I Didn't Train to Be a Pilot achievement in Halo: Reach

I Didn't Train to Be a Pilot

Kill 3 of the anti-aircraft batteries during the 8th mission.

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How to unlock the I Didn't Train to Be a Pilot achievement

  • Aeris GainzbrahAeris Gainzbrah371,331
    12 Sep 2010 13 Sep 2010 28 Dec 2010
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    Although it's pretty hard to miss - just for those who may be reading ahead looking to grab this achievement on the way.

    Normal or higher difficulty is required.
    Mission 8: 'New Alexandria'.

    Right at the very end of this mission, whilst flying a falcon you will have to defend and take out some anti-air guns. There are six of these, so there's plenty of opportunity to get the three needed. Just make sure if you're playing co op and a couple of you want the achievement that you don't destroy more than you need too, that way two of you can get it!

    Edit: Comments have stated that there are apparently other turrets dotted around the mission, not just at the end. However, these are not what I nor my co op partner destroyed (or needed to) but if it makes it easier for anyone, it may be worth keeping an eye out for these too.

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    LOOK AT DAT DOGFor the record you can get this before the final defence of Sword Base. There are AA turrets scattered on the buildings, and you'll likely run into them doing the different objectives.

    Just as a general rule, if you are being shot by something not on your radar, it's likely to be a turret since they do show up. Same for if the plasma shots are flying upwards instead of horizontally.
    Posted by LOOK AT DAT DOG on 17 Sep 10 at 11:08
    Epsilon ThetaAs per the previous comment, you can get this before the end of the mission. You need to take out three turrets which can be Plasma or Fuel Rod launchers. Killed the two in front of the Club and one on the roof and unlocked the achievement.

    Please update your solution as it is incomplete. Thank you!
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 28 Dec 10 at 16:41
    Aeris GainzbrahHow was it incomplete? This is just one, unmissable method. Could my method not get people the achievement? Of course it could (and has)!

    I can't believe you gave me a negative for that.
    Posted by Aeris Gainzbrah on 28 Dec 10 at 16:51
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  • Nath360skillzNath360skillz255,285
    15 Sep 2010 26 Sep 2010 26 Sep 2010
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    This can only be done on normal difficulty or higher but obviously normal difficulty would be best as you wouldn't die so easily or have the falcon blown up as much as if it were on a harder difficulty.

    The 8th mission is called "New Alexandria" and on this mission you fly a falcon to various locations to destroy covenant jammers.
    As you make your way through the mission you will notice anti-aircraft batteries firing from rooftops.

    The achievement requires you to take down 3 of these and this can easily be obtained using the chaingun on the falcon.
    When you get towards the end of the mission there will be 5 or 6 anti-aircraft batteries which you can't miss so this shouldnt be too difficult.
  • SpectrixSpectrix96,311
    15 Sep 2010 15 Sep 2010
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    This obviously needs to be done on the 8th mission and must be on normal or higher difficulty. I actually got this near the middle of the mission. After you leave the Falcon and go in and activate the first radar jammer and come out of the building you will hear over the radio that a Pelican ship is under attack from shade turrets. Fly to the Pelican (a marker on your HUD will come up) and destroy at least 3 of the shade turrets and bingo, your achievement will pop.

    In case you don't know what the shade turrets are, they are on top of the buildings surrounding the Pelican and are shooting what look like fuel rod bullets (big green sludgy bullets). This is a pretty hard achievement to miss.
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    AG Bucky BarnesHere's a link that can help identify what a shade is, as a hardcore Halo fanatic I knew the name & what it looks like, but to those that don't know, it's this thing:


    Thanks to Spectrix for confirming what actually needs to be shot (haven't attempted the mission just yet, doing my research of what needs to be achieved first =P ).
    Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 17 Sep 10 at 11:26
    Unlikely Potato"In case you don't know what the shade turrets are, they are on top of the buildings surrounding the Pelican and are shooting what look like fuel rod bullets (big green sludgy bullets)."

    This is incorrect. Shade turrets fire the purple plasma rounds. The "Big green sludgy bullets" are fired from either;

    a) Fuel Rod gun,
    b) Banshee
    c) a Fuel Rod gun turret.

    I didnt see any enemies on foot weilding a fuel rod gun so the "Big green sludgy bullets" must have come from the numerous Banshees that fly around the map.
    Posted by Unlikely Potato on 08 Jan 11 at 09:19
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