Dust and Echoes achievement in Halo: Reach

Dust and Echoes

Complete the 8th mission on Normal or harder.

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How to unlock the Dust and Echoes achievement

  • PizzerzPizzerz11,860
    29 Sep 2010
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    Complete mission 8, "New Alexandria" on any difficulty except Easy. It's one of the easier missions in the game. See videos below if you get stuck.
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  • CareerTENNISPROCareerTENNISPRO74,009
    02 Oct 2010 25 Jul 2011 25 Jul 2011
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    Im PyRo pretty much sums it up in his guide. But just to add, if you are attempting at Legendary solo...

    1. Avoid fights if possible. Both the hunters at the club and the buggers in the other building can be avoided by either sprinting to the jammer, activating, and sprinting back OR picking up active camo and slowly sneaking your way to the jammer and back to the entry. Fight them if you want but realize how annoying 4 Hunters and a horde of buggers are with limited ammo and weak guns.

    2. Hospital fight can be easy or hard depending on strategy. Picking off enemies with the DMR and needle rifle is probably better than rushing in with a shotgun. Just keep an eye on the ammo used because it is limited and the enemies weapons usually are not good for medium to long range.

    3. When flying from location to location, make sure to watch out for random Banshees and AA turrets. Take them out before they can actually cause some real damage because the mission can take forever if you keep getting shot out of the sky. Additionally destroying enough of these AA turrets across the level and during the final obejctive can net you the achievement "I Didn't Train to Be a Pilot"

    Otherwise this can be one of the simpler/shorter levels, especially on Legendary solo.
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    CareerTENNISPROBy the way, how did you add the picture and achievement title as listed above in your comment, for future reference?
    Posted by CareerTENNISPRO on 25 Jul 11 at 18:18
    Reborn InsanityAll you have to do is copy and paste the achievement url in the adress bar. Hope that helps lol.
    Posted by Reborn Insanity on 26 Jul 11 at 03:02
    Rhhe82I don't know if this was mentioned in the other guide/video, but I was having trouble as my falcon was ath brink of destruction, and I hit checkpoint when a couple of banshees (and an AA gun, I think) was coming at me. Solution: I emergency-landed on one of the rooftops, and hit down on the D-PAD to call for "evac". I teleported back to the place where you first start the mission, and a new falcon was delivered to me. Also, for some reason objective changed as well - I thought I was supposed to take down some snipers or something, and suddenly I had to fly for the hospital.

    Anyway, this might be helpful in case someone's having trouble with burning vehicles.
    Posted by Rhhe82 on 22 Feb 12 at 08:22
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,589,786
    16 Sep 2010 29 Apr 2015
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    Mission 8 – New Alexandria

    Mission starts at 1:26:10 in the walkthrough video below.

    An all aerial mission, this one requires you to fly between buildings in a Hornet, disabling beacons within a couple, and protecting an ally evac ship toward the end. You’ll have Banshees attacking you and AA guns on the rooftops shooting at you, as well as all the usual Covenant suspects inside the buildings. Just follow along with your waypoints. If you want, you can take out three AA guns with your hornet early-on as I do in the video, but during the escort portion, you will have to take out several anyway so that achievement is essentially unmissable. Destroying three of them with your hornet will unlock "I Didn’t Train to Be a Pilot".

    Halo: ReachI Didn't Train to Be a PilotThe I Didn't Train to Be a Pilot achievement in Halo: Reach worth 12 pointsKill 3 of the anti-aircraft batteries during the 8th mission.

    Completing the mission will earn you your next story-related achievement, "Dust and Echoes".

    Halo: ReachDust and EchoesThe Dust and Echoes achievement in Halo: Reach worth 12 pointsComplete the 8th mission on Normal or harder.

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