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Perfect Hunter achievement in SplinterCellConviction

Perfect Hunter

Complete any map in "Hunter" without ever having been detected on Realistic difficulty

Perfect Hunter0
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How to unlock the Perfect Hunter achievement

  • Richard BastionRichard Bastion139,804
    15 Apr 2010 15 Apr 2010 09 Jun 2011
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    The Perfect Hunter achievement can be solo'd, but it's quite a bit easier to do with another person.

    I did on the level St. Petersburg Banya, with a friend. My friend, or rather, comrade, got detected because he's about as stealthy as a brick being thrown through a window. I, however, remained undetected, and at the end got the achievement. In other words, if only your partner gets detected, you can still get the achievement, and vice versa! One can be a distraction, and the other can be a ninja.

    It has been said that having reinforcements called in will void the achievement. I can't confirm this, but you should try to make sure the enemies don't call for reinforcements, just in case.

    Note: People are reporting that the above method, as well as Maka91's method are no longer working. It looks as though Ubisoft has patched them. However, if you delete your cache(Go to dashboard > My Xbox > System Settings > Memory > Highlight Hard Drive > Press Y > Clear Cache) and play in offline mode, you should be able to use both methods again.

    The achievement says nothing about retrying, but if you retry - For whatever reason - you cannot get the achievement. If you wish to start the map over, simply return to lobby(Deniable Ops screen) and start over.

    Note: Col Biscuits believes that you must have a second account signed in as the second controller--it cannot just be a guest. So create a silver account, turn on the second controller, and sign in as the silver account you just created.

    Here's a couple general tips:

    * Bring fully upgraded Flashbang grenades. If you hit two enemies with a fully upgraded flashbang, you'll usually have enough time to melee kill both of them. Try it!

    * Use your Sonar goggles often, and mark every enemy that you see. This will make it much easier to track their movements, and eliminate the need to constantly flip on Sonar.
    Note: Use the upgraded Five-Seven pistol so you can mark four enemies at once!

    Save your Mark & Executes for the following locations(In St. Petersburg)

    Note: The enemy locations are semi-randomized. There are only a few variants that I've noticed, so for the most part, this should be quite accurate. For those of you who don't know, Hunter maps consist of 5 zones with 10 enemies each, naturally, you start in zone #1.

    In Zone #2, you'll come to a large room with a bridge going across the middle, and bright lights on the right, and far left side of the room. Because of the lights, progressing without M&E is difficult. There's generally no more than three enemies in here, and they'll patrol in such a way that you'll be able to execute them without actually going into the room. Or, at least not far into the room.

    Sometimes in Zone #2, there will be two enemies in a very large open room just past the room with the bridge, and to the left. This room is brightly lit, and the enemies patrol in such a way that makes killing them undetected quite difficult.

    In the beginning of Zone #3, try to melee kill as many enemies as possible, because the hardest part of St. Petersburg is coming up, and you'll need executes. After you exit the mansion, you'll come to a large outdoor area, with a gazebo in the middle of it all. There are lights everywhere and usually about five or six enemies. You'll see some boxes in the alley that leads to the garden area, and near these boxes is a pipe leading up, and to the side of the garden. This'll give you a great vantage point over the entire area.

    Couple more level tips:

    In Zone #1, at the very beginning, there's a pipe leading up to several windows near the top of the mansion. Climbing this pipe will save you time, and usually set up an easy kill. Oh, and DO NOT SHOOT THE CHANDELIER!

    In Zone #2, there are lots of pipes on the ceilings. Use these to get lots of easy Death From Above kills.

    In Zone #4, the enemies are packed very tightly, and a lot of them are close enough so that hand to kills are quite difficult, and gunfire will attract a lot of attention. Be careful here!

    Maka91 had a helpful tip to add:

    You may also want to add the 2 controller method.

    Person #1 gets the achievement. Controller 2, does the work. Fully upgrade his pistol and side-arm, as well 2 gadgets of your choice. For his suit, put all 3 upgrades towards armour, because he'll need it. (You can also switch out your main account weapons by putting them on the ground after killing an enemy.

    Do the level with the second controller (not getting the achievement) and make sure to keep your main profile within a closer range, just in case you die. (Then your main will need to revive him).

    Finish the level and the main account will get the achievement.

    Thanks, Maka91!

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    Wow this would have be one of the toughest chieves ive come across in a while. I'm painfully stubborn and refuse to put this game down until i 100% it lol - wish me luck in keeping my sanity
    Posted on 04 Feb 18 at 05:56
    te5s3raktIs this achievable on Xbox One with two controllers?
    Posted by te5s3rakt on 03 Apr 18 at 13:04
    szogyenyi1993Clearing the cache and doing the dirty job with my dummy account worked fine. Thumbs up man, i did not expect this could be that tough doing legit!
    Posted by szogyenyi1993 on 29 Feb at 13:25
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  • DeathGuard 123DeathGuard 1231,458,481
    07 Aug 2010 07 Aug 2010 30 Aug 2010
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    In addition to the other tips mentioned. I just unlocked this achievement on the DLC map "New Orleans, LA".

    You only have to kill 36 guys here becaus you only have 3 checkpoints with 12 guys on each checkpoint. This is 14 less from the normal maps.

    Out of all the checkpoints the first one is the hardest but just keep moving slow and keep checking if some one pops up. Try to both get a hand to hand take down in the 2nd zone so you both have a exucution ready on the last check point. In this last checkpoint first normaly shoot the 1 or 2 guys infront of the church. After that we both climbed up on the church and both shot every one with our mp5 who we could see while looking in the church through the windows (make sure to shoot the lights on the roof first). Than we just started to mark all the guys with our five-seven's and quickly both hang on the ledge of the window to execute about 3 people each. Than it's just a mather of time untill the remaining guys come close enough for a head shot.
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    godsandm0nstersAfter countless attempts doing St Petersburg Banya, I tried this map and got it first try. Thanks so much!
    Posted by godsandm0nsters on 28 Apr 15 at 17:33
    BX REAPAstill works as of 4/11/2018
    Posted by BX REAPA on 12 Apr 18 at 03:55
    A Dreadful ShotGreat solution. By far the best map to attempt this on.
    Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 27 Oct 18 at 05:22
  • Darkon XDarkon X155,250
    18 Apr 2010 18 Apr 2010 18 Apr 2010
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    Relatively easy to do.

    Items to use:
    Five-Seven (fully upgraded)
    MP5-SD3 (fully upgraded and won't be using it much)
    Flashbangs (fully upgraded, take in case of emergency, I never used them)
    EMP Grenades (never used them, take in case of emergency)

    Ok guys it's not that hard. Just like Richard Bastion said, do it in the St. Petersburg Banya. If you haven't read his then read it first and read mine after. It did take me a while to get it but once you learn the maps and where the enemies are it shouldn't be that difficult.

    I got spotted twice but you can still get the achievement as long as they don't call re-enforcements. First time I sniped a guy in the strip club and some other guy noticed. He said something like "I know where he is", he started running and went looking for me but my silhouette didn't appear and he never found me. Second time I knocked out a guy and another guy across the room spotted me and the red circle flashed red saying "detected". That guy was about to start shooting when I used my execution kill on him. So I guess you can be spotted as long as they never call re-enforcements.

    Use the Five-Seven for most of your kills. That's the gun I used the most as it has the most marks for the executions and it's pretty reliable. Go for the headshots every time! Just make sure you do get that headshot. If you manage to miss a headshot then you can be spotted and give your cover away. If that happens just start spraying the guy with bullets until he's dead before he calls re-enforcements.

    I used the MP5 to snipe two guys in that strip club. If you are going to do this you have to make absolutely sure that there is no one near the guy you're going to kill, otherwise the other guy may notice you and your silhouette will appear, at which point you can't get the achievement. Sniping those guys takes a lot of risk but can also make your play through a lot easier. Whatever you decide to do be careful.

    Use your execution marks wisely. If you use the Five-Seven you can kill up to 4 guys with it. If you do manage to get a good shot then kill 4 guys with it. It's always a good idea to use it when in close quarters and there 2 or more enemies in there. Do not attempt to do a hand-to-hand move when they're all close to each other. Save your marks and use them wisely!

    Also, you cannot go back to a checkpoint. If you get spotted, killed and start at the last checkpoint it won't count. You must exit to the lobby and restart the mission from there. The mission must me done in one play-through, no checkpoints whatsoever!

    My stats:
    Enemies Killed: 49
    Executions: 21
    Hand to hand kills: 16
    Teamate rescues: 0 ( I was playing alone)
    Stealth Kills: 47 (note that I had a total of 49 kills)
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    Darkon XI dunno man, I swear I only got 49 kills, weird but true.
    Posted by Darkon X on 19 May 10 at 11:17
    Digital GungnirThis was a really good solution. Clear and easy to read. Nice.
    Posted by Digital Gungnir on 09 Aug 10 at 08:52
    X3NDILORI'm still having trouble with this one, I did it solo and in coop. I try on St. Petersburg Banya, and realistic. During solo I never got seen, use mostly h2h combat and headshots with pistol. I did the same on Coop but hide alot more. So I was wondering if anyone has a more updated guide/ patch details.
    Posted by X3NDILOR on 14 Dec 12 at 06:55
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