan's first form uses which has a risk of OHKO. The damage and who it attacks is random, but if you're close to beating him, try to stagger and use the eidelon (or just simply use the eidelon if you're comfortable with their damage). You won't need the summon for orphan's last form, as it's pretty straight forward.

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    zhobanThanks to Cyklo I beat Orphan on my first try of using his method since almost every other method wasn't working for me.
    Posted by zhoban on 09 May 11 at 15:08
    Solario32Great guide. Thanks for the help.
    Posted by Solario32 on 18 Sep 11 at 22:59
    NegativeCreep08Cyklo's tip worked first time for me after every other strategy failed and got me a five star rating without even launching a single attack. Yeah it's cheap, but so is the instant death move
    Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 23 Jul 14 at 12:11
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  • TimutimuTimutimu160,558
    11 Sep 2012 12 Sep 2012
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    This fight can actually be quite easy if you follow these tips.
    (stupid iPad is correcting a lot of words)

    Vanilla - Marlboro wand. Serapis crown (death resist) White cape
    Lightning - lion heart.
    Hope - hresvelgar.

    Sab/med/med (vanilla/lightning/hope)
    Sab/med/syn (initial paradigm)

    Barthandelus isn't too hard, usually I attack for two rounds and then switch to heal to get my hp over 5000. I had fang for this fight and would keep nailing high wind on him when the stagger bar was nearly depleted.

    Phase 2 can be really difficult...unless you do the following.
    Make sure the leader is vanille and that you have poisonga. (huge hp draining)

    Start the battle off and make sure hope casts haste on you and then switch to sab/med/med. unless you're goin for 5 star for phase 2 or haste has worn off, u won't need to change paradigms.

    Keep casting poisonga until it sticks, and then sit back and let your medics constantly heal while you debuff. It'll wear off eventually so you'll need to reapply it when necessary.

    Don't stagger him or he'll retaliate with that stupid multi debuff poison attack. And that's pretty much it. Sit back and heal, while poison kills him.

    Phase 3 s ridiculously easy. You need to hit him with deshell and deprotect. Once those stick, raise his stagger bar until it trips and then wail on his unborn ass. He should die by the end of the stagger phase, netting you the 5 star boss achievement as well.

    Watch the end credits, save your game and now go get "treasure hunter" :)
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    rob25XI'm reading this after beating it the night before. After failing many times on the 2nd form with Lightning, Fang & Hope I decided to bring in Vanille and was surprised her poison worked on him - using poison makes this fight 10x easier. Once poison sticks just keep healing. Repeat 2 or 3 times and you should be good.

    +1 Timutimu for a well written solution.
    Posted by rob25X on 12 Jun 17 at 08:53
  • devil in caindevil in cain203,716
    16 Jul 2011 18 Jul 2011 18 Jul 2011
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    You should easily be able to bring Orphan's first form down in around 5 minutes.. For this I used Fang, Lightning and Hope. You should instantly move into combat clinic as the fight starts since he will instantly hit all your guys right at the start.

    Next, switch into evened odds paradigm (sab/med/syn). You will stay in this paradigm until each of your members has 5 buffs and the boss has 5 debuffs.

    After this I switched to diversity (com/rav/med). It should take you almost no time at all to stagger Orphan.

    Switch to relentless assault (com/rav/rav) while he is staggered. You should be able to do mega damage to him.

    As soon as his stagger is down to about 15-25% switch to combat clinic to heal everything and prepare for his big attack again.

    Repeat this (minus doing evened odds.. unless he removes your debuffs) and you should have him dead during or soon after his second stagger. Please let me know if you need me to clarify anything and I will be happy to do so.
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