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Floraphobe achievement in FINAL FANTASY XIII


Toppled a green terror and cut an oversized succulent down to size.

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How to unlock the Floraphobe achievement

  • phodieXcorephodieXcore52,394
    31 May 2010 31 May 2010
    58 3 10
    This achievement is for defeating the mark for Mission 54, a Gigantuar.

    After trying numerous parties, setups involving Sentinels and what not, i've found that luck is your better bet for completing this mission/achievement. As well as 5 starring the mission (if you're going for 100% completion on this game).

    My party was as follows, and you should be more than fine if your party is somewhat similar.

    Lightning (leader) - 15135 HP, 1550 Strength
    Fang - 19455 HP, 2101 Strength
    Vanille - 15955 HP

    I used only one paradigm, Tireless Charge (COM,COM,MED).

    Equip your Lightning with either Lionheart or Ultima Weapon (preferred), for her quick stagger ability. Now for her accessories, equip her with AT LEAST a Speed Sash. The combination of her Weapon and the Speed Sash accessory will give you a RANDOM ability called Instant Chain.

    Instant Chain will occasionally fill the enemy's chain gauge all the way up, making staggering really easy to achieve.

    This may take you a few battles, and you may die a few times since you are relying on the luck of instant chain, but it is almost guaranteed you will 5 star this mission using this method.

    First of all, use an Aegisol and a Fortisol before you approach the mark. Basically just have Light and Fang constantly Attacking while Vanille cures. (it may help to have her Healer's Staff for improved cure) Keep going until the chain gauge instantly fills up, stagger the enemy and keep pounding away with Fang and Lightning while Vanille cures. Before you know it the Gigantuar will fall.

    Once again it may take a few times of dying or losing the battle. Just keep retrying with the same strategy and Instant Chain will eventually work it's magic.

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    Solario32Fang snow and vanille worked best for me also as com/sent/med.
    Posted by Solario32 on 19 Sep 11 at 14:16
    DoomstuffI've done over 10 fights and I have yet to stagger I have ultima weapon and 2 speed sashes am I doing something wrong?
    Posted by Doomstuff on 04 Dec 11 at 02:18
    Sindarin EagleRandom instant chain has a fairly low chance of success per hit, so you can get unlucky for quite a few battles in a row. Be sure that you're using Army of One, since that way you're doing more hits per turn. If you want to give RIC a better chance to succeed, switch to Sazh as the party leader and equip him for RIC; he's generally a weaker character than Lightning, but his special attack does 17 hits (the most of anyone), and therefore he's the character of choice for RIC.
    Posted by Sindarin Eagle on 13 Nov 12 at 20:53
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  • Kyle StrifeKyle Strife160,857
    24 Sep 2010 30 Sep 2010
    18 5 2
    Complete Mission 54 on Gran Pulse.

    A link to a guide that show's all the locations for missions and their marks.

    The following video shows the encounter:
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    RitzOmegaI followed this exactly, and it worked after a few battles. Instant chain is awesome.
    Posted by RitzOmega on 29 Oct 10 at 01:56
    BaxterstopmanNeither the video or your link explains this "instant chain" needed to beat him so it really wasnt helpful....
    Posted by Baxterstopman on 30 Dec 10 at 13:32
  • o BLazE ZerO oo BLazE ZerO o429,702
    16 Mar 2012 16 Mar 2012 14 Jan 2017
    12 0 3
    After being stuck on Gigantuar I used certain accessories that helped me Defeat Him in under 2 minute These Certain accessories have Things attached to them called "Instant Chains"
    the Following accessories Have instant chains attched to them Speed Sash + Survivalist Catalog

    Energy Sash + Warriors Wristband

    Speed Sash + Champions Badge
    Speed Sash + Hunters Friend
    I used Fang,Lightning and Snow.
    The instant chains DON'T always work but,With everyone in the Party there's a 15% chance of a instant chain happening.
    The paradigm's I used to Start this battle was SAB/MED/SEN.
    And as the Battle first starts hurry and cast Daze on gigantuar and when it sticks Switch To COM/COM/COM then The Instant chanin should kick in and from the point on the battle is yours.
    If doesn't work Retry Good luck if have any questions feel free to ask : )
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    BUM COMMANDOTook me about 20 attempts. Worked great though thanks!
    Posted by BUM COMMANDO on 25 Feb 13 at 08:53
    o BLazE ZerO oglad it helped :)
    Posted by o BLazE ZerO o on 25 Feb 13 at 15:57
    EurydaceWorked my first try. I got the random instant chain on the very first cast of Daze with Fang (which also actually triggered Daze on him). Super easy and super lucky. Was way better than the walkthrough solution which involved a summon (this triggered my first All for One as well - what luck, I know - but the stagger meter dropped so fast I couldn't even do damage before it ended).

    Energy Sash + Warrior's Wristband doesn't give RIC though so you might want to update the solution to say that. Anyone not paying attention might waste a lot of time. I didn't test the rest. I just gave Speed Sash x2 to Fang/Snow and Energy Sash + Lionheart to Lightning.
    Posted by Eurydace on 19 Jan 14 at 06:40
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