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    All-in-one challenge guide for Splinter Cell: Conviction

    Foreword: This guide will be covering the entirety of the challenges for all three categories. Naturally this is going to be a somewhat large guide, as I'll be trying to provide efficient strategies for as many challenges as possible. I wouldn't recommend going for challenges too much until you finish your Realistic playthrough. You'll make lots of progress towards these on the way there without trying, and they're easier to go for on Rookie anyway.

    One thing to note before we get started is the location of the "White Box Security Room". This is a fantastic location for grinding loads of challenges, so I thought it would be prudent to provide an exact location. The room is located early on in White Box Laboratories, if you keep progressing forward you'll encounter a small building with a locked door and a pipe that lets you access the roof, where you'll find a glass skylight looking over three guards. That's the room. It contains three easy to manage guards and is immediately after a checkpoint, so it's perfect for our purposes.

    Another thing to note is that progress toward challenges is saved immediately after it's made, so working towards one and then loading checkpoint works and is extremely useful.


    Prepare and Execute Challenges

    Death From Above
    Neutralize an enemy using "Death From Above" 30 times.
    The White Box Security Room is perfect for this. Just climb the pipe, get over the guard in the middle of the room and then drop on his head. Then reload checkpoint and repeat.

    Grab From Ledge
    Neutralize an enemy using "Grab From Ledge" 30 times.
    Lots of good places to try this. The quickest is probably towards the middle of Michigan Ave. Reservoir, right before you tag the first generator. If you keep progressing you'll encounter a point where you're coming out of a tunnel and there's a guard hanging around the exit hole practically asking for it. Loading checkpoint will put you right in front of him again.

    5x Predator
    Neutralize 5 enemies in a row without being detected 15 times.
    You'll likely have at least a fair bit of progress towards this after your first playthrough if you played it stealthy. Good places to focus on it include the start of Kobin's Mansion or Price Airfield.

    Stealth Headshot
    Neutralize an enemy with a headshot without alerting other enemies 50 times.
    This doesn't really require a specific grinding location. Just bring a silenced weapon to any area where a quiet approach is possible and get to it.

    Mark Proficiency
    Neutralize at least 2 enemies in a single Mark & Execute 100 times.
    White Box Security Room works for this. Climb above, mark all enemies, drop down on one to get an execute and use it on the other two. Load checkpoint and repeat. Combos with Behind Closed Doors if you Mark them with the Snake Cam first.

    3x Frag Grenade
    Neutralize 3 enemies at the same time with a single frag grenade 50 times.
    White Box Security Room again. Climb up and throw a frag through the skylight. Probably works better if you have both radius upgrades installed.

    Remote Explosion
    Neutralize at least 3 enemies by detonating a remote explosion gadget 50 times.
    Same as above, just use remote mines instead of frags.

    Neutralize an enemy who is stunned by a flashbang, or EMP gadget 50 times.
    White Box Security Room. Combos well with Remote Explosion, just throw a mine through the skylight, follow up with an EMP grenade and then detonate the mine. This will also unlock Group Neutralization.

    Behind Closed Doors
    Use the mirror or snake camera to mark an enemy, then neutralize him 50 times.
    It seems to me that you need to kill the marked enemies with Mark & Execute for this to count, even though it doesn't say that. Mark everyone inside the White Box Security Room, drop onto one of them and execute the others. Combos with Mark Proficiency.

    Sonar Mark
    Use the sonar goggles to mark an enemy, then neutralize him 100 times.
    I also found that these didn't count unless the kills were from Mark & Execute. At the start of Michigan Ave. Reservoir you'll see a large group of guards. Sneak up to the concrete barrier near them, activate the Sonar Goggles and mark four enemies using the Five-Seven, just don't mark either the closest guard or the interrogation target. Then grab the closest guard as a human shield and execute the other four. Also completes the Mark Mastery and Human Kevlar challenges.

    Shadow Takedown
    Perform hand to hand takedowns in the shadows without alerting other enemies 100 times.
    Not really any specific good place to work on this, but one thing to note is that if you grab an enemy as a shield and then drag them into the dark before killing them that will count, which lets you do this much more conveniently.

    Sticky Camera Whistle
    Make noise with the sticky camera to attract an enemy, and neutralize them 15 times.
    At the start of Michigan Ave. Reservoir, sneak close by the enemies, throw a sticky cam near them and take control of it. Then just use it to make noise and detonate it shortly after.

    Vanish Challenges

    Vanish Silently
    Once you are spotted, vanish without neutralizing any enemies 15 times.
    This shouldn't take too much targeted grinding, as you've likely done some or all of it in your initial playthrough. If you do need some, just get spotted by any enemy and then retreat to safety. Combos well with Flashbang Escape and Portable EMP Escape.

    Cat and Mouse
    Perform a hand to hand takedown against an enemy who is investigating your last known position 15 times.
    This one can be finicky. The best place I know of is right at the start of White Box Laboratories. The method is a bit too precise to easily explain, so here's a video:

    Big thanks to YouTube user Jonathan Ruiz for finding this method and posting the video.

    Last Known Position
    Neutralize an enemy while standing at least 10 meters from your last known position 50 times.
    White Box Security Room again. Climb up and throw a remote mine into the room through the skylight, then climb back down. Then kick in the door and run into roughly the middle of the room. After the enemies spot you pop your Portable EMP and run back out of the room. When you get back to the point where the stairs outside the room turn to the side hit the detonator. That should be far enough.

    Portable EMP Escape
    Use the portable EMP to vanish. Stun at least 3 enemies while escaping from a combat situation 50 times.
    White Box Security Room. Get up on the pipe and shoot into the room to get the guard's attention, then use the EMP and climb back down the pipe and wait to vanish. Repeat until you run out of EMPs and then load checkpoint.

    Flashbang Escape
    Use the flash bang to vanish. Escape from a combat situation 15 times.
    Same as EMP Escape, just with flashbangs.

    EMP Grenade Stun
    Stun at least 3 enemies with a single EMP grenade
    White Box Security. Throw an EMP through the skylight, then wait for them to recover from being stunned before hitting them again. Repeat until you're out of grenades then load checkpoint.

    Choke Hold Freedom
    Free your team-mate from a choke hold in any Multiplayer game mode 15 times.
    One of the few that needs to be done in Co-op. Just have your teammate walk up to an enemy and hope they grab them. Can be done in split screen if necessary.

    Reviving Team-mates
    Revive your team-mate in any Multiplayer game mode 15 times.
    Not much explanation needed here. Just have your Co-op partner walk out into danger and then pick them up.

    Splinter Cell Challenges

    Mark Mastery
    Neutralize 4 enemies with a single Mark & Execute.
    See the Sonar Mark challenge for a good spot for this.

    Advanced Stealth
    Complete a level without being spotted and without retrying.
    Probably the easiest way to do this is in the Third Echelon HQ. For whatever reason, the parking garage at the start of this level is considered it's own level for the purposes of this challenge and Advanced Close Combat and since you have to remain undetected in this area anyway all you have to do is not load checkpoint through the whole area and it should work. The challenge complete notification won't pop up on screen, but if you check it'll be completed.

    Advanced Close Combat
    Complete a level without firing a single shot and without retrying.
    Also best done on the Third Echelon HQ garage. As long as you're careful and remember to take enemies as shields and drag them into shadows before killing them you should be ok. If you're struggling, check out this excellent TA solution for a detailed guide that should help you map out your route:

    Solution for Best of the Best in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction

    All credit goes to DIRTFATHER for that very complete walkthrough.

    10x Predator
    Neutralize 10 enemies in a row without being detected.
    If you're careful this can be done on just about any level. Just play conservatively and use silent weapons. Loading checkpoint breaks your streak.

    Assault Rifle Marksman
    Neutralize 15 enemies with a single magazine using an assault rifle without reloading.
    There isn't any quick shortcut for this that I know of. Your best bet is to use a silenced rifle and go for headshots, trying to avoid getting spotted since it's much easier to hit unaware enemies. I used the M468 but the SC3000 should be fine as well. Reloading checkpoints resets the total.

    Pistol Marksman
    Neutralize 10 enemies with a single magazine using a pistol without reloading.
    More or less the same as Assault Rifle Marksman, but probably a bit easier. Use the Five-Seven, as it's silenced and has the largest magazine.

    Collateral Damage
    Take an enemy into human shield, and bash him against a wooden door to shatter it.
    Our good friend the White Box Security Room is back! Do a death from above on one of guards inside, kill off one of the others and then grab the last guy and bash him against the locked door.

    Human Collision
    Knock an enemy down by throwing another enemy onto him.
    Not too different from Collateral Damage. Death from above one guy in the Security Room and then grab the second guy and throw him at the third.

    Deadly Fall
    Throw an enemy so he falls 10 or more meters.
    I was able the get this by doing a Ledge Takedown on a guard somewhere high up inside White Box, but I think you're supposed to human shield them and then throw them off. Either way, the first set of offices after you get past the security shutters in Third Echelon HQ has a large and very high up balcony on one side that should do the trick.

    Environmental Hazard
    Neutralize 3 enemies using a single trap or explosive.
    When breaking into Kobin's Mansion, shoot the chandelier with the three guys talking under it in the first large room.

    Security Device Diversion
    Attract an enemy by disabling a security device, then neutralize him.
    After infiltrating Third Echelon HQ proper, pass through the first set of offices and you'll reach a left turn leading into the second set of offices. Looking down this hallway you should see a security camera at the far end of the next room. Throw an EMP grenade at it. When a guard comes to investigate, shoot him. This may take a few trys for it to all work right, but there's a checkpoint right there, so it's convenient at least.

    Car Alarm Investigation
    Neutralize an enemy while he is investigating a car alarm.
    Can be done anywhere you can find an enemy and a car in the same place. Third Echelon HQ's parking lot is a good location.

    Human Kevlar
    Mark & Execute 3 enemies while holding a human shield.
    See the Sonar Mark challenge for a good place for this.

    Group Neutralization
    Neutralize 3 enemies who are stunned by a single gadget.
    See the Stunned challenge for a good place for this.

    Alternate Door Entry
    Crush an enemy on the other side of a door by bashing into it or kicking it down.
    There's a pretty good ready-made location for this right at the end of Kobin's Mansion. Hang around the double doors leading into the room that Kobin is hiding out in. After a while, he'll send someone to check out the door. Use the mirror to check when he's on the other side of the door, then kick it in.

    Breaking Glass
    Shatter a window by throwing an enemy through it.
    It can be a bit hard to find a window that even works for this. Most of the time they just bounce harmlessly off the glass. The easiest place seems to be right at the start of Kobin's Mansion. Climb up the mansion walls and you'll find a guy standing right inside an open window. Grab him as a human shield, turn around and chuck him right through the open window you came in through. Works a bit better if you take a step or two away from the window first.

    Effective Interrogation
    Use 3 different special moves during a single interrogation.
    This can be done on the very first interrogation of the game in Merchant's Street Market. I believe I used Bathroom Stall, Sink and Urinal.

    Full Recovery
    In any COOP game mode, when you are knocked down, sit up and neutralize 5 enemies before your team-mate revives you.
    Sadly, this is one of those skill based challenges that there's really no free lunch on. The best you can do is make sure you go down near a lot of enemies. If you can find a lot of enemies near an explosive barrel or some other trap item that can give you a head start on the killing.

    Remain Undetected
    Remain undetected for 10 minutes after vanishing
    Straightforward enough. Just get spotted and escape from view, then stand somewhere safe and idle it out.


    That's all of them. Hopefully this will provide some assistance in getting these done, and if you think you found a more effective method for some of these, feel free to let me know. I'm all for amending this list in order to make it more useful.
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    Deathdealer108Really great guide. Very detailed. The explanations for Cat and Mouse and Last Known Position were really helpful in particular!
    Posted by Deathdealer108 on 09 Feb 17 at 18:02
    Piston ToyotaHey, thanks! And yeah, those two are particularly finicky. Cat and Mouse in particular is ridiculous. I have no idea how they thought anyone would get that many of those through natural progression, I think I had around 2 after doing everything else.
    Posted by Piston Toyota on 09 Feb 17 at 19:51
    UnfurledEmu75Wow, really helpful guide. It deserves more positives
    Posted by UnfurledEmu75 on 21 Jul 18 at 21:39
    GoW Buttersclapclap
    Posted by GoW Butters on 21 Aug 18 at 19:52
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