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Tactician achievement in Mass Effect 2


Hit 20 different targets with multiple biotic powers to combine the effects

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How to unlock the Tactician achievement

  • Grimslinger19Grimslinger19226,375
    30 Jan 2010 30 Jan 2010 24 Oct 2013
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    Another option is to use Jack's Pull first and then Thane's Throw, target a mech without shields, there is a great opportunity for this achievement on the planet Capek in the Haskins part of the Titan Nebula. I'm not sure when this quest activates but there is a good 30 to 40 mechs here and none have shields. I got to 16 of 20 here only because Thane decided he'd pre empt my orders and then him and Jack went nuts on the rest.

    But barring that happening, this is the best spot for it.

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    OnzaGiving it a go now... BTW, Jack has Pull, not Lift.
    Posted by Onza on 23 Oct 13 at 20:03
    Grimslinger19Edited it, called it Pull because the animation isn't quite the same as it used to be from the first game.
    Posted by Grimslinger19 on 24 Oct 13 at 07:22
    OnzaCool. Yeah, I realized later you might have meant Jacob, his power is Pull. Well I didn't quite get it... Fell a couple short. Finally realized I need to make sure the reticle is red when I'm directing powers. Anyway, thumbs up from me.
    Posted by Onza on 25 Oct 13 at 02:36
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  • MaxoplataMaxoplata263,776
    27 Jan 2010 27 Jan 2010
    21 3 1
    I found that the easiest was to do this was to have one character use Pull on an enemy and then while the enemy was floating in the air, use Warp. A second Pull while the enemy was in the air seemed to work fairly often also.
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    ALLOballoexcellent advice. just a not this works perfectly on the mission to make Talk loyal. machine pistol the shields then pull and warp away. easily done on this 1 mission.
    Posted by ALLOballo on 12 Dec 10 at 21:23
  • Rodeo LegendRodeo Legend91,601
    30 Jan 2010 01 Apr 2011
    11 0 0
    Characters with Biotics:

    Most Biotic powers will cause an enemy character to be knocked off their feet. Some even pull them through the air or push them distances to the ground.

    Starting the combo with a pull is usually the easiest, then hit them with any other biotic power.

    If you are a Biotic, to use your power hold RB and highlight the power you want. 1 allie MUST also have a Biotic power, highlight that next. OR use the power mapped to one of your hot buttons for both you and your allie.

    If you are not a Biotic, 2 allies must have Biotic powers, hold RB and highlight one power (pull is best) then highlight another power with the second allie. OR use the powers mapped to the allies hot buttons on the D pad.

    Note 1:D pad (right and left) only will send a pre set power at an enemy if they are highlighten on your screen. Otherwise it orders the allie to a location

    Note 2: favorite combo is a pull followed by Miranda's 'Slam' move.
    22 May 2011 28 May 2011 28 May 2011
    10 0 0
    NOTE: This is a solution for those who have completed the game recently and do not have access to the missions listed by other solutions.

    All of the other solutions work perfectly fine, but I found myself having just beaten the game on Insanity, with this being the last achievement I needed (which also meant I couldn't play the levels that the other solutions suggested since I'd already beaten them).

    The combination I used was Jacob (for his lift) and Miranda (for her warp). I then proceeded to load up the Shadow Broker DLC and played up until the point in which you have your first firefight within the Dracon Trade Center (it's when you get out of an elevator and take a right, then you're stunned by a flashbang). The enemies here have only "Health", with the exception of two enemies having "Barriers" and "Armor".

    Simply walk through the hallways of this tiny section of the level until you've gotten 5 or 6 kills towards the achievement and then reload your last save and do it again. It should take you roughly 10 minutes at the very most.
  • Misfit LenzMisfit Lenz127,597
    12 Aug 2010 12 Aug 2010
    10 0 0
    Lift + Throw works best, and it makes little difference who has which power (Shepard throwing & Jacob Pulling works as well as Thane Throwing & Jack Lifting). Just be aware that both have to hit the target, and both have to be activated at the same time with the power wheel (Right Bumper).

    IF YOU'RE PATIENT AND YOUR CHARACTER IS A BIOTIC you can earn this on "Recruit Archangel". In the second part of the mission, when you have to close shutters, enemies will pour infinitely from said shutters until you close them. You can use this to constantly Combine Pull & Throw on Blood Pack Troopers (Pyros & Krogran as well if you take their armor down) Just be aware that Jacob takes twice as long to recharge Lift as you do Throw.
  • ADDZ777ADDZ777119,675
    04 Apr 2012 04 Apr 2012
    6 0 1
    I got this on the N7: wrecked merchant freighter assignment. Its found by a scan of the planet Neith (4th planet/Amun system/Eagle Nebula).

    I took Thane (for throw) and Miranda (for slam) as my Sheppard didn't gave Biotics.

    You fight loads of loki Mechs and easily can do this achievement without Boosting.
  • ShadowRaven9ShadowRaven9269,904
    20 Oct 2017 20 Oct 2017 22 Oct 2017
    3 0 0
    This solution is years late to the party but I dont think anyone has mentioned this.

    If youre like me, and didnt get it first time through the game (seriously dont ask me how I managed to do it) you can get this fairly early.

    1) Start a new character, picked any biotic friendly class (I picked Vanguard with Slam as the gift (even with a non import character I had this option)

    2) Go through the whole drama of losing everything

    3) Get through Cerberus attack and meet up with Jacob and notice he has Warp.

    4) Set the difficulty to Insanity (it isn't that bad early and keeps the weak stuff as a normal health pool to farm them) then set squad powers to off. Let Jacob Warp while you Slam.

    BIG NOTE: Dieing and starting again at a checkpoint continues yours counter. Even restarting a mission from save continues the counter. I farmed this early on the first mission you do with Miranda and Jacob. Just keep dieing and get 2-4 combos and reloading.

    Good luck!
  • oO J Jay OooO J Jay Oo107,706
    06 Oct 2010 05 Feb 2010
    2 2 0
    Take Miranda and Jacob, equip a sniper rifle (or other weapon with the greatest zoom you can use)
    If your crew members are not in sight (for example, behind you), their powers appear to use YOUR line of sight instead
    Instruct Jacob to Pull an enemy, leave the power wheel (RB) and then reopen it, the time delay should have made Jacob start the animation before the power fires, or if he is off screen, it has already fired, then instruct Miranda to use Warp on the Pulled target.

    If you activate both powers at once (which is simpler) there is a chance Miranda's Warp may go off first, which is a single hit, meaning the target is no longer affected by biotics when Pull hits and therefore not counting towards the 20 required hits.

    For 100% Biotic players (Adept? I'm not sure I prefer to go Soldier) a Singularity could be used, pulling in targets for a Warp, possibly hitting more than one target at once and racking up the 20 much faster, especially with a Warp evolved to have a bigger blast radius
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