Paramour achievement in Mass Effect 2


Successfully pursue a relationship with a teammate

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How to unlock the Paramour achievement

  • Brenin WatsonBrenin Watson629,903
    21 Apr 2010 01 Oct 2010 16 Jan 2011
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    Jacob Taylor, Thane Krios, and Garrus Vakarian are possible male characters to "Romance" with.

    Miranda Lawson, Subject Zero; Jack, and Tali'Zorah nar Rayya are possible female characters to "Romance" with.

    Talk to the person you want to romance with often and/or after every mission you do. Just try not to be an ass to them, play nice. Make sure you do their loyalty mission. When you go through the Omega 4 Relay a cut-scene will start with that person if done right.
    And remember, Safety First!

    Note: For Jack, Romancing with her before the Omega 4 Relay using your Renegade will not get this achievement.

    EDIT: BDSLiVe said, That you cannot do same sex romance.

    EDIT: I personally have never tried but I have seen videos on Youtube of Mass Effect 2 same sex romances. But either way, you can be the test subject and let me know.

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    Brenin WatsonYou will have to choose one eventually, you can't have more than one. If you are "talking" with two squad mates, one will comfont you about your feelings for the other person and you will have to choose.
    Posted by Brenin Watson on 23 Oct 13 at 18:45
    rafa1000houseIf you imported a character from ME1 who date Liara or Ashley/Kaidan, you can unlock it if you don't pursue a relationship in ME2. Before to go to Omega Four Relay, Shepard talks to his love through a hologran system. I read it on ME2 playthrough
    Posted by rafa1000house on 04 May 14 at 23:24
    rafa1000houseForget about I said. I was confused because I saw a video on YouTube but it was a DLC scene. You can't unlock it with Liara
    Posted by rafa1000house on 05 May 14 at 00:54
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    29 Apr 2011 29 Apr 2011
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    I ended up with Tali.

    I was getting along with Miranda just fine until the fight with Jack happens late in the game. I then focused too much on getting her loyalty back which is ridiculously hard.

    So as I was talking to Tali, I noticed she was a little easier to seduce but I got through the suicide mission without getting this achievement and almost forgot.

    After the credits you can go back and wander around so I talked to Miranda first who was still cold. Jack almost went for it but told me to get lost. Then I remembered that Tali was flirty so after talking to her a little (You have to select "I want to talk about you" and she takes you off to the side to chat), you select some top right options and she goes for it.

    She'll come up to your room and then you chat a little. Then she jumps your bones after you take off her mask. You still don't get to see her face. The downside is the scene is really short. But if you're looking for the achievement and finish the game first, don't give up. You can go back and talk to Tali or whoever. Give it a shot.
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    Rowdawg88Thanks, I just got it yesterday. After she said she would research how to protect herself (with immuno boosters,etc), I revisted the omega 4 relay and the scene initiated. I guess for any lingering romances you have to trigger the scene by going to the omega 4 relay because just going up to the captain's captain does not do the trick. Thanks, positive vote from me!
    Posted by Rowdawg88 on 20 Apr 12 at 17:06
    STARWARZGood job!
    Posted by STARWARZ on 20 Apr 12 at 17:55
    OnzaCould you please tell me more about this "fight with Jack"? I don't want to make the same mistake, if it can be avoided. Have not decided whom I'm going to romance, but I am leaning toward Jack since, well since she's Jack.
    Posted by Onza on 22 Oct 13 at 23:28
  • XDS LeviathanXDS Leviathan111,125
    05 Oct 2010 03 Feb 2010 03 Feb 2010
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    In my first play through i chose the female Shepard and pursued a relationship with Thane.

    For the most part you just have to be diligent in talking to the character every 1 or 2 missions and mostly picking the paragon answers. you must also have their loyalty mission done, this is because any attempts to talk to them will result in the character asking you to hurry and help them.

    when it gets to the point that he will choose to talk to you at any time (as opposed to turning you down after you've had a chat) and you have the same speech options, your good to go; all that is left is the omega 4 relay.
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    ezekiel 08Or just save before entering the Relay and then re-load if you don't get it :-).
    Posted by ezekiel 08 on 07 Feb 10 at 11:35
    Wanted to know about same sex relationships cos Miranda wont go with me when I'm female but Samara will, does Miranda only go straight and does Tali go lesbo?
    Posted on 28 Jun 11 at 20:38
    Mithodor NBAccording to the ME wiki there are no same-sex relationships in ME2. You can "fool around" w/ Samara, Kelly, or Morinth. But they don't count as romances.
    Posted by Mithodor NB on 04 Dec 12 at 01:22
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