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Hunter Master achievement in SplinterCellConviction

Hunter Master

Complete all maps in "Hunter" game mode on Realistic difficulty

Hunter Master0
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How to unlock the Hunter Master achievement

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    18 Apr 2010 24 Apr 2010 15 Jul 2010
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    This one can be done solo but your probobly better off doing it co-op. I did it solo (no friends lol) I found the best way was to use mark and execute religiosly with the five seven pistol for the executes and the silenced MP5 as a long range sniper (very handy). Gadgets to use are flashbang and EMP grenade (if you intend not to get caught that often) as they dont set alarms off when used. Clothing gadgets to use are one body armour slot and two gadget slots (with your own personal fashion tastes yay).
    If you can help it dont shoot lights or use gadgets because when you do the AI will go into search mode and it more difficult to take them out.Ohh and one final thing always use the vertical advantage to take enemies by suprise. Good Luck.

    EDIT: Couple of other tips that I forgot: Grabbing an enemy when there is another one nearby as you dont alert the other one. Sticky cams might be useful for luring difficult enemies into a trap.

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    ARC 180could it be that There are hunter missions on the insurgency dlc that I need to play cuz' i dont have that dlc???
    Posted by ARC 180 on 19 Nov 10 at 14:07
    ARC 180could it be that There are hunter missions on the insurgency dlc that I need to play cuz' i dont have that dlc???
    Posted by ARC 180 on 19 Nov 10 at 14:12
    ARC 180Finally I got it.
    The achievement poped out after i entert the Internet with my xbox and ubdated it
    Posted by ARC 180 on 20 Nov 10 at 19:39
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  • Dat Boi TreezyDat Boi Treezy636,339
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    This achievement is stackable with
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell ConvictionHunter CompletionistThe Hunter Completionist achievement in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction worth 44 pointsComplete all maps in "Hunter" game mode on Rookie or Normal difficulty
    so start straight on Realistic difficulty if you want to.

    Hunter game mode is fun, you need to eliminate the required amount of enemies in each area of the map before being able to advance to the next part, not too difficult and can be done in co-op.

    Try not to get spotted, if your are seen and give the enemy a chance to call for backup. The number of enemies almost doubles, this can be annoying because sometimes the backup guys can spawn behind you. Not literally but if you are almost done with an area and you let the last guy spot you, you will need to backtrack a little bit to go and clean up the other guys that have spawned.

    Also you dont physically need to be spotted for the enemies to sound the alarm. I've had plenty of situations where after i have took a guys head off quiet close to another enemy, they become suspicious and overly paranoid (rightly so lol). But sometimes they will just look around and not do much, on other ocassions they have just started to randomly shoot at my last known position despite the fact they didnt see me to begin with. Any explosives used like Frag Grenades, Remote Mines and/or Sticky Cameras will automatically set off the backup to charge in.

    Weapons, Ammo and Gadgets can be refilled or changed at almost all of the checkpoints before the start of each section so don't worry about using your gadgets and stuff if you need to. If you die you will start from your last checkpoint with the enemies set to their default number.

    Here are some videos that can help you out if you are stuck.

    Credit to FluffyQuack for the St Petersburg videos.
    Credit to asxdefter for the Russian Embassy videos.
    Credit to skorpion47 for the Yastreb Complex videos.
    Credit to CompassProductions for the Mozdok Grounds videos.
    Credit to Lancastersilk for the Lumber Mill videos.
    Credit to samadriel for the Printing Press videos.
  • RabidDolphin87RabidDolphin87170,063
    14 Mar 2011 14 Mar 2011
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    Just thought this little bit of clarification might help some. Even though this achievement states that you need to complete all of the maps, you only need to do the first six, which are:

    St. Petersburg Banya
    Russian Embassy
    Yastreb Complex
    Mozdok Grounds
    Lumber Mill
    Printing Press

    The 4 DLC levels, which all are in American cities, and the bonus level Third Echelon are not needed for this achievement.
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