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How to unlock the Explorer achievement

  • HWNDarksideHWNDarkside891,974
    17 Nov 2010 17 Nov 2010 05 Aug 2015
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    I got this on my 5th attempt. Most of the guides above are good to a point but didn't unlock the achievement.

    Explorer, as the names suggests, is granted for exploring. Some of these explorations result in ammunition, some result in Discovery Points (screen flash and noise), some in nothing at all.

    It is NOT linked directly to pick-ups. The achievement popped for me on Outpost having jumped out of one of the windows to use a wooden boardwalk (this wasn't where the game wanted me to go). It popped without picking anything up or doing anything else bar enter this area.

    So, take what you want from the other guides, but I suggest following this excellent guide to a tee - do absolutely everything mentioned and you will get the achievememt

    http://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/935091-metro-2033/faqs/59427 - full credit to Matthew Y Brown & gamefaqs

    I would also suggest a little extra exploring as I found a couple of areas not included in the guide. It is also worth mentioning I did not knock every door, or listen to every conversation. On level "War", "Frontline", I sneaked through the level first picking up 3 Discovery Points, then killed absolutely everyone and exploring every inch top-side. I then used the pipes to exit the level via the manhole.

    Given this was my 5th attempt I had also deleted every single save file for the game and started as new on easy - there is no way to verify whether or not this affected the achievement popping.

    Archived version of the guide - http://web.archive.org/web/20111220083821/http://www.gamefaq...

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    Donietschegot it on "outpost" on my third pt using chapter select. During my first pt I didn't care about scavenging and exploring, the 2nd pt was aimed mostly at getting morality points (for "enlightened"), plus some deeper exploration, but I still missed tons of stuff. I started my 3rd pt from the chapter "dead city": I followed the guide for the "ranger" achievement, and then continued from there. I tried to explore every corner of each map (didn't follow any guide), while still missing some discovery points (for instance, the deserter being executed on "frontline").

    Finally the achievement popped on outpost while checking out the small "shrine" on the stairs in the main building (there are a few candles IIRC, plus some ammo). Because I selected chapters, instead of restarting a fresh pt, this confirms that canceling your save doesn't guarantee any benefit, in case you've missed the achievement the first (or second) time. Quite the contrary, I'd say. I've noticed that the game saved a few times - when I was exploring new areas - even though that wasn't a checkpoint (I know for sure because I've died shortly after and respawned in a previous area). I guess that there is some sort of (additional in respect to checkpoints) save system that updates the "checklist" for the exploration %.

    That would make sense, considering that the game seems to use 3 different saves: one for "preferences", one for each individual level, and one for the purpose of continuing from the last checkpoint. Long story short, if you're sure that you've been diligent up until a certain point, feel free to restart from there (as many other players have already suggested and confirmed). The game will keep track of your exploration % in previous (and probably subsequent) levels.
    Posted by Donietsche on 23 Aug 18 at 09:01
    Skinny Kim JungI just got this on Outpost but nowhere near doing anything anyone has posted or anything I hadn't done in the past.

    Mind you, I had already won every achievement minus this one. I bounced around every level after completing it trying to get achievements. So finally I decided to follow the archived guide word for word. It was a pain in the ass and very slow going.

    I will say that out of all the playthroughs, I still managed to miss a few locations that the guide had highlighted which helped, for sure.

    I remember I even landed at Riga station and I had already got the sherlock achievement so I skipped it by loading up the next chapter. Then I continued playing like normal.

    I got to outpost and grabbed ammo off a dead body that I had already looted in the past several times over on different playthroughs and it popped there. My eyes went wide because I hadn't done anything special in this level I hadn't done before and when it popped I didn't know what the catalyst was.

    Anyone stuck on this achievement I would suggest following the archived guide. Honestly it helps. You might run into a wall box or two (like I did) or find a subway car you didn't know you could loot or even gain access too.

    Thank you for the archived guide! +1 Hope my comment helps someone out there.
    Posted by Skinny Kim Jung on 03 Nov 18 at 23:37
    ITz l Blaze lI got this at caves at the start picking up some ammo. I played multiple levels couple times to remember where bodies and stashes were and started a new game remembering the locations of it this is a pain cause you have to get majority of the stuff discovered I was getting worried if it didn’t unlock as I was nearing the end of the game but thank god it did. Would recommend getting all dead city stashes I got a few and didn’t bother with all and the chest on the train at black station because I didn’t get that one either or I’m sure it would’ve popped earlier. Once you play through a few times you get an idea of the items and hopefully it helps because that’s what I can say worked for me mostly.
    Posted by ITz l Blaze l on 30 Jul 19 at 23:17
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  • Cellar AtticCellar Attic483,752
    10 Jul 2011 10 Jul 2011
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    First off, this isn't a solution so much as a clarification. This is a frustrating achievement, to say the least, as there are no clear indicators as to what satisfies "exploration." At any rate, read the below for a few tips, especially if you've already played through the main game convinced that you would get the achievement and it didn't pop.

    I played through the entire game being very diligent in searching every area, and picking up everything I could. I found all the dead soldiers and caches, found all the Sherlock ammo, and did everything I was supposed to do for the Enlightened ending (which I did receive). But for some reason I didn't get the Explorer achievement. But the post above by Renown Spear about Black Station got me thinking. I basically just ran through the level to get the Merciful achievement, which meant that I missed out on a lot of stuff. This would prove to be the key, at least for me. So I loaded up Black Station again, killed every soldier, and took the time to explore the level thoroughly. I found everything, proceeded to Polis, and took a little extra time to check out the other side of the Alley level, finding a few new items along the way. Next was Library. I played up to the point where the Demon injures one of my comrades, checked a soldier for his ammo, and voila, chievo popped! So glad I don't have to play through the whole game again. What this also means is that saved games don't have to be deleted to earn the achievement, nor do you necessarily have to start from the beginning, especially if you've taken the time to earn the Metro Dweller, Sherlock, and Ranger achievements, and you've been fairly careful to search areas.
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    Cellar AtticThanks for sharing. THOROUGH exploration is definitely the key. You cannot rush through the levels and hope to earn this achievement.
    Posted by Cellar Attic on 11 Jun 18 at 20:26
    ZerstucaFollowed the TA walkthrough basically line by line, unlocking everything except this.
    Went back and started at Black Station, killed everyone and took casual strolls through the whole map ... eventually got through library, no achievement. Took about an hour so definitely worth the attempt if you also missed this upon campaign completion.

    Continued playing to "Cave" like Law Violation. This took an extra half hour on top of playing to the library.
    Unlocked as soon as I picked up the ammo in the ammo box in the caged area to the right of spawning.
    Posted by Zerstuca on 12 Jun 18 at 04:28
    Cellar AtticGood to know that, while this achievement is finicky, it's still obtainable with some extra care.
    Posted by Cellar Attic on 12 Jun 18 at 11:21
  • Arno VicidorianArno Vicidorian414,921
    18 Jun 2012 18 Jun 2012 18 Jun 2012
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    There are plenty of great solutions already posted, since this achievement so strange I thought I would just post the way I unlocked it. I completed the game on my 1st play through and didn't unlock Explorer. I then did the Frontlines achievement but still nothing. Afterward I jumped through various levels in the game. This also didn't work. I didn't delete the save but I started playing again from Chapter 2: Lost Tunnel. I was extra careful with finding bodies and lamps that could be turned off. I did NOT do Sherlock items or the "white flashes" in the game this 2nd time. Achievement finally popped in Outpost, it came up as I found a new body on the second level of the house, all the way in the back of the collapsed stairs.

    EDIT: I also forgot to mention how on the 2nd playthrough I noticed that there are plenty of Red Metal Boxes full of ammo or filters which I didn't pick up on my 1st playthrough. Not sure if it counts for this achievement though.
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    terrett101Just wanted to let you know that this method worked for me too. I followed the TA walkthrough and got all but Explorer and the mop-up achievements. Played through Front Line a couple of times to get those, but still didn't have Explorer. Replayed and explored Black Station based on another guide, still no luck.

    Decided to give your method a try as I was confident the game was reloading the chapters and keeping the stats from my original playthrough. Played from Riga in Ch. 2, closely following the Gamefaqs guide from HWNDarkside's solution above. Achievement unlocked as I picked up ammo in a back room on the second floor of the main building in Outpost. Will give you a positive vote when I'm next online and TA picks up the game, thanks!
    Posted by terrett101 on 29 Jun 12 at 23:07
    AKfoy0faceThis worked perfect and unlocked on Outpost! awesome
    Posted by AKfoy0face on 07 Oct 14 at 18:47
    Blessed EmotJust wanted to say, this solution worked exactly as described for me. In fact it was the same body underneath the stairs in Outpost that the achievement popped for me. Thank you
    Posted by Blessed Emot on 26 Nov 14 at 22:51
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