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L'Cie Paragon

Earned a 5-star rating for all Cie'th Stone missions.

L'Cie Paragon+0.5
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How to unlock the L'Cie Paragon achievement

  • MantraPoloMantraPolo68,908
    09 May 2010 10 May 2010 17 Sep 2012
    47 9 19
    This is strictly about mission 64. I breezed through every mission except this one. I probably spent 3 hours JUST to get 4 stars. I went back got the Master's Seal achievement. Once that was complete, I read a guide on each character and their abilities.

    This fight boils down to two things. 1.Characters 2.Equipment.

    1.Characters: This is really important. The whole game I played with Fang (L), Lightning and Hope. After reading math and abilities, etc, i decided that Lightning (L), Fang, Vanille was the best setup for this fight. Why?

    You want to buff FAST when he [Impenetrable Aura]
    *It is rather odd that only Vanille and Fang get the -ra variants of the buffs, despite neither of them having Synergist as a primary role. Vanille would actually make for a very good Synergist if only she had Haste, but seeing as how everyone else does, she makes for an excellent choice as a secondary Synergist. If you want to use a Paradigm with at least two of these, you'll be able to buff your party very rapidly.

    *Obviously, Vanille and Fang are better because they have Dispel, while Lightning and Snow don't. Vanille also has poison. If you look at my Paradigm setup, you'll see that I have Vanille primarly as a debuffer. Right when he comes out of [Impenetrable Aura] switch to #2. Stay on #2 until Poison is cast then switch right to #3.

    *You want Light as a healer during [Impenetrable Aura] so you can use Cura, Cura, Cura to TOP OFF YOUR HP. The AI is stupid and will not do this. Use this down time to be in a good position to burn him down.

    There is a lot more detailed information about each character in the link below. Go to 3c Party Setup.

    1. Med/Syn/Syn
    2. Rav/Sab/Sab <- Start
    3. Rav/Rav/Sab
    4. Rav/Rav/Med
    5. Com/Com/Med
    6. Sen/Sen/Sen


    Start in 2. Once poison is up, switch to 5... he'll go to [Impenetrable Aura] soon.

    Once in [Impenetrable Aura], go to 1. Use Cura, Cura, Cura to TOP OFF YOU HP. Stay in this shift until he comes out of [Impenetrable Aura] and go right into 2. Once poison is on, go to 3. If you need to heal, go to 4. Once he is staggered, go to 5. Pretty easy!

    It becomes tricky when he uses [Wicked Whirl]. As soon as you see it, go to 6. Once that is over, go to either 4 or 5 and repeat!

    2.Equipment is VERY important. The less time you're healing means you can be debuffing/attacking.
    Omega Weapon (Lionheart)
    Champion's Belt*
    Magus's Brace*
    Imperial Armlet*
    Gold Watch

    Kain's Lance (Taming Pole)
    Royal Armlet*
    Royal Armlet*
    Witch's Brace*
    General's Belt*

    Nirvana (Belladonna Wand)
    Royal Armlet*
    Royal Armlet*
    Witch's Brace*
    General's Belt*

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    MantraPoloNo problem! :)
    Posted by MantraPolo on 15 Mar 13 at 17:54
    Esphyrian 01I tried the set-up mentioned in the guide, but it when that didn't pan out I went the poison route using Lightning, Fang and Vanille. Only needed 4 Paradigms: 1-SAB/SEN/SAB, 2-MED/SYN/SYN, 3-SEN/SEN/SEN, 4-SYN/MED/MED.

    Started w/ 1, spammed poison, when barrier was up used 2 to buff -- rinse and repeat. When he cast Wicket Whirl immediately shifted to 3, then either 2 or 4, then quickly back to 1 before the barrier. Was able to 5-star this w/o Omega Weapons or the Gold Watch.
    Posted by Esphyrian 01 on 24 Nov 13 at 13:23
    Pizimp2983This is a good guide but scroll down. Traveller nicks guide is far easier. Good guides all tho:) thanx for the help.
    Posted by Pizimp2983 on 10 Oct 14 at 05:17
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  • Kyle StrifeKyle Strife160,526
    07 Oct 2010 30 Sep 2010 04 Oct 2010
    29 6 2
    A guide that lists the locations of all the missions and their marks:

    Here is a link to a guide that details all 64 missions and suggestions on how to 5-star each mission:

    Good luck on 5-starring the hell out of those missions!
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    Kaplan Dascithanks,well done guideclap
    Posted by Kaplan Dasci on 16 Nov 14 at 22:12
    One Winged BossYour link is broken.
    Posted by One Winged Boss on 13 Jan 18 at 03:18
  • VinasErgothVinasErgoth231,983
    25 Mar 2010 09 Oct 2010 09 Oct 2010
    19 1 0
    5-staring every mission can be quite a daunting task, given that a lot of the mission starts are very far from the mark. There a few weapons and accessories you'll want to get before attempting this, especially the higher ranked ones.

    Malboro Wand (weapon - Vanille) - This wand is upgraded from the Belladona Wand (bought from Plautus' Workshop). It gives Improved Debuffing II which really helps against tougher enemies that are susceptible to Death.

    Aurora Scarf (accessory) - This starts you off with a full ATB gauge at the start of a battle, giving you the jump on your enemy. It is the upgraded version of the Whistlewind Scarf (The Moogleworks).

    Sprint Shoes (accessory) - Having these gives you auto-haste at the beginning of a battle. To get them, upgrade a Tetradic Crown until it has a star by it's name. Dismantle the crown and you'll get Hermes Sandles. Upgrade them to tier 2 and you'll get your Sprint Shoes.

    (Another way to get the Sprint Shoes is to fully upgrade the Tetradic Tiara, then dismantle it.)

    Gold Watch (accessory) - This is probably the most valuable accessory when it comes to getting 5 stars. It will increase the target time of your fights, making it easier to get the 5. To obtain it, you must complete mission 64. Here's a video, if you're having trouble.
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