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Deniable Ops: Insurgency

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Deniable Ops: Insurgency

Thinking inside the box achievement in SplinterCellConviction

Thinking inside the box

In the first area of the "San Francisco, CA" map, neutralize (12) enemies inside containers

Thinking inside the box0
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How to unlock the Thinking inside the box achievement

  • DeafAtheistDeafAtheist272,066
    27 May 2010 27 May 2010 27 May 2010
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    On Hunter mode in the 1st Zone of the San Francisco map there are several shipping containers with open doors. The object is to neutralize 12 enemies while they are inside the containers. Basically you have to take each enemy as a human shield and walk them in to the container and snap their necks or slam their heads against the wall of the containers.

    [EDITED for Ninja Scroll: Or lure them in there to do it. The basic idea is that the guards are neutralized while inside the boxes which is what I said in my 2nd sentence above that has NOT been edited. I figured it was implied that regardless of how you get them in there the object is that they are neutralized while inside the containers not outside of them.]

    Since there is danger of being exposed while walking a guard into a box it's best to shoot out nearby lights that can be shot out and obviously the cameras as well.

    Climbing up on the containers and maneuvering around the guards to flank them is the best strategy I found.

    Don't worry if you are detected and reinforcements are called in you can still get the achievement as long as you neutralize 12 guards in boxes and they don't have to be the first 12 either... I accidentally did a death from above on one of them outside the box before I got detected and then was detected. Prior to this attempt I was restarting after detections, but I thought I'd see if the achievement would still pop even if you're detected, and it did.

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    Leon KowalskiI did i solo as well. I was lurking and grabbing guards as human shields, then taking them into the closest/safest container, then standing still so that the B button became "kill" rather than "throw", then killed them. I made a mistake with the 9th guard, tapped the B button instead of holding it, so I killed him out in the open. So I had to let the 12th guard detect me in order to spawn the second set of guards. Good thing, because once I killed what should have been the 12th guard, the cheevo did not pop. I had to get one more guard. The only thing I can think I did that was questionable was that I killed my first guard inside one of those three three shallow crates that are open on the second level near the starting point. These are all partial crates; i.e. you cannot walk all the way through them as they are blocked only a few feet in. They are also a bad location anyway as they are well-lit by flares. Perhaps these do not count toward the achievement?
    Posted by Leon Kowalski on 11 Jul 10 at 14:27
    dropK1CK ninJAI can confirm that if you have a co-op partner it is 12 take-downs COMBINED between the two of you to unlock the achievement.
    Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 25 Jan 11 at 00:50
    DeafAtheistI too can confirm that doing it co-op you just need 12 total between you and your partner. It does not matter how many each player gets in as long as you have 12 total between the 2 of you. I helped a friend on XBL get this achievement last nite.
    Posted by DeafAtheist on 24 Feb 11 at 10:57
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  • Pedle ZelnipPedle Zelnip743,362
    03 Oct 2010 03 Oct 2010
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    This achievement requires the "Insurgency" DLC pack.

    You can get this achievement either by yourself or in co-op with a buddy. Difficulty does not matter, so might as well make it easy and go on rookie.

    If you're doing it by yourself, go into Deniable Ops and pick the "San Francisco, CA" map on Hunter.

    The idea is that there are shipping containers around the map, you have to kill 12 enemies while both you and they are in the container. I found the easiest way was to hide in a container and when a guy wandered near shoot at the wall inside the container. He'll come charging in, then just melee him dead. Repeat 11 more times. Also, it does not matter if you are detected (in fact, if it did this achievement would be near impossible). On my successful run, I was detected after killing the first guy.

    If doing it in co-op, follow the Achievement Hunter video below.
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    One Eyed TighWorked very well, thanks!
    Posted by One Eyed Tigh on 11 Jul 13 at 05:02
  • bigfatwalletbigfatwallet392,400
    23 Jul 2012 23 Jul 2012
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    This was much easier than I expected. As soon you start the level immediately turn left towards the camera. If you are facing the camera notice there is a stack of containers directly infront of you. (A guy normally patrols on top of them.)

    Notice there is a container on the second row with a door open. Your aim is to alert the guards and head into that container. Once inside stick on your goggles and melee anyone who enters. 12 kills later and achievement is yours.

    Do not worry about any grenades they throw at you because they will not harm you as they are outside of the container which acts like a blast shield.

    Job done.
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    FoolsAndKingsExcellent solution. The simplest way is always the best for me
    Posted by FoolsAndKings on 30 Jul 13 at 18:22
    Boost17Once I found the right box, worked like a dream. Thanks!
    Posted by Boost17 on 22 Apr 14 at 09:51
    x Tango Sukka xBrilliant solution, thanks man. Thumbs up from me!!!
    Posted by x Tango Sukka x on 01 Jun 16 at 15:11
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