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Commander of the Grey achievement in Dragon Age: Origins

Commander of the Grey

Reached level 30

Commander of the Grey0
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How to unlock the Commander of the Grey achievement

  • WicelowWicelow1,362,386
    19 Mar 2010 20 Mar 2010 25 Jul 2011
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    If you start your game with an imported character from the main campaign, you'll be at the same level (somewhere between 20 and 25 for most people with a "post Archdemon" save).
    With a new character, you'll start at lvl 18.

    I've been playing with an imported lvl 22 rogue and got my lvl 30 around the middle of Awakening.
    Right now I'm on my way to the final boss and just a bit over lvl 34.

    So don't worry too much about that achievement, it'll come eventually.
    Just make sure to complete as many side quests as you can, unlock safes/doors...

    edit : you have to hit lvl30 while playing Awakening or it won't unlock ! (thanks for telling me guys).

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    RVMIs it better to play awakening first to make your character stronger, and then go and do golems and witch hunt afterwards? Will it make defeating the harvester and varterral (for hard and above) easier? Or is there a better order to play through?
    Posted by RVM on 20 Jan 11 at 16:02
    FaustianGreedI was level 29 and my bar was completely full all I needed was a couple xp then I went to fight the final boss and leveled up doing so however it didn't pop I saved in case that would happen so I'll find something to kill somewhere hopefully but I'm just warning people be sure you hit 30 before the final fight
    Posted by FaustianGreed on 01 Nov 11 at 07:55
    XI AlphaMale IXSo there's no type of freeroam afterward? Good thing I kept that save right before the point of no return.
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 18 Feb 14 at 10:19
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  • Assassin CorvoAssassin Corvo568,386
    16 Aug 2014 17 Aug 2014 03 Sep 2014
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    Whilst the other guides are good & have their merits I came across a glitch method that nets you 2000XP every 2-3 mins & involves no killing,1 sentence of dialogue & a quick run through the 'Keep's basement.

    One of the 1st quests in DAO:A called 'It comes from beneath' requires you enter the 'Vigil Keep's' basement,slay a few enemies until you reach a caved in tunnel-this is where the glitch starts.Sergeant Maverlies will appear & after a brief conversation will ask if you're ready to go back to the keep.Agree to this & you'll return to the entry door to the basement.Simply re-enter the door behind you,go through the now deserted basement down to the caved-in tunnel & Sgt Maverlies is there again,approach & talk to her & she'll ask if you're ready again,accept & another 2000XP-just rinse & repeat.


    EDIT:Just to clarify,Maverlies will return above ground with you-DON'T SPEAK TO HER ABOVE GROUND-Just enter the door,go down to the cave-in tunnel where SHE ALSO APPEARS & talk to her here-this is why the glitch works,her character remains in the caved in tunnel until you speak to her ABOVE GROUND.
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    NegativeCreep08Oh, and I also accidentally spoke to Marverlies twice when trying to re-enter the basement and it didn't affect it
    Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 03 Sep 14 at 23:29
    IrritatedPuppyCorvo you the man. I didn't get to level 30 naturally on my playthrough of this dlc. Thought it would pop when I imported my character to another dlc, no dice. So this strategy was perfect!!!
    Posted by IrritatedPuppy on 10 Oct 14 at 22:07
    Assassin CorvoNice-I'm glad it helped you out Puppy.wink
    Posted by Assassin Corvo on 13 Oct 14 at 12:49
  • Raptures LostRaptures Lost1,358,998
    02 Aug 2013 02 Aug 2013
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    Be warned that by completing this particular line of quests you will be unable to complete any further quests for the city guard in the city of Amaranthine. You must have the ‘Awakening’ DLC installed which can be accessed at any point from the main menu. When you first arrive in the city of Amaranthine and before entering the main gate you will notice a ‘shady character’ running around frantically. He will ask you to go speak to the bartender at the tavern ‘The crown and lion’ and persuade him to clear a passage which is currently blocked. You must be strong in Coercion & cunning to persuade or intimidate the bartender effectively into clearing the passage. Once you have done this you must return to the ‘shady character’ and choose the conversation which says “Anything else you need from me?” He will then inform you that a group of thieves have been having a negative effect on the profits of the smugglers and explains that they have attempted to run them off but have been unsuccessful in doing so. Eventually he will ask if you could help find a more permanent solution to which you should choose the option that says “you mean kill them." Next he tells you that he has arranged for his associate to meet with you inside the den of thieves to help you clear them out; you must then go to the den which is nearby and clear out them out with relative ease. Once this is done it will then become possible to take advantage of the glitch which will grant you exactly 15 sovereigns every 5 seconds or so. You will also gain a small amount of experience for each member of your party.

    Speak with the smuggler leader and he will reward you with the 15 sovereigns; choose option 3 (is there anything else I can do). He will then ask you to kill the lieutenant in charge of the city guard to which you must respond with option 3 again (I can’t do this). You can now continuously do this over and over until you become insanely rich along with leveling up fairly quickly at the same time. I managed to generate around 100 sovereigns every 30 seconds as well as going up 2 tenths of a level at the same time. You could just never accept his request to kill the lieutenant and return to him whenever you need an injection of money as completing the quest line isn’t very important in terms of completing the DLC successfully. Make sure you save before speaking to the smuggler leader as well as during the process of the glitch just in case you choose the wrong speech option. Please see the video below if you wish to see the information above visually.

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    GrimmLAN13I just want to say that this glitch also works on the xbox one when playing with backwards compatibility.
    Posted by GrimmLAN13 on 11 Mar 17 at 22:24
    Raptures LostReally? Thanks for the heads up on that! :)
    Posted by Raptures Lost on 12 Mar 17 at 03:29
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