This is Not Your Grave... achievement in Halo: Reach

This is Not Your Grave...

Complete the 9th mission on Normal or harder.

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How to unlock the This is Not Your Grave... achievement

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    22 Sep 2010 16 Jan 2012
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    This mission is pretty simple and straight forward. In the beginning when you first start off, take out the skirmisher in the covenant sniper tower first in the far distance. Once he's dead take out the two shade turrets and the rest of the grunts are a piece of cake, just watch out for the ghosts. All you need to do to get past the first part is drive through it with the scorpion. If flying is more of you're style there is hidden button switch that will spawn four banshees for you (you need two people to do this, and this youtube video will show you how to do it.) Once you get through that half, your next objective is to defend Halsey's lab. Make sure to activate all four turrets, they do help. While defending, there is a secret switch here as well. If you push that switch, it'll spawn elites with swords and it'll open a door on the side of the base. That door can then be used to enter into a computer type room with halo related things in it, which is supposedly the real Halsey's lab, (Video will be posted for that also). That's pretty much it for how to beat this mission, it's not hard at all. The only things you should probably watch out for are shade turrets that fire explosives, which can really damage your scorpion, and the hunters, which can be taken out with the help of Noble Team.
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  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,589,786
    16 Sep 2010 29 Apr 2015
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    Mission 9 – The Package

    Mission starts at 1:51:42 in the walkthrough video below.

    We have two miscellaneous achievements to knock out here. The first requires you to keep your Scorpion tank intact throughout the first portion of the mission until you head back inside the base. To do this, simply take your time, and shoot enemies at great distance. If you wind up getting it overly damaged and are concerned, or destroyed, just restart your last checkpoint, and carry on. The campaign video above shows a good route to take to minimize risk to the tank. Doing so will unlock "Tank Beats Everything".

    Halo: ReachTank Beats EverythingThe Tank Beats Everything achievement in Halo: Reach worth 45 pointsFinish the 9th mission on Legendary with the Scorpion intact.

    The next isn’t specific to this level, but it is most certainly easiest to get here. You need to hijack a Banshee. When you reach the portion near the end of the level where you’re defending Dr. Halsey’s lab against waves of Covenant with the four stationary turrets that you can activate, head over to Dr. Halsey’s building, and face out. About 45 degrees to your left is a medium-height building. Grab a jetpack off of the side of Halsey’s lab building, and jetpack up onto that one. Now simply wait for a Banshee to make a low fly-by, and jetpack up to it to execute the hijack. Not only does this net you the "Banshees, Fast and Low" achievement, but it will also make this defense portion much easier if you’re good at dogfighting. The key is to switch to the bomb weapon, shoot it at a group of enemies, then do a backflip maneuver, and circle back for another approach. You can also do a mid-air hijack of another Banshee by getting out of your current one near it and holding your hijack button (controller configuration dependent) as you exit.

    Halo: ReachBanshees, Fast and LowThe Banshees, Fast and Low achievement in Halo: Reach worth 37 pointsHijack a Banshee during the Reach Campaign.

    At mission completion, you’ll unlock the story-related achievement for the mission on normal or higher.

    Halo: ReachThis is Not Your Grave...The This is Not Your Grave... achievement in Halo: Reach worth 12 pointsComplete the 9th mission on Normal or harder.

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