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It takes a really big village…

Reach community board sales target

It takes a really big village…0
19 November 2019 - 2 guides

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    I can't say whether this is now permanent or whether it will reset & start again for furture players/board earners, sorry. Grab it while you can.

    Also you don't need to actually do anything, it will pop as soon as you boot up the game & it signs you into EAnation/skate.feed (although if you're starting the game from new you may need to earn @ least 1 board i.e. do the 1st challenge.)

    & finally, after 2 weeks the total has not been reset - so it appears that it is now permanant (I accept no responsability if it does go back to zero in the future though).

    OK, you've just read the important bit. Going to leave all the stuff below up just so the comments make sense to anyone looking in the future....

    It's definitely a community total, not just a team total.

    Quote from Spiffjiff - EA community manager on the Skate 3 forums...

    "Hey guys,

    The issue here is bug related. It take a really big village is dependent on the community board sales target being reached. The bug is with the community board sales calculations. Once that's fixed, you'll see a meter in skate.feed showing how many more boards need to be sold to unlock the achievement.

    Again, apologies for the bug, but we are working on it."

    EDIT: Latest news from Cuz's blog is that a patch is to be expected towards the end of the month. It mentions various small fixes but does not directly address this 'chieve. We can but hope...

    LATEST UPDATE: When you go to skate.feed there is now a community board sales total & target below your personal & team totals.

    As suggested by Abylities I will update this daily for those too bone-idle to put the actual disc in their XBOX & check for themselves (but I expect a chit-load of thumbs-ups in return!) :P

    * The total is currently 250 billion *

    The target is 250 billion.

    Thanks to Volcom CR & ElHubcapo for total updates while I haven't been able to connect.

    Also to DBB DogTagger for blog info in comments below - sounds like patch coming next week (w/c 21/06) sometime.


    23/06 EXTRA INFO in response to ABouncingSoul - @ current rate of increase (approx 3 bil per day) we're looking @ around another 12-15 days to hit the target, although I wouldn't be surprised if it slowed a little.

    As far as I'm aware, to get the 'chieve to pop, you need to play a ranked match once the target has been reached - I'm not 100% on that bit tho'...

    28/06 Looking like the w/end of 09/07 or shortly after...

    02/07 With the Danny Way Hawaiian Dream DLC dropping on Tuesday (06/07), board sales may start to pick up again slightly from that day...
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    As of December 20, 2014:

    This achievement pops automatically after you load up the game (update if necessary) and connect to EA.
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