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A Very Troubled Youngster

Complete all of Tré's Greatest Hits.

A Very Troubled Youngster-0.3
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How to unlock the A Very Troubled Youngster achievement

  • Potato HandlePotato Handle139,615
    09 Jun 2010 23 Apr 2013
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    TL,DR? Check out the videos down the bottom.

    Alrighty, stuff to get out of the way. Immensely difficult achievement. I believe the most difficult achievement in GH/RB history. Yes, much harder than Bloody Feet. Also as far as I can tell, you can NOT use Breakneck Speed (Super Speed) in the drum trainer mode. I don't use it m'self, but I know that will mess a lot of other people up.

    This is obviously all from the perspective of a right-hander, all of this info still applies to our lefty friends, just obviously swap any occurrances of the words "Left" and "Right" around.

    Lag Calibration
    If you're having trouble with lag cal for drums;
    My lag calibration settings for GD:RB are:
    Audio 30ms.
    Video 0ms.
    As opposed to my RB2 settings of 0/0, so if you add 30ms to whatever YOUR RB2's audio lag setting is and apply it to GD:RB, you will hopefully get the same result, but I can't promise anything, everyone plays differently, you'll probably need to do a lot of fiddling to get it right.
    (For the record, I'm still not 100% certain I've got it spot-on even for myself, but this will hopefully get you into the ballpark.)

    Alternatively, you can export the GD:RB songs and practice the identical drum solo from Emenius Sleepus in RB2. You'll obviously still have to come back to GD:RB to get the achievement, but this way you'll be able to practice on a game which is already set up exactly how you like it.

    Sticking Tutorial
    Now obviously the last solo (#74) is the troublemaker, there are certainly others which are extremely difficult, but I think it's safe to say that if you can hit the last one you should be able to work out the others in due time. I have worked out some pretty good stickings for the solo, detailed in the below youtube videos.

    The first video is a sticking tutorial, and the second video is my best effort so far, not placed here to brag, but it can help to be able to hear the solo at the near-correct speed, so this may help people moving up towards 80%, especially for listening to the snares in the weird outro bit.

    Hopefully these stickings will work for you as well. You can try leading with your left instead of double-stroking for some, but I, personally had no luck at all doing that at any reasonable speed, but there are far better drummers than me out there.

    As you're most likely aware, doublestroking at it's simplest, is hitting twice quickly with the same hand. As the bass beat for most of this solo is constant and steady, double-stroking will cause your leading hand to change, which means the bass hits will land at the same time your non-preferred hand does, until you return to natural sticking by double-stroking a second time, or by reaching a gap in the notes so you can return to leading with your preferred hand. This happens a few times during the solo using my sticking, so try and pay attention to it.

    Youtube Sticking Tutorial and 80% FC Run.
    The first video will be the sticking tutorial, with annotations pointing out exactly where and when I doublestroke, and how I cross-over for the last bit.

    The second video is a simple FC (100%) video at 80% speed. This will give you an idea of what the solo's meant to sound like at speed, and is especially useful for getting used to how those pesky snares (Reds) in the outro sound.

    Good luck with it. This will be a challenge for the best RB drummers in the world. If you get it, you're an utter madman, and I love you.

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    III RINGO IIII really think most of these are faster than they are in the real songs..... it's really pissing me off!!!.... I think the developers messed up and should patch it to be the actual song speeds.
    Posted by III RINGO III on 04 Sep 10 at 03:21
    Brad2125I finally got this a week or two ago, this solution helped me out so much with the last beat/hit. Thanks to my new RB3 Pro cymbals I was able to do the fast Y and B rolls also (I have a TB:RB stock kit). I had to train a lot to get the Burnout sticking right, and even longer to get up to full speed... but, still, probably the most helpful solution I've read.
    Posted by Brad2125 on 19 Jan 11 at 22:47
    RIVE XNGLEGot mine this morning. W00T !
    Posted by RIVE XNGLE on 16 May 12 at 23:23
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  • CrandyCrandy690,339
    07 Jun 2013 07 Jun 2013 20 Sep 2013
    30 21 15
    I have created a way to use a computer to play drums perfectly and obtain this achievement. I have created a video tutorial for this method but I have included full text instructions as well.

    Text instructions can be found here.

    All of the beats are available for download so repeat this method for each beat you are missing.
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    MusquitoIs this considered cheating or not? See the comment of the Investigation Manager in Music Game Cheaters
    Posted by Musquito on 05 Apr 14 at 14:52
    TheOriginal561This should be ok, considering I have a method I posted for a vocals achievement where you use a youtube video of a keyboard to sing the song.
    Posted by TheOriginal561 on 09 Jul 15 at 02:05
    TheOriginal561That and this games been out for what 5 years and still only 140 people have this?
    Posted by TheOriginal561 on 09 Jul 15 at 02:09
  • Vin Risen 360Vin Risen 360274,854
    16 Oct 2010 16 Oct 2010 16 Oct 2010
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    Okay, the main part is pretty much said in the guide above, but there are a few things i thought that would be good to mention.

    I did this with a GH:WT Standard Kit.
    So If you have a full working one, thats okay for the Achievement.
    In the videos you find on youtube, most people have an Ion Drum
    Rocker (a specially tuned drum kit) or a real E-Drum Kit.
    It`s good to have one for this achievement but its not necessary.

    I`m not sure if a RB2 Drum Kit is good enough for that cuz i don`t
    have one (not sold in Germany). I guess it is good enough.
    Its impossible with a RB1 Kit because the Toms won`t register
    fast enough. (I have one and its not even enough for Everlong)

    I had a few Greatest Hits where the bass drum was pretty confusing or fast.
    So for that few Drum Tracks, I gave the bass-pedal to my friend (GH:WT Bass Pedal) and he did the bass notes while i could fully concentrate on the toms. My friend took the pedal on his fold and hit the pedal with his hands.
    Really usefull at #73 and #74.
    (See further down at 4. for more information)

    This point is already mentioned above.
    They messed up a bit with calibration on drums.
    Usually you need your normal calibration +30 ms.
    But if you switch back to guitar the calibration is normal again.(*weird o.O?*)
    I just wanted to say my calibration is:
    Video: 45 ms
    Audio: 30 ms
    (I don`t have a flat screen, I play on a television tube)

    As in the above guide from Potato Handle mentioned, the last one (#74) is the hardest Tré Greatest Hit, but there are about 5 others that are almost as hard as #74. There`s a video where someone talks about the other hard Greatest Hits.(Link:
    Anyway, here is some Information I can give you:

    This one has a real fast snare-roll at the end.
    I let my friend kick the bass notes at the last two green->blue notes because then it was easier to concentrate on the precision for the tom roll.
    Also remember that the last blue note before the red-toms-roll
    has no pause before the red-tom-roll.
    You have to play the blue note like it was part of the red-tom-roll.

    This one has 4 real fast 32nd Notes on the blue tom at the end.
    No matter if you have a tuned drum kit or not... Your drums probably wont register 32nd Notes properly.
    Because of that you have to begin earlier with the roll.Then roll the 4 blue notes a bit slower than normal. That`s the only way you can do this.
    After the 32nd Notes, there are 2 green notes left to hit.
    They are not fast but you have to play them directly after the 32nd notes.
    Your friend can also help you with that!
    On GH:WT Drums you have a control panel with buttons like on the original 360 Controller. You can press A for the Green Notes...!
    With that keeping in mind, your friend can press the last two green notes for you and you you can fully concentrate on the 4 blue toms.

    This one has a fast standard beat with 6 fast double kicks in it.
    This is much easier if you have a double bass setup.
    (by using a 3,5mm - rack splitter)
    At the end of this Drum Track you have to kick 8th Notes while playing a 8th triole fill with your hands.
    This can be really confusing and if you have a friend that knows how to kick with good timing and precision, let him do the bass part.
    I had to do this by my own and i got really lucky with that one.
    You also have to begin the 8th triole fill a bit earlier and roll slower because of the high speed.

    This one also has 32nd notes in the Track.
    But this time you have 3 Blocks of 4x 32nd Notes.
    Sounds impossible? Well at least the speed of the 32nd notes are a bit slower than in #43.
    What i found usefull here was to keep staying calm.
    You have to hit the 32nd notes in a fast but comfortable way.
    Beginning earlier and roll a bit slower is also usefull here.
    For the red tripples at the beginning of the track, I only can say practise...

    This one looks very hard but its actually not.
    Start to practise the blue rolls on 50% speed until you know how many blue toms there are per block.
    Then work your way to the end of the Track.
    You don`t need any double strokes or stick crossing for this fill.
    When you`re comfortable with the whole Track, start to speed it up until you reach 100% speed.
    If you`re having trouble with the synchronisation of foot and hands, give the pedal to your friend again :)

    The above method is already explained above.
    BUT I used a different sticking than you can see in the tutorial.
    All i did was doing a double stroke at the first 2 yellow notes.
    Then I didn`t use double strokes for the whole rest.
    When you look at the video guide above I didn`t use the 2nd double stroke mentioned. I overcrossed the sticks there and everywhere else when I needed it.
    If you have a GH:WT Kit, Stick Crossing is not a big deal because the cymbals are placed higher than the toms.
    Also, your friend can help you with the bass kick here :)

    5. GENERAL
    So that`s it for the hardest ones.
    All I have left to say is, that you have to practise the parts.
    If you`re having trouble with something, start from 50% speed and work your way up to 100% speed.
    You already should have developed all you basic drum skills before you start on working for the "A Very Troubled Younstar" achievement.
    This is probably the hardest Achievement in Music Game History.
    Prepare for Punishment! :)
    Showing only comment.
    RIVE XNGLEThe triplets at the end of #47 are 16th notes, not 8ths.
    The kicks are 8th notes, though. I clocked the whole beat out at 145BPM.

    I only know all this because I've been trying to hit #47 all week...
    Posted by RIVE XNGLE on 12 May 12 at 02:18
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