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Realistic Difficulty

Complete Single Player Story on Realistic difficulty

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How to unlock the Realistic Difficulty achievement

  • Richard BastionRichard Bastion139,825
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    Here are some general tips for Realistic Difficulty:

    Upgrade and use your pistol:
    It's going to be your best friend. The first shot fired is always incredibly accurate, and generally, the bullet will hit exactly where you're aiming. Making headshots quite easy. Your pistol also has infinite ammo, so don't worry about running out!

    Hot Glue pointed out that the Five-Seven is the best pistol, as it allows you to mark four targets(When upgraded.)

    Seek a vertical advantage whenever possible:
    I can't stress how much this helps. Enemies generally won't shine their flashlights up at pipes, or onto roofs, so hide in these locations religiously.

    Use your gadgets:
    This may sound trivial, but I often forget to use these myself. Your gadgets will be fully replenished every time you interact with an Ammo Stash. Needless to say, all of them are incredibly helpful.

    Take a shotgun(Or an AR):
    I personally find that most of the other weapons are somewhat bad on Realistic difficulty. As I mentioned before, your pistol is incredibly accurate(And it has infinite ammo) so if an enemy is far away, it's easy enough to simply pick him off with your pistol. If several enemies are closing in on you, however, killing all of them with your pistol is going to be difficult. Which is where the shotgun comes into play. A single shot from mid to close range with the shotgun will kill any enemy. If you have the silenced shotgun, kudos.

    Note: Assault rifles are also quite nice, so the choice is yours. I'd recommend avoiding any other type of weapon, though. The SC3000 assault rifle is a personal favorite. It's silenced, accurate at long range, and quite powerful.

    Sonar Goggles, use them:
    I shouldn't have to explain this one. They're crucial to your survival, and your enemy's ultimate demise. Mark your enemies when you spot them with sonar(You can spot them through walls once you've detected them). This makes it much easier to keep track of their movements without having to constantly switch on sonar.

    Light Sources:
    Look for a light switch before shooting out the light. It's quite a bit more subtle.

    Note: When you turn out a light, it may attract a nearby hostile, but he won't bring any backup with him! Use this to your advantage.

    Flashbangs, and how great they are:
    A fully upgraded flashbang grenade will stun enemies for 5 seconds. If you hit two enemies, you'll almost always have enough time to hand to hand kill both of them. Or, grab one as a human shield and throw him into the other guy. Then you'll definitely have enough time to kill 'im! Go on, try it!

    Don't shoot everything!
    Especially not all the lights! Sure, if no one's around, by all means, shoot the lights, give yourself a place to retreat to. If you're still clearing a room, however, shooting one or two lights is alright, but there's no need to get trigger happy. I've seen a lot of people get killed because they were a little too quick to shoot out that third light.

    The Portable EMP:
    Is by far your best gadget. It has quite a few uses. It's an instant activation with a huge range that knocks out all lights and stuns enemies. My personal favorite use is entering a room undetected. Find a well lit room with 5+ enemies inside, two of which are patrolling around the door? EMP them! The (flash)lights will go out(Making you invisible) and the enemies will be stunned. The lights will stay out long enough for you to find a suitable bit of cover.

    Naturally, it also shines when you're trying to escape.

    Hope this helps!

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    DreamSmasher XI was worried that this may be really difficult but it turns out that realistic is really easy.
    Posted by DreamSmasher X on 09 Aug 10 at 22:18
    Richard BastionMaybe do some research before throwing out silly accusations. Or don't, I'm just thinkin' out loud. I am not Tyger7, but I am BarbaricGoose, and I wrote that.

    You can check my profile on X360A to see a a link to my gamercard. I'll even send you a message on X360A if you'd like.
    Posted by Richard Bastion on 23 Jun 11 at 09:08
    a Fi1thy CasualThe MP5-SD3 is also great to have fully upgraded. I use that thing religiously as a silent sniper.

    Also, the emp grenade is great for indoor locations. I use it to take out light sources and stun enemies.
    Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 22 Dec 12 at 17:36
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    This is a guide I wrote for the forums, though I'd post it here as well if ppl are having difficulties with Realistic. The game actually isn't that hard, so if you're looking for the best possible game experience, I'd recomend you go for the realistic difficulty from start!

    Here goes...

    This method allows you to get Realistic difficulty achievement in no time! The game is really easy on Rookie and you can basically beat it without dying once in just a few hours.

    Play the game as usual on Rookie or Normal difficulty. If you just wanna rush it through, choose Rookie. For a better game experience go for Normal. It's a great game! As you pass the last checkpoint of each mission, change the difficulty up to Realistic, the game reloads the latest checkpoint. Finish the mission and the game states that you have beaten the mission on Realistic difficulty. When the next mission begins, change the difficulty back to Rookie or Normal and continue your playthrough.

    I have played all missions on Rookie only changing the difficulty at the very last checkpoint of the mission. Achievement popped, game beat on Realistic difficulty ^^


    Suitable locations for game difficulty change - changing the difficulty will relaod the latest checkpoint. Follow this rough guide and always make sure you get the little tripple red save thingy before changing difficulty. If not, I have provided a short description of what comes after the checkpoint change location so that you can ensure that you have come far enough to change the difficulty.

    Mission one - Merchant's Street Market:
    You will enter a small square with four guys standing around. One of them will be the "boss" and is recognized with an "x" if you try to aim at him. After you kill the other three the "boss" will run down a set of stairs and through a door. When you get close to the door you will hear fighting inside and the game saves - CHANGE DIFFICULTY - When you enter the door you will be in a public restroom, interrogating the "boss".

    Mission two - Kobin's Mansion:
    This is the mission where you'll learn to pull enemies out of windows. There will be two points where the game offers you the opportunity to do so, the second time after you exit a basement and climb up a drain pipe. When you enter the window you wil be close to a big set of double stairs, and killing the enemies will show a short cinematic of a speeding car on the stairs and the game saves - CHANGE DIFFICULTY - Climbing the stairs will trigger voices behind a double door, Andrei will be inside shooting his assult rifle in all directions.

    Mission three - Price Airfield:
    NOTE: You should let the cinematic play and beat up Grimmsdottir and exit the door before changing difficulty back to Rookie. There is a checkpoint just outside the door and it saves you the trouble having to watch the cinematic twice After putting the C4 on the radar thingy you will exit the hangar area and head for the gate. Grimsdottir will contact you and say that she has to delay the call with Sarah - CHANGE DIFFICULTY - After moving on you will disable the security systems and find Grimsdottirs car.

    Mission four - Diwaniya, Iraq:
    As you enter one of the last buildings you will see a cinematic on a wall of Sam beeing beat and interogated by the enemy. They threaten him and wants to know what his orders are. You will get a savepoint when entering the yard outside the door - CHANGE DIFFICULTY - After freeing Sam the building you're in will be shelled and you have to fight a large enemy force while behind cover.

    Mission five - Washington Monument:
    Hard one to describe... After you exit the Washington Monument you will move towards the park exit. A text on the wall will read Escape to the car close to a ferris wheel. A group of enemies will be close to a amusement ride called Pirate and Bumper - CHANGE DIFFICULTY - After you exit the park you will escape in the car.

    Mission six - White Box Laboratories:
    Right after you activate the EMP and electrocute the thug you are to exit the building - CHANGE DIFFICULTY - A group of enemies enter the building, you can avoid them by climbing the pipes in the celing. When you exit the building, activate your portable EMP if you still have it to disable the trucks headlights, jump right for cover and sneak, then run for the goal. The eight or so enemies will never lay eyes on you.

    Mission seven - Lincoln Memorial:
    After you hunt the assassin and his car blows up Sam will be thrown to the ground by the blast. Grimsdottir tells you to hide in the café since squads from Third Echelon are moving in on your possition - CHANGE DIFFICULTY - Eliminate enemies to trigger the next car. After the third squad arrives on site an escape car will show up on the close by bridge.

    Mission eight - Third Echelon HQ:
    After the call with Grimsdottir in her office you are to exit the building - CHANGE DIFFICULTY - You will automatically get instant kills on your enemies from now on, 17-20 of them or so.
    NOTE: An excellent opportunity to earn the Assult Rifle Marksman and Pistol Marksman P.E.C. Challenges. Just do one and when it unlocks, reload checkpoint and do the other. Make sure you pick up an assult rifle from a fallen enemy as soon as you can if you don't have one secondary.

    Mission nine - Michigan Ave. Reservoir:
    As you exit the tunnels a helicopter will show up and start blasting away at you - CHANGE DIFFICULTY - After getting past the handful of enemies by ducking behind cover to escape the helicopters fire, you will reach the second target and tag it. It triggers a cutscene and the mission ends. An easy way to kill the enemies while behind cover is to throw explosives on them if you have any left.

    Mission ten - Downtown district:
    After you breach the gate defenses you will walk a path seeing the White House on fire in the background. A group of five enemies will be coming running to greet you - CHANGE DIFFICULTY - After killing the group of five and the group that follows amongst the trucks and cargo boxes you will see a helicopter landed in front of the White House. Getting closer will trigger Grimsdottir calling to check on your progress. A last group of enemies will exit and charge you as you get closer. It is possible to avoid them by climbing the stairs in front of the building and staying in the shadows and wait for them to pass. After that, jump down and run towards the door some 100 meters away.

    Mission eleven - The White House:
    After you meet up with Grimsdottin in the Press Room you will walk a corridor under gunpoint to meet Tom Reed - CHANGE DIFFICULTY - entering the room trigger the final part of the game. NOTE: Don't forget that after deciding what to do with Tom Reed (let's say you kill him), as soon as the achievement Judge, Jury and Executioner pops you can reload last checkpoint and choose to let him live, instantly getting the achievement Man of Conviction.

    I hope this roadmap help players looking for an easy Realistic achievement.
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    Warboy925Very useful, I will try this later tonight....
    Posted by Warboy925 on 18 Jun 14 at 23:11
    TwistAs well informed as the top solution is, this one is exactly what I was looking for. BIG thumbs up :)
    Posted by Twist on 06 Sep 14 at 21:44
    eeysiAwesome guide !
    Posted by eeysi on 07 Apr 15 at 16:25
  • DarkRicochet117DarkRicochet117211,605
    22 Dec 2015 18 Jun 2011 18 Jun 2012
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    Before I begin, I'd just like to say that I do not condone "cheating" of any kind. Doubly so when it comes to earning achievements, unless the developers designed the game to be played that way(Gun and The Orange Box come to mind).

    Now, you'll need two players on the same Xbox, and the first player must already have the achievement. Just start up the game and player two will get the achievement as soon as player one presses the start button at the title screen.

    It honestly couldn't be any easier then that...
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    DNGRDOOM64I agree that to get it this way would be lousy, plus you also need a profile that has gone through the campaign themselves but none the less good tip.
    Posted by DNGRDOOM64 on 02 May 12 at 16:51
    D0NTMoCKMemaybe i'm doing something wrong I've tried on and offline cleared cache re downloaded the update nothing. I'm not mad and wouldn't down vote you for that because I've actually done this before and it's not too bad but if you think you know what i did wrong i'd like to know. save me some time.
    Posted by D0NTMoCKMe on 12 Mar 13 at 04:33
    TwistAs much as this could be a buzzkill to such a great game. It's still a brilliant find. Thumbs up :)
    Posted by Twist on 07 Sep 14 at 17:43
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