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Master Protector

Get through a Gather with no damage and no one getting to the Little Sister.

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How to unlock the Master Protector achievement

  • Aura of HeroismAura of Heroism328,443
    09 Feb 2010 09 Feb 2010 13 Feb 2010
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    So far the best place I have found for this achievement is early on in the game. When you get to The Sinclair Deluxe Tenements and you walk around the Diner, (it is on the map,) there is a body in the corner that a little sister can harvest. The body is positioned behind a news stand (or something of a similar nature,) but point being that there are only two paths to get to her. There is an ammo vender right next to the diner that sells trap rivets. Set them up on the floors and walls in a well spaced apart proximity. Now if you have enough (around 30 or so) you really shouldn't have to worry bout the little sister, so now you have to worry about yourself. The best way to do this is to put her down and run into the diner and get in a corner. With your back to the wall, make sure you can see any splicer that can run through the door so you can zap them on the way in. Pay special attention to the leadheads as one bullet and game over. Using the machinegun helps b/c of the fast rate of fire and the amount of ammo. If you have the special ammo for it all the better. Just make sure whatever you do you use a long range weapon as the drill makes it easy for them to lay a random hit on you. If you have the cash to buy a ton of trap rivets, buy some more after you lay down the ones for the sister and set up your defenses around your position too.
    Once the sister is just about done run out there and pick her up.

    Another add. In Dionysus Park. Another fantastic spot to make an easy attempt on this. There is a section on the map thats blocked off by ice, IMAGO FINE ARTS. In this area there are several security cameras and turrets. The body is in the back of this room and there is only one entrance. Hack all the cameras and turrets, blue lines if you can, it'll help, and for good measure throw down some turrets. Since this is later in the game, you have access to more stuff, ie cyclone trap, rivet traps, speargun trap wires, turrets, proximity mines, lay these things out to your hearts content. Now for your part, there is a room you can retreat to behind the body. Head back there, and just for added security put some traps around the doors, sometimes splicers will get through here and pester you or head to the sister through the back of your defenses. After that just use common sense, freeze or electrocute people to keep them from hitting you and save beforehand incase you screw up. Just remember you need incinerate on you to get into this area, it is blocked off by ice.

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    STORM SHAKERThat second solution was perfect. I got it on the very first try. Thank you.
    Posted by STORM SHAKER on 16 Aug 10 at 07:12
    WeisGuy9Got it on about the third try at the first location. Thanks!
    Posted by WeisGuy9 on 14 Jul 12 at 21:05
    Dionysus Park was the place for me. Even on easy i was catching a bullet here and there. this place is perfect.Took a few tries but nailed it. Watch because some guys will come in tru the door with the safe in it. Just set up some mines and stand in the corner. Just freeze anybody that come tru.
    Posted on 28 Dec 12 at 15:48
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  • XoliulXoliul51,404
    12 Feb 2010 12 Feb 2010
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    I got this in Ryan's Amusements, the second harvest you do there. It's this maintenance room with a turret (make sure you've hacked it, preferably upgraded by hitting blue). I also had a bot flying along with me. These two make a big difference
    Splicers can only come in through two doors, so lay trap bolts all over. There's Trap ammo on the table and there's an ammo machine. Keep in mind that you can't place more than 24, and that annoyingly, the game removes some bolts that you placed if you reload a savegame (which you'll do a lot).
    Now the toughest part for me was not getting hit myself. The little sister was ignored by the enemies 75% of the time, so I didn't really have to worry too much there. To protect yourself, the best place is hidding behing the vita chamber at the back of the room, so you can see the door with the barrel in the corner. Reason for this is there's only one spot where leadheads can shoot at you. You're best to place most trap bolts at the left, since you won't have this angle covered.
    So put down the girl, run to the hiding spot. The traps, turret and bot should do all the work until about 1/3 of the way, then you'll need to start paying attention and dispatch of enemies quickly (Heavy Rivets or Anti-Personel MG, I prefered the Rivets). Use the explosive barrel in the corner at the right moment (about 2/3 of the way) to take out multiple enemies. If you see leadhead splicers targetting you, or melee splicers come close, zap them immediately with Electrobolt, the turret or bot might take care of them, or just land a headshot.
    Luck is really a factor here, I tried for about 15 times and got it when I was just about to give up. Enemies seem to ignore you in favor of the security systems, but you can have bad luck with a splicer jumping from behind the corner or a lucky pistol hit, or when a splicer decides to attack the girl (though you can stop theam easily).
    You'll get the achievement when you pick the girl up once it's over.
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    Gwintbleiddbest solution for this here thank you:)
    Posted by Gwintbleidd on 21 Dec 12 at 12:58
    LunaTuna77Great solution! I did follow Jennitiger's suggestion in that I posted myself behind the car. From there I only had to worry about the splicers coming in through the northern doorway; about 9 or so trap rivets and the turret (hacked with a blue bonus) took care of the eastern doors. I didn't even have a security bot with me and I don't think the splicers set off the explosive barrel/oil patch, it was just the turret and traps, so it was surprisingly easy once I camped out behind the car!
    Posted by LunaTuna77 on 09 Jul 13 at 10:53
    Ditto51Takes a few tries because of the AI doesn't always do the same thing, but it works.

    Just a tip, if it is going well, save and then just reload that save if you get shot or someone gets to the Little Sister.
    Posted by Ditto51 on 02 Sep 15 at 13:08
  • LunarSyntheticLunarSynthetic34,295
    08 Feb 2010 09 Feb 2010
    31 1 3
    I recommend going for this early on in the game, preferably with the first little sister you adopt. Before you place her down on a corpse to harvest ADAM, simply set up as many trap rivets as you can. Then, as the splicers attack, avoid letting any of them get near her. The traps should take care of this for you so take cover to avoid damage until they all get triggered. Then pick off the last few splicers without taking damage and the achievement is yours.

    Remember to make a save after you kill every few splicers so if you or your little sister take damage you don't have to start again.
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    ShooTereK PLThe easier way to obtain this achievement is to go to third level of the market in the second chapter of the story. There just set up some Trap plasmids in both entries. Then stand behind desk and finish off splicers stepping on traps. Remember to replace every used Traps with new ones. They won't even touch if done right. It makes it even easier if you bring with you Security Drone or two :).
    Posted by ShooTereK PL on 09 Feb 10 at 10:05
    DampfshoppingThe "save during the encounter" tip is the best ever!
    Posted by Dampfshopping on 15 Jul 10 at 20:52
    z0rrofoxThumbs up for the saving tip.
    Posted by z0rrofox on 09 Jun 13 at 22:04
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