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Be My Wingman, Anytime

Let a teammate spawn on you 5 times in an Invasion Matchmaking game.

Be My Wingman, Anytime0
02 March 2019 - 5 guides

Achievement Guide for Be My Wingman, Anytime

  • WhizEdWhizEd106,126
    13 Sep 2010 14 Sep 2010
    44 0 1
    In Invasion gametypes, you are buddied up with another player, forming a sort of sub-team. If you are dead and your buddy is alive, you can spawn on him/her, and vice versa if you are alive and they are dead.
    A red notification appears below your crosshair to tell you when your buddy is trying to spawn on you, and they won't be able to if you're fighting, but they can spawn stright into the side seats of vehicles.
    If you are talking to your buddy, just ask them to spawn on you; especially if you need some backup, let them know.
  • HyperglideHyperglide308,158
    10 Mar 2011 10 Mar 2011
    19 1 0
    I just wanted to make a note that you do not have to do this on Matchmaking Invasion. You can also do this on BroSlayer as well. I got this yesterday and I wasn't even playing an Invasion Game Type.
  • Stomps0879Stomps087970,752
    30 Sep 2010 01 Oct 2010
    16 1 0
    When playing the invasion game type you are paired with another player on your team. When you or that player dies you are given the option to respawn on your partner's location.
    You are given a notification when the other person is attempting to spawn on you, and just like in the co op campaign you must be out of combat and away from enemies in order for your them to be allowed to spawn.

    Do this five times and the achievement will pop!!
  • MajesticPanda89MajesticPanda89218,422
    11 Mar 2012 11 Mar 2012
    9 1 1
    I did this by playing an invasion matchmaking game with a party of 2. First I stayed back and let my partner play normally, spawning on me when they died, then we traded positions and I spawned on them. It seems with a party of two you're automatically linked to the person in your party. (At least it worked for us two games in a row).
  • Chizzle e4Chizzle e4211,660
    26 Sep 2010 26 Sep 2010
    6 2 0
    Load up an invasion game and wait for the player your paired with to die 5 times. Try to keep out of harms way so you are alive when your partener dies and to alow him to respawn, stay in hiding if you need to.
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