One Down, 51 to Go achievement in Halo: Reach

One Down, 51 to Go

Complete a Weekly Challenge.

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How to unlock the One Down, 51 to Go achievement

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    Each week there is a new Weekly Challenge. Look the challenge up in the Halo Reach menu or on Complete the challenge and you get the achievement.

    So far the challenges have been relatively easy, but usually require playing over a few days to acquire. For instance, a recent challenge was to complete 30 multiplayer matchmaking games in a week.

    Official: (you will need to login)
    Official Example:

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    Exar Kun VGeekyFruitcake do you know how to solve it? i am stuck and frustrated
    Posted by Exar Kun V on 25 Nov 20 at 21:31
    GraymawrWhen do you get new daily challenges and when does the weekly reset? I completed the same 4 daily challenges inwas working on yesterday, today. Not sure if the weekly challenge ends after 11:59 PM Saturdays or what.
    Posted by Graymawr on 05 Dec 20 at 22:10
    GraymawrOK, the weekly challenges reset after 11:59 PM on Sundays so starting Mondays.
    Posted by Graymawr on 07 Dec 20 at 05:45
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  • Stig AssassinStig Assassin492,586
    16 Sep 2010 23 Jul 2014 22 Dec 2020
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    Every Monday a new weekly challenge is available in Halo Reach. Some are harder than others but all can be done within the time period if you put the effort in. You can see what the current challenge is by pressing start and going down to the Challenge page or visiting Halo Waypoint.

    EDIT: After the Waypoint site update you can no longer link directly to the current weekly challenge. Just use the game menu.


    Most campaign challenges present an excellent opportunity to earn this. The LASO challenges are difficult, depending on which one is active, but there are methods to complete everything. For written and video guides to each mission you can check out this website by The Tyrant. The guides are written as a step by step guide to completing each mission without dying. If this is your first try at this, you will die. Because your only goal is to complete the challenge there is a cheat. By using the save and quit option as soon as you die it saves your checkpoint and you can restart closer to where you died instead of the very beginning due to the Iron skull. There are additional skips and tricks not mentioned on that website. When a specific mission comes up check out RC Master's or Nak3d Eli's YouTube channel to see the best way to get it done. Keep in mind, these guys are insanely good and it's harder than they make it look.

    If you find any of the other campaign challenges that require a fast completion such as Fleet Feet, Legendary Friends, Not in the Face or Co-op Dash, just load Nightfall. If you're not aware, this mission can be completed with very few shots fired in a short period of time. Refer to the below video by RC Master.

    He says there isn't a trick to the forklift, but there is. The only way you will get through is if the head of your spartan is in the direct center of the door. It takes a few tries, but you'll get it. And as he mentioned, co-op partners need to stay as far away from the person going through with the forklift as possible. This is because it either prevents progress after slipping through or spawns all of the enemies that are normally there.

    For the point total challenge, Not Lough, High there are multiple options to do it. In the space battle section of Long Night of Solace each of the ships is worth more than your usual infantry enemies. By using a higher difficulty and adding skulls you can increase your multiplier and get done faster. The same can be done on New Alexandria by flying around hunting banshees. If you're adventurous, you can also use the MAC cannon on Pillar of Autumn. There is a trick to access the cannon early. This then allows you to shoot Phantoms and Banshees out of the sky for big points with no limit to how many you can kill. Refer to the below video by Specialist01 to see the trick.

    I've never used that method, but it appears to be much easier than what I would have suggested. Trick jumps with a concussion rifle, hammer or grenade let you climb a wall to reach the cannon. If you can get this way to work for you then don't even bother with trick jumps.


    The second best option for this achievement are the Firefight challenges. While not as challenging, it is a grind that gets boring the longer you do it.

    The matchmaking challenges Ride The Wave and Like a Record, Baby, are the only online-required challenges you'll encounter. They usually require 100 rounds or 200 waves completed depending on which one appears. By using the Firefight playlist to play with four players you can earn up to 3 rounds or 16 waves by completing the game. These generally take around four hours of playtime or more. To speed things up, learn the spawn points of the enemies and kill them as soon as they appear. Corvette is the easiest map to do this because all the enemies are behind the doors on one side of the map. Simply stand in front of the door with a rocket launcher/fuel rod and you should be able to kill most, if not all, of the enemies.

    Probably the easiest challenge of all is Endure: The Return. Don't panic, this isn't ODST Endure-level difficulty. Go into the gametype settings and you can set your health and shields to maximum or even invincible. To speed it up, change all the enemies to hunters and give your gun a 300% boost in damage. Starting with a rocket launcher and shortening the bonus round also helps. Now choose the map Corvette and camp the doors. Since this does require co-op, just sign in a guest account and get it done. It shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to do.


    These are the most common, and most unpredictable.

    The challenge Multiplicative has appeared over 30 times since the game came out so if you can earn a bunch of multikills easily then this is for you. Playing Grifball is by far the easiest way, unless you can grab a tank in Big Team Battle or pull off quick headshots in SWAT. By standing next to the opposing team's spawn points in Grifball you're able to trap them and earn tons of multikills. You're going to be a jerk for doing it, but that's up to you to decide if it's worth it.

    The obvious wins challenges are Play To Win and Clear Eyes, Full Hearts. These challenges usually require around 50 wins when it appears. Doesn't sound that bad? It is. If you do the math a fast win is around 5 minutes and you need 50 of them. That's over 4 hours of playtime not including the games you can lose. Unless you have a team to roll with, avoid this one.

    Now for the kill challenge All In a Weeks Work. This challenge has required either 500, 1,000 or 1,500 kills. Grifball once again is ideal due to it being an objective gametype with no kill cap. If you're not getting a lot of kills or don't have the time to put in then waiting another week is fine.

    Game completion is under That's Dedication, Holmes. Fast games are best which makes SWAT ideal at around 5 to 8 minutes. Grifball can be faster, but it can also take twice as long as a SWAT match. Going with the faster average time will benefit your playtime in the long run.

    There are two weapon specific challenges: Single Wield and Camp Froman, Indeed. The first is for small arms weapons such as the magnum and plasma pistol while the second is anything with a scope like the sniper, DMR, Needle rifle and focus rifle. Both types of weapons are your starting guns in SWAT so always go there. It's rarely a large number of kills so just keep at it until it's done.

    This challenge is all about earning a revenge medal. Fittingly, it's called Best Served Cold. While not ideal for living long, Grifball makes this much easier. Every map is wide open so the second you spawn you can see exactly where your killer is. Avoid other players and try to fight only your killer as often as possible. You'll die a lot doing this because it's not easy, but it's faster than walking around corners to kill the wrong person all game.


    Two random challenges are also available. Dedication/Time and Your Daily Dose. The first requires you to earn a certain number of daily challenges throughout the week while the second has you earn all four daily challenges in a single day. The requirements for Your Daily Dose are the same as the A New Challenger achievement. The solution for that achievement may be able to help you more on individual challenges. By listing and explaining each of those this solution would triple in size. Most of them are easy, but you will see the rare difficult daily challenges like earning a Running Riot in matchmaking.
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    Dragonbreath825None of your links work
    Posted by Dragonbreath825 on 21 Dec 20 at 23:17
    Stig AssassinI've removed the three that stopped working. Two of them were to a community website that has since shutdown, it has been five years, and one that Waypoint will no longer allow direct links to. Still plenty of detail here for this.
    Posted by Stig Assassin on 22 Dec 20 at 04:42
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    Every week, a new 'Weekly Challenge' will appear on your start menu.
    (And can also be seen here: )

    The first one, as of week of launch, is for completing 9 of the levels in Campaign (alone, or with friends - On Heroic, or Legendary). Apon completion of the game on either of these modes will unlock the achievement, as well as 5000 Credits.

    Please, don't rate down this guide for no reason. It was posted before the above, but was obviously deleted due to the whole System loss.
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    Re-playing a level WILL count toward this challenge.
    Posted on 18 Sep 10 at 01:51
    LostMantella9Hey does anyone have any advice for this weeks challenge!

    Not Lough, High
    Earn a score of 80,000 in any mission in the Reach Campaign

    Which mission should i do this on?
    What skulls do you recommend i have on?
    Also what difficultly do you recommend?

    Any help would be great thanks! :)
    Posted by LostMantella9 on 11 Apr 11 at 10:16
    Dragonbreath825Asking for people to not downvote gets you downvotes
    Posted by Dragonbreath825 on 21 Dec 20 at 23:18
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