Send Me Out... with a Bang achievement in Halo: Reach

Send Me Out... with a Bang

Complete the 10th mission on Normal or harder.

Send Me Out... with a Bang0
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How to unlock the Send Me Out... with a Bang achievement

  • TinynshortyTinynshorty236,613
    27 Sep 2010 28 Sep 2010
    38 5 8
    This is a story achievement and can not be missed.
    *possible spoiler*
    However I would like to add that when playing on Legendary, at the very end of the mission, you do not have to climb into the gun until the last second. Keyes will says when. I hit a checkpoint with only the 3 center health lit and tried at least a dozen times, unsuccessfully, to finish the game. However, when I ran and got a health pack and waited for Keyes to say the word, I jumped into the gun, almost died, but fired the shot. Hope this helps anyone that may have hit that same problem as I did!

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    Mickey BurnsKept dying over and over at the big gun at the end ... did this and bingo, bango, done. Good tip; thanks. Definite thumbs up from me.
    Posted by Mickey Burns on 21 Apr 11 at 20:50
    Mortis InvictusThis tip made the final part of the mission incredibly easy! And I don't know what UlteriorDesert is talking about—this helps with the mission immensely, and I never would've found it if it were tacked on to a solution to the level. Big +1.
    Posted by Mortis Invictus on 14 Sep 11 at 22:10
    HE4VYR3DVery well played! Once I figure out how to vote you get a BIG +1!
    Posted by HE4VYR3D on 20 Dec 16 at 15:37
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  • GuTiCidGuTiCid63,808
    03 Oct 2010 05 Oct 2010
    19 2 0
    Toughest level in the game, by far. My only tip to everyone is to save your DMR ammunition. There are not that many useful supply caches (unless you really like AR's and Shotguns) in this level.

    Videos and written guides really helped me complete the game. Do your research before you start!

    Good luck!
  • GauderioGauderio160,845
    31 Jan 2011 28 Feb 2011
    12 1 0
    One of the hardest parts of this mission on Legendary is when you enter the "Holdout" multiplayer map area. You encounter waves and waves of enemies and there is seemingly no place to hide.

    When you enter this area (10:30 mark in video #3 of GiTuCid's videos) run to the Crow's Nest (the area where he is at the 10:50 mark). You can get there faster by jumping over the railing of the catwalk instead of going down the stairs. Just inside the shanty lookout there is a sniper rifle. You'll want that, and preferably another zoomable weapon like a DMR, pistol, or needle rifle. Grab the sniper and take out a few enemies as the the dropships land with your other weapon. Focus on the grunts first As you begin to run out of ammo, there is a couple ammo crates in the room just under the crow's nest. Also along the back wall of that room (he runs by it at 16:51-52 of video #3) you can melee the wall from the outside to get an extra DMR/shotgun ammo crate. Eventually you'll want to go back to where you came into this area as you get to the harder parts. There is a large piece of sheet metal with a break in it about chest height near the door you exited out of to this area. You can use that sheet as a shield and zoom and headshot enemies through the crack. They can still hit you through the crack, but you'll have a lot more time between shots to line your shot up then if you camp anywhere else. Every now and then a few enemies will come up the stairs towards you, but for some reason most of the enemies won't figure out how to corner you. Occasionally you'll have to come out of your spot to make an ammo run, but overall you can get through most of the enemies without too much trouble from this single spot. All you need is a little patience and a few good headshots.
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