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Two Corpses in One Grave achievement in Halo: Reach

Two Corpses in One Grave

Kill 2 vehicles at once with the Target Locator during the 3rd mission.

Two Corpses in One Grave+1.0
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How to unlock the Two Corpses in One Grave achievement

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    *Must be done on Normal or higher difficulty*
    "This is done on "ONI: Sword Base". After you have fought the onslaught of enemies that attack you. You will go around a bend and be put into a sort of bunker with opening doors. On the left you will see the Target Locator. Once the doors open, you will see a rock in front of you. At the bottom of the hill, you will see two wraiths appear and be near each other. Call in the strike in the center of both of them, and destroy them both at the same time. This may take some
    timing and aiming/calling in the strike before they come to the area."

    Thanks to Sidedish120 over at x360a for the description.

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    stevezep19Not sure why you got negative votes. Took me a few tries but this worked great. Thanks for your help!
    Posted by stevezep19 on 02 Feb 13 at 04:37
    Make sure you don't die before the achievement pops laugh Took another try because I didn't dodge the Wraith fire and died right as they both blew up.
    Posted on 05 Apr 16 at 18:41
    M4ST3RCH13V1st time toast
    Posted by M4ST3RCH13V on 21 Aug 22 at 00:04
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  • Adamcp898Adamcp898
    17 Sep 2011 17 Sep 2011
    Just as a supplement to the above solutions, if you're on a clean up run for acheivements you can just start from the rally point alpha check point and you'll be at the exact point you need to be, no need to go through the first part of the mission :)
  • ButterflyxEdgeButterflyxEdge
    13 Sep 2010 26 Sep 2010
    Must be done on at least Normal.

    Start the mission from the beginning and fight the first couple of waves. Shortly after starting, you will push through the base and go round a corner and down a small hill, coming to a gated room/area. In this area, on the left of the room are some weapons. Pick up the target locator. Head out, and you'll see a Wraith. Wait a few seconds and another will come into view. Wait for these two to come within close range of each other, then target the area with the Target Locator. Boom!
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    LGS I Hitmandon't forget to put that the achievement might not unlock straight away but will after a couple of attempts as i got it on my third go.
    Posted by LGS I Hitman on 26 Sep 10 at 18:54
    Detox2033Why start from beginning??? Its checkpoint alpha!!!
    Posted by Detox2033 on 10 Feb 20 at 16:34
    13 Sep 2010 14 Sep 2010
    In addition to said in other guides I'd suggest this. Just as you exit the hanger run just to the big rock on the left. You will see a jeep in flames going away from you and two tanks coming from both left and right. You must try to aim the ground where the jeep crosses the line between 2 tanks. Start aiming and charging the tracker just as soon as you come to the rock. If all done right the jeep will get destroyed and while the bombs arrive both tanks will enter the target area.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy
    15 Sep 2010 29 Apr 2015 29 Apr 2015
    Mission 3 – Oni Sword Base

    Mission starts at 0:15:36 in the walkthrough video below.

    For this one, you’re going to first want to back out to the main menu, and switch to Normal difficulty to do "Two Corpses in One Grave". While it can be done on Legendary, it’s a royal pain because the Wraiths tend to spread out more on higher difficulties. So run through the first courtyard area on Normal, grab the target locator, and head outside. Target in the center at the bottom of the hill where the two Wraiths come out, and fire. If for some reason you don’t destroy both in one shot, just restart your checkpoint, and try again until you do. I’ve included this portion in the video at the start of the mission.

    Halo: ReachTwo Corpses in One GraveThe Two Corpses in One Grave achievement in Halo: Reach worth 35 pointsKill 2 vehicles at once with the Target Locator during the 3rd mission.

    Restart the mission on Legendary difficulty. There aren’t any other miscellaneous achievements to worry about here, so just progress through the mission in whatever manner you see fit, or follow along with my video guide above. I based my path loosely on RC Master’s speedrun, but I obviously wasn’t nearly as perfect as he was and was just winging it at times. At mission completion, you’ll unlock the next story-related achievement for finishing on normal or higher.

    Halo: ReachProtocol Dictates ActionThe Protocol Dictates Action achievement in Halo: Reach worth 11 pointsComplete the 3rd mission on Normal or harder.

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