Tank Beats Everything achievement in Halo: Reach

Tank Beats Everything

Finish the 9th mission on Legendary with the Scorpion intact.

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How to unlock the Tank Beats Everything achievement

  • StickyVikingStickyViking178,212
    13 Sep 2010 13 Sep 2010 13 Sep 2010
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    This achievement isn't too hard to get, it will just require some patience. Start up the mission from the beginning and make sure you get the hold of a Fuel Rod Gun and a DMR or a Needle Rifle.
    When you get to the tank, don't enter it at once. Scout the area and take out platforms with your Fuel Rod Gun and Grunts with your marksman rifle. When ghosts starts to appear, run back to your tank and finish them of. When you get to the AA guns, leave your tank a little bit behind and go in on foot. The last area is a little bit tricky since there are two Fuel Rod turrets, Two plasma turrets and two Revenants there. But as long as you learn where they are located, it should be fine since they can't take more then one shot from the tank.

    Drive slowly through the mission, and scout on foot before you roll in with the tank. I got this on my first try on Legendary, so if you are patient enough and don't let any turrets or Ghosts shoot you, you should be fine. I also think this can be done in co-op, but if you are going to do it alone, this is probably the best way of getting it.

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    SXY S14I went through the mission very cautiously, finishing a checkpoint by using the revenant, and returning to grab the scorpion. I ditched the tank just before the last open area just before you go up the hill to the gate and cleared the area with the revenant and went through without going back for the tank and bringing it to the gate. No cheevo, sad to say. I am 100% positive it lasted, I just didn't drive it ALLLL the way.
    Posted by SXY S14 on 12 Aug 12 at 00:09
    PunzleyGreat guide!
    Posted by Punzley on 21 Sep 14 at 13:45
    H2 IV EZCan you get into the tank near the beginning of where the tank is, then leave it for something else(say a revenant) and then once you finish clearing out the rest of the level, head back to the tank and drive it up to where it's supposed to be to get the achievement to pop?
    Posted by H2 IV EZ on 23 Jan 15 at 22:02
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  • your fat uncleyour fat uncle352,196
    16 Sep 2010 16 Sep 2010
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    This is a bit misleading. You do not have to finish the mission to get it, you just have to drive the tank, not blown up into the "parking space" that is the entrance to Sword Base where you got the orbital gun earlier in the game. If you (as I did) leave the tank where you found it and go on to finish the mission without bringing it to the gate, you will not get the achievement.
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    gazhibsyeh i found that, cheers mate. got well confused when it didnt pop.
    Posted by gazhibs on 17 Sep 10 at 12:47
    Das Kuhnencould you clear the whole level with say, a ghost, comeback and grab the tank then drive to the spot?
    Posted by Das Kuhnen on 09 Dec 10 at 16:56
  • osubluejacketosubluejacket246,754
    23 Oct 2010 23 Oct 2010
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    I just managed to get this achievement and did it with a minimum of fuss. You obtain the Scorpion shortly after the first "engagement" area of Level 9. In this first area, there are two Shade Turrets, two Ghosts, several Grunts with Fuel Rod Cannons, and a Jackal or two with beam rifles. Dispatching these initial enemies can take a bit of time, but once killed, I would highly recommend hanging on to your DMR and a Fuel Rod Cannon, they will make your life MUCH easier.

    The best solution I have is to take it slow. Upon getting in to the Scorpion, take your time and fire from a distance. Most of the initial enemies can be taken down quite easily and you barely absorb any damage.

    As you approach the AA guns, you will climb a small ridge. Before getting over the top, simply begin firing at the first gun. After a few shots, you'll start to see the flame plumage occur, indicating that the AA gun is taking damage. A few more shots finishes them off, as well as any enemies that were inside. Repeat this process for the second AA gun.

    After the AA guns are taken out, several Banshees begin to fly in your general area. Again, stay back, take it slow, and take them out one-by-one.

    Once the Banshees are dispatched, you roll up a short lane that begins to rise into a hill. At the top of the hill there is a levitating sniper platform (easily taken out by your Scorpion) and a few Ghosts with pilots (Grunts and Elites, I believe). Again, go slow, and take out the Ghosts one by one so that they don't gang up on you.

    After clearing the small encampment, the REAL challenge begins.

    Directly after the area with the sniper platform and Ghosts, there is a massive killzone area, featuring several Shade turrets (both heavy ones that fire Fuel Cannon Rods and smaller ones which fire plasma rifles) as well as few Ghosts and a few Revenants. These enemies WILL toast you if you are not careful.

    Like many of the other solution artists, I found the best way to deal with these enemies is to hop out of the Scorpion and scout targets on foot using the scope on my DMR. Upon pinpointing where the target is located, hop back in the Scorpion, carefully line up you shot, and blow it away. The only enemy that I had problems with was the Fuel Rod Cannon Shade that is mounted high and to the left as you round the corner. I managed to take this out by plugging away at it with my DMR and launching a few Fuel Rods at it from my Fuel Rod Cannon.

    (Quick "safety-blanket" here. If you do die in this kill zone, you will typically respawn with the Scorpion just before the previous area with the Sniper platform and Ghosts... just be conscious of when you hit checkpoints.)

    After clearing out this very hot kill zone, begin to roll up to the door of Sword Base, but be sure to take out the final Revenant as you approach.

    Good Luck!
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    lR A V lE NThanks alot. Very useful and really good tips. The best solution for this achievement by far.
    Posted by lR A V lE N on 16 Jan 15 at 12:48
    GRAND NOBLESo if you die in the scorpion and go back to check point... you don't void the achievement? if that's true you can basically go go until you die, learn from your mistake and don't die again. right?
    Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 24 Jul 20 at 03:00
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