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  • Wilson x3hWilson x3h174,567
    19 Apr 2010 19 Apr 2010 19 Apr 2010
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    An easy way to get three of the hard challenges (3x frag grenade, remote explosion and stunned) is to load up the second to last mission.

    At the start you get attacked by around 8 enemies and can get up to 2 3x explosion kills per checkpoint.

    Also a good place to stun enemies with emp grenades, working towards the stunned challenge. You could also get the sticky camera whistle challenge here as well by playing the noise then exploding the camera.

    The other challenges can be done as you go through the game. Just try to mark enemies by looking under doors and marking enemies with sonar as you play the game. If you have marked two or more enemies from this then you will also work your way towards the mark proficiency challenge.

    On the hunter/co-op map called Russian Embassy is a good map to play to get the grab from ledge/death from above challenge. At the start there is many enemies outside the complex with many oppitunites to grab enemies and also death from above them, just reload checkpoint/restart the map depending on what mode you are playing to get the challenge.

    Also a good place to get the behind closed doors challenge is to do the mission titled White Box Laboratories. Hand to hand kill the guy at the start of the level in the booth. Then infiltrate the building. The first room you encounter with 3 guys in which your objective is, you can mark them under the door and execute, then restart the checkpoint.
  • DeafAtheistDeafAtheist250,928
    28 Apr 2010 28 Apr 2010 21 May 2011
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    The 3X Frag, Stunned, and Remote Mine Challenges are easiest to do above the Security Checkpoint at the start of White Box Labs. Hang on the pipe above the Security Room with the 3 guys in it. Throw an EMP grenade or activate your portable EMP then throw a grenade or remote mine into the room thru the ceiling window you'll stun and kill all 3 when they're dead pause and select Retry Last Checkpoint and go back and do it again. You'll rack up the points for those challenges in no time. Easier than playing thru an entire mission over and over.
  • 19 3 0
    The you can do some of these in "White Box Laboratories".
    After you've exit the elevator, wait for the doors to close. Peek under and mark the 4 targets in the room. Then, enter the room on the right side of the Weapon Stash and go through the right open window. Move along the ledge and at the 2th window grap the guy in front of the window (gives you also a point for Grab from Ledge). Now you can use an EMP and M&E the 4 other targets which gives you 2 points for Mark Proficiency and 4 for Behind Closed Doors. Reload and redo until you get the Behind Closed Doors complete.

    Since M&E on stunned targets often count as 1 point, there is a faster way: do the same as writing above, but instead of M&E just shoot and kill. Don't forget to use the emp before you drag the guy out of the window. Gives you 5 points in a row.

    You can also do 3x Frag Grenade at the elevator. Wait until the doors are closed and trow a grenade at the right door, aim just a bit above the handle. When it explodes, it kills the guys behind the door, if you trow the frag right. As a reference for a good kill, if the frag destroys the door completely, you get a point. You can do the 3x Frag Grenade fast because it's basicly load, trow, wait for explosion, load. Same methodes goes for the challenge with the remote detonation
  • ACEs 8s 24ACEs 8s 24126,549
    24 Dec 2011 24 Dec 2011 24 Dec 2011
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    I found xGameFreak6661x channel on youtube. He has a video for most of these Prepare and execute challenges and they worked very well for me

    I take no credit for these i just found them and added them to TA
    show some love to xGameFreak6661x if they helped

    Happy hunting
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