Mass Murderer achievement in Skate 3

Mass Murderer

Kill 80 challenges

Mass Murderer+1.2
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How to unlock the Mass Murderer achievement

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    There are 83 challenges available to kill. You must grab 80 of them, obviously leaving you with three 'passes'.
    This is undoubtedly the hardest achievement in the game, but far from unobtainable.

    You can view your current progress at the skate 3 website:
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    Challenges that can be killed:
    - 12 Film Challenges
    - 19 Hall of Meat Challenges
    - 16 Own The Spots
    - 9 Pro Challenges
    - 9 Death Races
    - 9 Thrasher Photos
    - 9 TSM Photos

    The requirements to Kill the challenge can be found under Challenge Map > Challenges/Completed, and seen by selecting it.

    NOTE: You can also kill DLC challenges in order to get this. Credit to JuicyLemurTats for that, which now makes the achievement that much easier.

    General tips:
    - Getting off your board and sprinting onto it (Hold A + then press Y) is faster than pushing. Use the speed to your advantage.
    - Own the Spot challenges are best saved for online - you can jam with friends, whereas the other challenges will require you to both Kill it.
    - The Trick Guide within the menus can be your saving grace for a lot of these. If you're not quite hitting the required trick every time, use it! Practice it! It's no good coming close and messing the trick up, that will only frustrate you.

    Please feel free to leave any suggestions/problems you encounter. As I've said, this isn't the easiest achievement, so share your experiences.
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    YoDzDLC makes this a lot easier. i had about 12 HoM challenges left when i got this achievement. i killed all dlc then focused on main game stuff working on a challenge till i killed it. i skipped a few but dlc definetly helped
    Posted by YoDz on 27 Aug 16 at 23:36
    SoppiestSquash8This is a very good guide - thanks!

    Just want to add that the spots from the free After Dark DLC (Sanatorium) can also be used towards this achievement.
    Posted by SoppiestSquash8 on 26 Jan 18 at 17:59
    Im kind of HighWeird, I have 83 challenges killed and no cheevo. I’m missing three of the main game challenges, and have a couple DLC challenges done. I’m missing There she Blows, That Manual (where you have to Nollie 180 the GAP to manual the ramp thing, seriously so damn annoying to do, and the other one I’m missing can’t remember lol.
    Posted by Im kind of High on 10 Jun 18 at 13:02
    Im kind of HighOkay never mind I only have 9 own the spots unlocked right now, so I’m guessing I will unlock them after I finish the last couple of Own the Lots I have to do
    Posted by Im kind of High on 10 Jun 18 at 13:04
    ResinousHashishOwn the spots are unlocked when you find the spot, not necessarily when own the lot is complete.
    Posted by ResinousHashish on 11 Jun 18 at 04:36
    Im kind of HighYeah I figured that out lol, still I think one of the DLCs challenges don’t count towards this because I now have 85 challenges killed and still no cheevo, or I have really shitty luck and my achievement is glitched.
    Posted by Im kind of High on 11 Jun 18 at 08:21
    Strykerz911Can confirm killing DLC challenges count for this achievement.
    Posted by Strykerz911 on 28 Jun 18 at 07:53
    SaP RaZzorI had 3/4 killed in the free After Dark dlc and they didn’t count towards my achievement .. so I unlocked it at 85/89 killed challenges
    Posted by SaP RaZzor on 16 Apr 20 at 22:44
    KaMAkAzI v2can the achievement be done on the easiest difficulty?
    Posted by KaMAkAzI v2 on 26 Apr 20 at 13:06
    Da GermanPro@KaMAkAzl v2, it sure can be done, yes. The easiest difficulty is actually the easiest difficulty, so this difficulty is preferred by many.
    Posted by Da GermanPro on 31 Oct 20 at 22:17
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