KEEP IT CLEAN achievement in Halo: Reach


Kill 7 Moa during the 2nd mission of the Campaign.

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How to unlock the KEEP IT CLEAN achievement

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    Moa are the birds that look just like ostriches. They are two legged creatures that you first encounter on the second mission, "Winter Contingency". You must kill them with bullets. If they are killed by AI fire or grenades. It will not count.

    Thanks to Sidedish120 over at x360a for the description.

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    JJBDude48Achievement didn't unlock for me at the set point like it should of done, thankfully there are more opportunitys and I managed to get it soon afterwards.
    Posted by JJBDude48 on 15 Sep 10 at 11:54
    captincrampy89dam it. should of read the comments first. just spent 15minutes trying to do it on easy.....
    Posted by captincrampy89 on 03 Jul 11 at 16:57
    ViTA1Zno wonder it wasn't popping up for me i thought playing CO-OP it would add up between the players guess not .
    Posted by ViTA1Z on 05 Jun 14 at 23:30
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  • NinjaNathhNinjaNathh34,781
    15 Sep 2010 15 Sep 2010 15 Sep 2010
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    You should load up the mission 'Winter Contingency'.

    The next step is to look out for the ostrich type creatures in this area, they are quite fast so if you are not confident enough shooting fast moving objects i would select the 'MA37 Assault Rifle' and just spray in their direction.

    After landing and walking past the initial checkpoint, 2 of them should spawn ahead of you as you are walking to the edge of the cliff. Get ready to shoot :)

    The next lot that can be found are after crossing the river from the first firefight, I found if you go to the right of the river and stand at the start of the bridge, switch to your magnum and zoom in on them in the distance. This way they don't run off from the sight of you and they are easier to kill.

    After the second firefight, jump down the cliff side and be prepared for the next lot of Moa. I counted 4 or 5 here so this should get you the achievement. They run quite fast away from you so if you move slowly until you see them and use the same method as before with your magnum.

    Hope this Helps :)
    16 Sep 2010 16 Sep 2010 08 Oct 2010
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    You have to kill 7 of the tall birds on 'Winter Contingency'. mission, it has to be a at least on normal difficulty and done all in one life, dying resets the counter.
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    SidJacksTried it this way and finally popped. Thanks
    Posted by SidJacks on 19 Jul 11 at 04:43
    DelithIt doesn't need to be done in one life. I died after killing 3 of them and respawned and still got the achievement after 7.
    Posted by Delith on 22 Jul 15 at 13:09
  • HeavyHeroHeavyHero155,504
    20 Sep 2010 26 Sep 2010 04 Oct 2010
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    You will need to kill 7 of the weird ostrich type animals in the 2nd mission "Winter Contingency". These will need to be weapon kills as vehicle kills do not count. You also have to do this on normal difficulty or harder.
  • InugamiTheHoundInugamiTheHound176,156
    16 Sep 2010 16 Sep 2010 23 Apr 2012
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    Hooray for Achievement Hunters!!

    Geoff and Jack show us how to get this achievement in halo reach. A Moa is native bird to the Planet REACH(it looks like a ostrich here on Earth). You have to kill them with your battle rifle,pistol or melee them. Remember vehicle splatters do not count and you need the grand total is 7 of them.

    (the video belongs to achievement hunters)
    (before you give me a "thumbs down" on this or any other solution. Tell what I can do to fix it)
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,589,898
    15 Sep 2010 29 Apr 2015 29 Apr 2015
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    Mission 2 – Winter Contingency

    Mission starts at 0:00:14 in the walkthrough video below.

    Alright, this is where the rubber meets the road. First thing’s first, I will warn you: DO NOT enter any vehicles during this mission up to the point where you get into the evac choppers. Doing so will net you the "They’ve Always Been Faster" achievement at the moment of evac toward the latter 1/3rd of the mission.

    From the start of the mission, make sure you’re taking the time to shoot any of the ostrich-looking wildlife, named MOAs. Shooting 7 of these will get you "Keep It Clean". There are more than 7 during the mission so this shouldn’t be a problem. This will be your first achievement if you get the 2 MOAs at the start and the next 5, provided you run past the first enemy encounter the way I do in the video.

    Halo: ReachKEEP IT CLEANThe KEEP IT CLEAN achievement in Halo: Reach worth 7 pointsKill 7 Moa during the 2nd mission of the Campaign.

    You’ll reach a building near the beginning with an Elite and several Grunts in it. This will be your first actual fight if you follow my path in the video (skipping the first group of enemies before this). Inside the building is a health pack. Let the enemies lower your shields until you take some health damage, then kill them. Head inside the building to use the health pack and net the "Doctor, Doctor" achievement.

    Halo: ReachDoctor, DoctorThe Doctor, Doctor achievement in Halo: Reach worth 5 pointsUse a Health Pack to recover life after taking body damage.

    From the start, stick to your human pistol until you’ve amassed 10 kills with it. You can drop your Assault Rifle in favor of a covenant Plasma Pistol to do PP EMP + headshot combos to take out elites. Just make sure the kill shot is with your pistol until you reach 10 kills with it to unlock "I See You Favor a .45". You’ll unlock this right around the same time as the building above with the health pack, provided you kill all of the Jackals, Grunts, and the Elite leading up to/in this building with it.

    Halo: ReachI See You Favor a .45The I See You Favor a .45 achievement in Halo: Reach worth 12 pointsKill 10 Enemies in a Firefight or Campaign session with the M6G pistol.

    One of the buildings you have to check for survivors will have a DMR in it. If you follow the path I do in the video, this will be the final building you come to of the three, and thus where the evac choppers will meet you. There’s a health pack in this building too. For reference, this particular building is sort of built into the side of a hill, with two levels. If you miss the DMR here, you can get one in the building you land at and get out of the evac chopper, where enemies are being dropped off from dropships outside. Use the DMR for 10 kills to unlock "An Elegant Weapon".

    Halo: ReachAn Elegant Weapon...The An Elegant Weapon... achievement in Halo: Reach worth 11 pointsKill 10 enemies in a Firefight or Campaign session with the DMR.

    Also in the same final area where you're holding off against Covenant and waiting for the evac helicopters, you'll have some Marines nearby. Trade weapons with one of them to get the "Swap Meet" achievement.

    Halo: ReachSwap MeetThe Swap Meet achievement in Halo: Reach worth 11 pointsTrade weapons with an AI ally in Campaign.

    When the evac helicopters arrive, you’ll unlock "They’ve Always Been Faster" as long as you haven’t entered any vehicles up to this point in the mission.

    Halo: ReachThey've Always Been FasterThe They've Always Been Faster achievement in Halo: Reach worth 37 pointsClear the 2nd mission without setting foot in a drivable vehicle.

    Finally, after the next section defending from waves of enemies and making your way through the building at the end of the mission, you’ll unlock the story-related unmissable achievement for completing it on normal or higher.

    Halo: ReachWe're Just Getting StartedThe We're Just Getting Started achievement in Halo: Reach worth 11 pointsComplete the 2nd mission on Normal or harder.

  • RDSRDS#5610299,147
    13 Sep 2015 13 Sep 2015
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    As it says, you indeed have to shoot 7 Moas (ostrich-like creatures) down, but without dying. When you die, your progress is reverted to zero.
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