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Chapters of Deceit
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Men of the people achievement in Army of TWO: The 40th Day

Men of the people

Escort all hostages to safety.

Men of the people0
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How to unlock the Men of the people achievement

  • Ebon Hawk AUEbon Hawk AU177,562
    30 Mar 2010 30 Mar 2010 10 Apr 2010
    20 1 4
    This is a DLC specific achievement. It requires you to save 5 hostages in the last chapter of the DLC as well as escort 2 of the hostages through the room under enemy fire.

    The hostages are divided into 2/1/2 groups. First 3 (2/1) in the multi-floor house (2 at the entry being executed on the bottom floor and 1 locked in the room with shotgun heavy at the top floor). The last group is present later on. In the first and last case you can easily capture (take hostage) the ranking officer, force surrender and secure the hostages. In the middle case (single hostage in the locked room) you can kill the shotgun heavy through the grates on the approach to the room, though be careful with your fire as he is standing in front of the hostage.

    Second part of this achievement requires you to escort 2 of the hostages through a room facing enemy fire but as the objectives details advise you, you need to shoot out wooden beams holding the windows to get the cover for the room (marked green on your HUD). Once this is done the hostages will proceed to safety (they will not be endangered by enemy fire during this objective, at least that was the case during my play-through). Once the hostages are secured the achievement should register upon opening a co-op door after the escort part (the door that requires both you and your partner present for activation).

    In addition it is worth noting that during the said chapter there are many more encounters where you will see civilians on fire (flamethrower present) or in a fire fight with the bad guys, they are not required to survive for the achievement to register, as a matter of fact ALL hostages (5 of them) required to survive are introduced to you through your typical hostage cut scene and tagged green on sighting.

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    Ebon Hawk AUinteresting, i have personally completed this achievement on professional difficulty with AI partner and obviously unlocked it (while connected to xbox live and with the latest game patch)
    Posted by Ebon Hawk AU on 30 Apr 10 at 20:31
    AkamatzuThere are 3 hostages at the bottom of the multi-floor house.. Do you need to help all 3?
    Posted by Akamatzu on 19 Aug 10 at 04:33
    CASS190684This achievement popped for me despite having only saved 2 of the 5 hostages. ??? Weird... This dlc is definitely a buggy mess having read about so many people not being able to get their cheevos to unlock. Needs to be fixed EA.
    Posted by CASS190684 on 08 Oct 11 at 06:00
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  • Just ANIM4LJust ANIM4L640,202
    08 May 2011 08 May 2011
    24 10 9
    Here's how to fix any glitched achievements in this game. Let me make this clear I am not taking any credit for the method on how to do this. I am however taking credit for applying and testing its use for this game.

    ***Note: Please make sure you have all of the other "obtainable" achievements before you do this. I made the mistake of doing this before I got the Beast achievement and now have to start from scratch.

    This was tested on a 360 Elite, with a 256MB MU and 2GB USB thumb drive. I did not have a HDD connected on my 360. (Not sure if that makes a difference but I figured I might mention it.)

    Now these following steps will walk you through how to reset your stats for this game that are tied into your XBOX 360 Profile. This will not affect any of your other games, so no worries.

    1.)Move your current profile onto your USB thumb drive. Along with your saves and DLC for this game. (Again, not sure if this makes a difference but I'm letting you know exactly what I did.)

    2.)Now disconnect your 360 from the internet, and clear your system cache. (Please google how to do this, if you don't know how.)

    3.)Load up Army of Two 40th Day, as the EA logo appears, remove the USB thumb drive from your XBOX. You'll now see a message saying to reinsert the memory device, ignore this.

    4.)Now start a new solo campaign, just before you select a new save to start the game (which in my case was on my MU) reinsert the thumb drive. Make sure to hit the Home button to check to see if your profile has reloaded.

    5.)Now start the game. If everything worked accordingly, when your in your new game press start, and check your statistics everything should read 0. If it doesn't you did something wrong.

    6.)If the above step worked, reconnect your internet connection, and download the update for the game.

    7.)Now select your USB thumb drive with your saves, as your save device. Start the campaign, select a completed save, and replay the DLC to unlock any previously glitched achievements.
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    Survivor SevenI did this with the xbox 360 with the built-in hard drive. I didn't need a portable memory unit, just the usb and the hard drive. hope this helps
    Posted by Survivor Seven on 19 Jul 11 at 14:04
    jlissandrelloI have a problem with Step 7. Whenever I restart after updating the game, my Xbox 360 locks. Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, what did they do about it?
    Posted by jlissandrello on 19 Dec 11 at 03:49
    DAC MasterEn88Now i can complete this game!!Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted by DAC MasterEn88 on 08 Oct 12 at 10:53
  • Furry MoundFurry Mound184,431
    24 Mar 2010 24 Mar 2010
    10 2 0
    Really simple when using the computer as your partner. Just always task your partner to take the highest ranking soldier hostage and you tie down the others. There aren't many and without spoilers, saving the hostages helps a bit!
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