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Max out research on all 9 research subjects.

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How to unlock the Research Master achievement

  • SK DiabolicSK Diabolic216,486
    28 Sep 2010 10 Feb 2010 08 Sep 2010
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    This must be done in 1 playthrough; that goes for the rest of the single player achievements aswell.

    Heres a few tips from 'Onsidic' to make this achievement even quicker to get:
    Tip 1: Theres a keen observer tonic as your making your way up to Grace that helps your research be worth a lot more.
    Tip 2: Theres also a tonic on the Dionysis Park area that increases the length of time the camera will roll. Use that with the keen observer tonic helps alot. extra time should allow you to generally get 1 level per camera roll on some of the enemies that take a few more hits. (Big Daddies)

    You will get the Research camera on the Level 'Pauper's Drop',
    Here are all 9 subjects you need to fully research for the achievement:

    Leadhead - These are the normal slicers with firearms; which you met on BioShock 1; there are loads of these enemies running around causing havoc, they were my 2nd subject to fully research, so yeah thier easy enough.

    Thuggish - These are the normal slicers with melee weapons; which you met on BioShock 1; there are loads of these enemies running around causing trouble aswell, they were my 1st subject to fully research, so yeah their easy enough.

    ^Note: 'You should probably complete the Thuggish Splicer research as soon as you get the camera. Mainly because it seems that at some point after the halfway point there aren't anymore in the game, especially near the end.'
    (Thanks to ChrisOfTheDead for this tip)

    Spider - Yet another BioShock 1 splicer, you first encounter these on the 'Siren Alley' level, a nice place in the level to research them is when you are waiting for the power to come back; in the room where you need a door code in order to go to 'Pump station 5'; this is a good area because there are around 5-7 Spiders to research and also 1 Brute.

    Houdini - Yeah... BioShock 1 splicer again, you encounter these shortly after the spiders; on the 'Dionysus park' level, there is a real handy part in the level 'Fontaine futuristics' where you encounter many Houdini in one big room, which is in the 'Fontaine plasmid theatre'.

    Brute - And finally the new BioShock 2 splicer, now these guys were my last max research, make sure every time you encounter these stocky beast's that you research them every time, although on the last few level's there are tons of these splicers causing havoc.

    Bot - Simply walk straight in front of a security camera for long enough to trigger the bot's; they will be around for 40 seconds i believe, pretty easy to max these.

    ^ you could also work on 'Look at you, hacker' achievement after you research the bots. :]

    Camera - There are tons of Camera's around; search every room in each level, yet another easy one to max.

    Turret - There are tons of Turret's around; search every room in each level, yet another easy one to max.

    ^All above 3 count as 1.

    Big Daddy - This includes all Big Daddy types, for example on BioShock you had to Research Rosie's and Bouncer's in seperate subjects; but in BioShock 2, they are all in the same subject together.

    Big Sister - You won't encounter many of these in the game if you don't Save/Harvest any Little Sisters; so make sure before going for this that you always deal with every Little Sister in the game; in order to meet enough Big Sisters to fully research.

    Alpha Series - You meet up with these enemies on the 'Fontaine futuristics' level, but there are tons of these guy's on the last few levels, so these are fairly easy to fully research.

    Extra Notes:
    If you still can't earn this achievement there is an incredibly detailed thread made by Fizzmatix on x360a which with no doubt you will get this achievement with no problems,
    here is the link:

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    Shadow XBLwhere the heck do you find a list of how much research you've done on each?
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 17 Jul 14 at 04:01
    JuicyjamsShadow its located where you pull up the map, its a tab below.
    Posted by Juicyjams on 21 Nov 14 at 22:01
    Shadow XBLthanks, got it!
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 21 Nov 14 at 22:50
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  • Josh LandonJosh Landon322,674
    26 Apr 2010 26 Apr 2010
    64 1 2
    I thought I'd add to the other solutions by pointing out where the research subjects actually appear. Note that * means that the subject will not appear after that level, so make sure you don't leave without maxing out the research for it.

    Pauper's Drop: Thuggish Splicer*, Leadhead Splicer, Brute Splicer, Big Daddy, Big Sister, Security

    Siren Alley: Leadhead Splicer, Spider Splicer, Brute Splicer, Big Daddy, Big Sister, Security

    Dionysus Park: Houdini Splicer, Leadhead Splicer, Spider Splicer*, Brute Splicer, Big Daddy, Security

    Fontaine Futuristics: Houdini Splicer, Leadhead Splicer*, Big Daddy*, Big Sister, Alpha Series, Security

    Outer Persephone: Big Sister*

    Inner Persephone: Houdini Splicer*, Brute Splicer*, Alpha Series*, Security*
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    Drummin003This helps a lot, I was getting ready to start my second play through and didn't want to miss getting this again.
    Posted by Drummin003 on 10 May 10 at 18:31
    Barnsley PalThis is a great list, thanks! There are 2 Brute Splicers that you fight in Outer Persephone.
    Posted by Barnsley Pal on 12 Nov 11 at 19:43
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    i found an easy way to max a research track fast i did each track in about 4 to 6 enemies for each track this way

    first you need to get the winter storm tonic i believe its called and a mini turret

    start researching the enemy then freeze the enemy and deploy a mini turret and you should get a lot of points before the enemy dies you get more if you use keen observer and the extended reel as i Snowgoons i mentioned

    if your facing a big daddy, big sister, alpha series or brute use the machine gun at the same time the mini turret is attacking to help research go even faster
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    NoRmAlMaNzzthanx man this way seems to be fast for pretty much anyone cause after fighting the first houdini splicer I was able to get the full bar rite away!
    Posted by NoRmAlMaNzz on 01 May 10 at 08:55
    Orlesian BardVery useful for the Big Daddies/Sisters. Thanks
    Posted by Orlesian Bard on 14 Mar 11 at 17:28
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