Score Attack achievement in Halo: Reach

Score Attack

Score 15,000 points in Score Attack Firefight Matchmaking.

Score Attack0
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How to unlock the Score Attack achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,266,266
    14 Sep 2010 14 Sep 2010 17 Aug 2012
    68 7 11
    The achievement description is slightly misleading.

    Go into "Matchmaking" and then select "Firefight", under the "Co-Operative" Playlist. You will matched with others and be put into a 4-player game for a 10 minute firefight game. Vote for the Sniper or Rocket gametypes, if possible. Once you get here, its pretty straight forward, basic, and easy. Kill the enemies until you amass 15,000 points AS A TEAM.

    Personally, I did it in the Rocket gametype, but from what Ive seen, most people get 15,000 easily in any gametype.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Some people have experienced problems with this achievement unlocking at 16,000 instead of 15,000!

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    oVerdeI went in the normal firefight score attack with the granade launcher, was easy stock!
    Posted by oVerde on 31 Jan 11 at 20:30
    GUYS GHOSTYou can unlock offline!
    Posted by GUYS GHOST on 29 Dec 16 at 12:35
    Bastian ReaderActually this achievement has to be unlocked offline.
    Posted by Bastian Reader on 06 May 20 at 04:47
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  • StarRoadWarriorStarRoadWarrior268,526
    24 Sep 2010 27 Sep 2010 05 Oct 2010
    34 1 5
    The best way to do that is to go into matchmaking, go to cooperative, score attack, and pick sniper mode. this mode gives all your weapons unlimited ammo if you not good with sniper no problem pick up something easy like the needler it unloads fast can hit your target even if they move and reloads fast. here is my history of the game i played getting it
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    PHUTURE 909woops. sorry, put the wrong solution in here, was trying to make a solution for 1million.. i'm erasing it now
    Posted by PHUTURE 909 on 27 Sep 10 at 23:48
    StarRoadWarriorno problem we all make mistakes
    Posted by StarRoadWarrior on 27 Sep 10 at 23:55
    Yummy BaklavaJust did this on my own and got the achievement. Thanks.
    Posted by Yummy Baklava on 29 Dec 14 at 01:46
  • m0rph3us17m0rph3us17181,187
    25 Sep 2010 28 Sep 2010 28 Sep 2010
    27 2 0
    I got this achievement reasonably easily and I'm not even very good at Halo.

    Go to Score attack (in the co-op section of the playlists). You want to be playing 'score attack' (or it sounds like 'sniper attack' will also work as StarRoadWarrior mentioned).

    Ideally you want to be playing on Courtyard (I found this the easiest). If you don't get given the option of this map, just keep voting 'none of the above' and eventually you will be able to select it.

    You should start from the default location in the small room with the ammo store. Go out the top door and on to the walkway that runs along the side of the courtyard (having picked up extra ammo).

    For the grunt and jackal waves (1 and 2) I opted for the recon kit - as the DMR will headshot grunts etc. You get extra points for medals - e.g. headshots, double kills, killing sprees. Just be careful of any grunts with fuel rod guns jumping on top of the crates.

    Try to bait some of the grunts up on to the walkway and kill them there to give you a supply of plasma grenades (these are a quick and simple way to take down groups of jackals with shields and later brutes).

    Third wave is brutes, at this point I lured them back towards the room where you start as you can funnel them through the door making them easy prey for grenades (sticks are especially effective). If you die the Spectre kit is the best to use as the grenade launcher is a one hit kill on most Brutes and they are an easy target coming through the doorway (just be careful of any trying to come through the bottom entrance).

    By the end of this wave you should be at or close to the score target. The fourth wave has a bunch of fast-moving enemies so funnelling them into the top room is again quite effective (these guys aren't very bright when it comes to avoiding thrown grenades either). The fifth and final wave has tougher brutes, but if you make it this far you probably beat the required score already.
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