An Honor Serving achievement in Halo: Reach

An Honor Serving

Reach the rank of Captain in the UNSC.

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How to unlock the An Honor Serving achievement

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    You need to earn a total of 210,000 cR across all modes to unlock this achievement. You do not need to have the credits in the bank, it's a cumulative total.

    Here are the ranks to get to Captain (the amount in parenthesis is how much cR is required to get to next rank):
    Private - 7,500 cR (+2,500)
    Corporal - 10,000 cR (+5,000)
    Corporal Grade 1 - 15,000 cR (+5,000)
    Sergeant - 20,000 cR (+6,250)
    Sergeant Grade 1 - 26,250 cR (+6,250)
    Sergeant Grade 2 - 32,500 cR (+12,500)
    Warrant Officer - 45,000 cR (+33,000)
    Warrant Officer Grade 1 - 78,000 cR (+33,000)
    Warrant Officer Grade 2 - 111,000 cR (+33,000)
    Warrant Officer Grade 3 - 144,000 cR (+66,000)
    Captain - 210,000 cR

    cR earning tips:
    -Playing gruntpocalypse on Corvette is rich in earning commendations which leads to consist cR bonuses (go to matchmaking, cooperative, score attack. keeping voting until you get corvette which is a small map). Without unlocking any major commendation levels, you can consistently average at least 1000 every 8-10 minutes clearing this just for all the double kills, triple kills, etc. When you do unlock a silver/gold commendation level you'll get a hefty bonus. Some games I was breaking 3000 cR.

    -Playing sniper attack on Courtyard is also very rewarding with about 1000 cR each attempt. As soon as the level starts, cross the bridge in front of you, make a right and get to the end of this walkway. You can't be flanked from this position so it's a good place to camp out. If you're patient, most enemies will come at you in waves of 4 which will line up nicely for a one shot overkill. In wave 4 & 5, some enemies can jump or jetpack to your location so just be prepared for that. After a recent update you can no longer pick up enemy weapons in this mode. You will get a lot of multikills on this map. I was getting about 50 per attempt.

    -Spamming the target locater on Oni Sword base. Start the level on Heroic and sprint along the right wall to get into the first base where the target locater is (don't kill anyone). Pick it up, get to the back corner on the same wall its located on to trigger a checkpoint. Kill the enemies with one shot, revert to last save over and over. It's been brought to my attention it's also useful to turn on the Thunderstorm skull to upgrade the types of enemies you are facing, so you work on even more commendations (credit MICKERR). You will get a lot of commendations to the silver/gold level this way and you will get a great amount of cR in 1 or 2 hours. Once most commendations reach gold, this method becomes less and less rewarding.

    -Play Winter Contingency on Legendary with scoring on and safely sprint your way through the level without dying. When you get to the final room with the four grunts and the sword elite, save and quit. Now resume campaign progress and clear them out, push the button, and skip the cutscene. You should get a bonus commendation (200cR) for beating the level on legendary without dying (Flawless Cowboy). You can then resume campaign and you'll be back in that same room. You can do this about 25 times for a quick 5000+ cR. After that the time it takes to do this isn't worth the small cR in my opinion.

    -Daily/Weekly Challenges: These are nice cR bonuses to take advantage of, and usually are fairly easy to obtain. To check what they are for a given day, press start, go to challenges. So far, most of the kills X amount of enemies in firefight matchmaking have been attainable while playing Gruntpocalypse which is nice.

    -Play the MP & Campaign! It's a brilliant game, and you are rewarded with cR for doing nearly everything.

    Note: 200,000 cR is the limit of credits you can earn in a day. (credit Quarantane)

    I will update this with more information, please post comments with other tips for the Reach community and I'll add them to this solution. I don't take credit for discovering any of these methods.

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    TonyTwoSteaksGreat tip rafa1000house, I'll add that to the guide
    Posted by TonyTwoSteaks on 14 Jan 15 at 05:52
    A Little BitterNot sure if the codes still give you the credits, just entered them and got the videos but no credits...
    Posted by A Little Bitter on 11 Aug 16 at 22:27
    ZigsterLVMe to, entered them and no credits. :(
    Posted by ZigsterLV on 09 Jan 20 at 13:36
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    There is no real solution for this, but to boost or actually play this awesome game. So, here is a link to tell you where you need to be, and where you are in this big ranking system. Credit goes to RoosterTeeth for the 11th Terminal Easter Egg video and Homjek for the HALO: Reach Custom Challenge Tutorialn, as well.

    Score Attack/ Gruntapocalypse works the best! Easy headshots (Commendation), which is added with the total of the end game. A sure 1,500+ exp with each game.
    Thanks to Hans caboose.

    I've been exploring to see 'what's the best' and I found that Score Attack/ Sniper Attack/ Courtyard- Respond: Walkway. is the best. I got Warrant Officer Grade 1 and 2 in one day. You can snipe everything from the point with infinite ammo. I hope this helps.

    Update (1/11/11)
    It's been awhile sense I relied on Score Attack. I highly recommend it, though, if your between the Recruit level to Warrant Officer Grade 2 (Grade 3 to Captain will be your first "Wha? cR Crunch"). But, if your like me, being Brigadier Grade 3 needs more, alot more. New playlists will offer you more Completed Game cR bonus, mostly upto 1,500cR - 3,500cR and you will get a random goody of 3,000cR from the Slot Machine (Community Slayer). I recognized this by playing Living Dead with my lower ranking friend, he gets about 1,500cR, while I get 450cR - 680cR per game, so explore and try new playlists and even try Firefight (multiplayer) for a decent 30min game worth normally around 3,000+cR.

    Happy Hunting!

    UPDATE! [12/07/2011]

    This link right here shows you how to get an easy 100,000cR (first link wit RT). BUT you have to own Halo: CEA (inc all terminals) for it to work.

    The other link shows you how to make Custom Challenges for Halo Reach! I've done this a couple of times and turns out that the limit is 10,000cR per challenge. You can only have 5 CC up at once, but you can turn-in when done to make more room.
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    iLag1337Just got this by redeeming the 'free credit' through Halo Waypoint. The achievement doesn't popup right after, you will need to play at least one round of MP match, and it'll unlock after the match is over.
    Posted by iLag1337 on 19 Aug 12 at 11:10
    DAN5KI97Unfortunately creating custom challenges have now been discontinued! cry
    Posted by DAN5KI97 on 24 Nov 14 at 06:38
    xDevilsMagiicHas anyone been able to get the credits, by 11th terminal. Can't seem to watch the waypoint videos.
    Posted by xDevilsMagiic on 16 Oct 16 at 00:08
  • Vicious GoetzVicious Goetz273,734
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    The best way to get credits is to load up the 3rd mission on Herioc, RUN to the Target Destroyer, and wait for a checkpoint,then basically shoot the target destroyer back from where you came from, then either reload the save, or kill yourself

    Only worth doing until you have onyx on the "Splash Damage" and the "Walking Tank" commendations.

    If you're still having trouble, Follow the HD guide underneath:
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    PorternatorYou should note that this only works for a while as the credits earned are for progressing in commendations. As your commendations grow, you will earn less and less and eventually the amount earned each time is not worth wasting time over.
    Posted by Porternator on 29 Sep 10 at 18:46
    Colonel SkillsAgreed with the above; past Gold it seems to not be worth the time investment, especially regarding the bonuses from walking tank. You get all of 15 CR for a killionaire and that's just not a very efficient use of time. Gruntpocalypse works better after that point.
    Posted by Colonel Skills on 02 Oct 10 at 17:12
    DAN5KI97Unfortunately creating custom challenges have now been discontinued! cry I was looking forward to using this method but it's too late.
    Posted by DAN5KI97 on 24 Nov 14 at 06:40
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