Incineration Specialist achievement in Mass Effect 2

Incineration Specialist

Incinerate the armor of 25 enemies

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How to unlock the Incineration Specialist achievement

  • TrueKilla360TrueKilla360352,309
    29 Jan 2010 27 Jan 2010 10 Apr 2012
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    Use incinerate on your enemies armour (their health bar will be yellow if their current defence is armour)

    You can do this either with your character or by ORDERING a squad mate to use there power on the enemy. It will not count if the squad mate uses it without you ordering them, go into options menu and turn off squad mate power usage so they don't use their powers automatically.

    Also, when the power is activated it must completely rip off the enemy armor, if theres any armor left on enemy then it will not count.. On easy you wont have this issue!! However on harder difficulties the power may not completely rip off the enemy armor, best bet would be to weaken the armor some what then use the power.. Or use the power more then once as it recharges. (Thanks Solario32)

    Once you find a squad of enemies such as Krogans that have armour use the power then reload your save and do it again to get it quicker.

    I did It on the recruiting Grunt mission, When you enter the compound you will fight quite a few Krogan right away with armour, Using the Salarian squad mate's (Mordin) incineration power on all of them, Then reloaded the auto save till I got achievement.

    Side Note: Incendiary ammo will NOT work for this achievement.. It must be the incendiary power that can be accessed and used through Mordin!

    Side Note 2: If you wan't this power for your character you will need to build an infiltrator or engineer class

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    Js2Deathim about to finish ME 1 so what character class has this ability?
    Posted by Js2Death on 10 Apr 12 at 03:29
    TrueKilla360Engineers and infiltraters if im not mistaken
    Posted by TrueKilla360 on 10 Apr 12 at 12:48
    TrueKilla360Updated solution with info!
    Posted by TrueKilla360 on 10 Apr 12 at 12:52
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  • Brenin WatsonBrenin Watson674,949
    17 Apr 2010 01 Oct 2010 27 Dec 2010
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    If your class does not have the ability "Incinerate", just use Mordin. He has that power, if he does it on his own it does not count. Also, destroying armor with incinerated ammo does not count toward this achievement. Short and sweet.
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    Mental Knight 5Thanks for actually explaining the achievement. The picture sure looks like Incendiary Rounds would work, but nope.
    Posted by Mental Knight 5 on 12 Apr 12 at 00:10
    HEATH 10Worked great thanks
    Posted by HEATH 10 on 13 Jul 20 at 05:09
  • SemanticV0idSemanticV0id256,678
    08 Oct 2010 14 Oct 2010 14 May 2011
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    If you do not want to seek out armored enemies or if you missed the final level opportunity, you can just start a new game and choose the Engineer class. This gives you the Incinerate ability (which you will need to burn the armour), and if you import a level 55+ character from the first Mass Effect you can put some points into Incinerate to power it up. Set the difficulty to Insanity and all the mechs that you fight will have armor. On the easier difficulties, mechs do not have armour, so you must put it on Insanity. There is also less of a chance of having your allies kill them before you can use Incinerate.

    It's better to try this during the second mission, "Freedom's Progress," because you won't get overwhelmed as easily. There are 6 mechs in the first encounter. Just save in front of the first large door you come to and keep reloading when you kill them all or die (you will probably die). There is also an auto-save just before the encounter, so if you forget to save, you're still covered and you can just reload from there.

    NOTE: It is already mentioned in the other guides, but allies who use Incinerate on their own will NOT count towards the achievement. Simply set "Squad Power Usage" to "Disabled" in the options menu. Also, if you deal damage to the enemy's armour before you use Incinerate, it WILL still count towards the achievement, so don't worry if you or an ally shoots them first, as long as you use Incinerate to take out all of the remaining armour.

    ALSO NOTE: You must use Incinerate to burn the enemy's armour completely. What I mean is, you can shoot them first to weaken their armour, but when you use Incinerate it must destroy all of their remaining armour so that only their health remains. If they still have armour left, it will not count, unless you use Incinerate again (you or an ally who has been commanded to do it) to burn the rest.
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