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Ghost Ship

Complete the investigation of a derelict alien vessel

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How to unlock the Ghost Ship achievement

  • Shinerbock88Shinerbock8888,297
    31 Jan 2010 01 Feb 2010 25 Feb 2011
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    NOTE: There seems to be some confusion on when the actual achievement pops. The actual achievement will not pop immediately after you complete the parts I show in the videos. It will be a little while these parts. The reason I made these videos is because they're the two hardest parts of this stage of the game (one is actually the toughest part of the entire game hehe). So instead of just posting that these achievements are story driven and unmissable, I decided to tackle the parts that are likely giving some gamers issues.

    This is a STORY achievement and UNMISSABLE. I decided to make these videos because they're the two toughest parts in acquiring this achievement.

    Hope that clears some things up and I apologize about the confusion, peeps! Also, there are no story spoilers in the videos. Just battle spoilers. If you're like me and don't want to know anything about a game until I experience it IN THE GAME, then don't watch them!

    Anyway, I've made two videos of the two major battle on the Collector Ship on Insanity Mode. It's not exactly a solution to make the achievement pop, but these two spots are the problem spots for the entire level. I narrate them and pretty much cover everything in the videos. I'll post them once they upload to YouTube.

    The first video is the battle after you contact the Normandy and everything goes bad. The second video with the Praetorian is slightly before the end of the level for achievement poppage. If nothing else, you've got to see my epic way of killing Jacob hehe.

    Hope these are helpful and feel free to comment with any questions. Watch for my other solution videos as well!
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    Shinerbock88Glad to hear they helped and thanks for the comment!
    Posted by Shinerbock88 on 26 Mar 10 at 05:05
    Leon KowalskiI made the mistake of starting my first playthough on Insanity difficulty (imported a ME1 Shep who had finished that on Insanity), and the combat is simply not fun. I got stuck here long ago and just put the game away. Now that I've finished a couple other games, I'm going to go back in and try this some more (the patch which fixed Grunt's Fortification and other things might help).

    I notice that your shields and health are infinitely more durable than mine ... no doubt your Shep is a different class than mine; I don't remember what level I'm at, but I've played far enough to have completed all the loyalty missions and all the side missions that were available prior to recruiting the companion that makes this mandatory mission pop. Sometimes my squad and I will be dead in seconds. Sometimes I'll make it 3-4-5 minutes and EDI will only be at 80%, and I'll have long since run out of heavy ammo, and sniper ammo, and will make a dumb mistake making a run for more ammo (which seems to disappear from the dead bodies awfully quickly).

    Anyway... I think the spoiler complaints are based on you referring to Jacob dying. As much as I hate that whiner, he doesn't actually "die" in your video. He just gets knocked unconscious like any companion does. I'm guessing the interpretation is that he dies as a plot element and is never seen again in the game. You're making too much of him going down in your video (Miranda gets knocked out too, for example).
    Posted by Leon Kowalski on 08 Jul 10 at 17:22
    GameTagwastakenSorry, I never got PMs saying you'd updated or commented like I normally do. I'm satisfied with your explanation (and appreciate the effort!) so I've switch to thumbs up.
    Posted by GameTagwastaken on 11 Aug 10 at 17:51
    Shinerbock88Thank you very much for taking the time to come back and let me know, GameTagwastaken. I appreciate it! Thx for the thumb up as well.
    Posted by Shinerbock88 on 12 Aug 10 at 02:59
    BDSLiVeCould you please add the information you listed above to your solution. Thanks because without prior knowledge, no one knows what you are talking about when you talk about the collector ship out of the blue. Good job with the videos! Thumbs up!
    Posted by BDSLiVe on 26 Dec 10 at 01:00
    Solario32Thank you for the videos.
    Posted by Solario32 on 02 Nov 11 at 15:32
    OnzaAre you using a sniper rifle (off the bat) in the second video? Why is your rate of fire so high, is that an upgrade? If so, which? Anyway, good videos. I watched them after beating this, on my own, insanity, first play-through via an imported Shepard (Infiltrator, I think around level 16, no loyal followers yet, got tossed into this via a chat with you know who). I guess I should count my blessing that I got through. The first (video) part took me almost two hours of trying. The second (video) about 30 minutes. Anyway, your statement "toughest part of the entire game" gives me hope for the rest, as this part was a real drag-out ass kicking for me.

    PS. I didn't look yet, but are you in Texas? Even if not, I like your GT.
    Posted by Onza on 22 Oct 13 at 03:26
    Shinerbock88I live in Oklahoma, but lived in Dallas for a few years (it was like a 6-7yr party... I love Dallas lol.) Shinerbock is an awesome beer!

    The sniper rifle (SN) I have is the M-97 Viper which is a semi-automatic SN which I got on Illium. I can't remember if I found it or bought it. It's a bit weaker than most SN, but being able to fire off 10-12 shots consecutively more than makes up for the lack of power.

    The Ghost Ship is easily the most difficult part of the game. I try mention that a lot so people don't get discouraged and decide to quit Insanity due to the rest of the game (both prior and after the Ghost Ship) is very easy compared to this part. I played Soldier and Heightened Adrenaline Rush makes even this part of the game not so difficult.

    Congrats on making it through as Infiltrator! I heard that class is very difficult during this part on Insanity. Especially as a first run on Insanity haha. I plan on running through the ME series again as Infiltrator soon and wish I could've done it on my first play through as playing Soldier makes all ME games a lot easier than with other classes.

    Good luck with the rest of the game. Be sure and play ME3 Insanity on your first run. You shouldn't have any probs at all.
    Posted by Shinerbock88 on 22 Oct 13 at 19:23
    Shinerbock88Here's a wiki link to the sniper rifle I am using. I decided this would do better than my explaining it:
    Posted by Shinerbock88 on 22 Oct 13 at 19:24
    OnzaThank you! I appreciate the response. I did eventually come across the Viper. It was on Illium as part of the mission to recruit Thane. Well hopefully things won't be much tougher, Enyala at the end of Miranda's loyalty mission was more trouble than I thought she should be. Luckily I found a nice place to hide and just worked patiently. Well if you're even back in the area, I'll buy you a beer. toast
    Posted by Onza on 23 Oct 13 at 15:17
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