Against All Odds achievement in BioShock 2 (Xbox 360)

Against All Odds

Finish the game on the hardest difficulty level.

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How to unlock the Against All Odds achievement

  • BonkekookBonkekook2,174,610
    16 Feb 2010 16 Feb 2010
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    This has some SPOILERS in it. I tried to mark them all, but there are probably some I missed. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read this. If you want it spoiler-free, here’s a walkthrough. Max out your drill, use every drill tonic, the freezing drill especially, max out Winter Blast to Level 3. That’s my tip in a nutshell for those who don’t want minor spoilers.

    If you want to cut time on your playthrough, go for this and the Big Brass Balls achievement, but the Big Brass Balls(completing the game without using a Vita-Chamber) can be unlocked on EASY. BioShock's Brass Balls achievement was added later, and you had to be on HARD difficulty; this is not the case in BioShock 2, although they could always do the same thing for BioShock 2. I was able to get every achievement in one playthrough on Easy except for completing the game on hard(and one easy secret achievement I missed). Trying to do the Big Brass Balls achievement on hard will just make your life a lot more miserable.

    Now, my advice when going through this game on Hard is this: don't do the Big Brass Balls achievement. Turn on vita-chambers, if you had them off. (Another note: I unlocked the Big Brass Balls achievement with them enabled, I just never died)

    Here are a few MAJOR points to follow:

    - I recommend saving your human enemies, and harvesting the little sisters. I did about 10 gathers, for the first 5 Little Sisters. After that, I immediately harvested them, and still had 400 ADAM left over when I finished the game, using my method.
    - Don’t be afraid to die! In regular combat, dying isn’t so bad. You’ll just spawn in a Vita-Chamber.
    - I beat the entire game without touching any weapons other than the drill and Machine Gun. Which means that it could end up being a heck of a lot easier for you(and it was pretty easy for me as it was).
    - Make use of the exploits you can find(such as EVE dispensers, which I’ll mention later).
    - The Fountain of Youth tonic, for those patient enough to use it, is IMMENSELY helpful.

    Avoid spending money on health, unless you absolutely have to, such as to prepare for an instance you know you can’t die during(i.e. gathers, boss fights). Save often, just in case. You don’t want to get caught in a bad spot, or have to reload the entire area because of a glitch. Gather up as many First Aid kits as possible. Unless you are religious against dying, only use one if you find another one lying around and you are carrying the max. If you die with 5 Health Kits, you spawn in a Vita-Chamber with 5 health kits. I started my hard playthrough trying to spend money on both health and EVE and never had enough money to buy everything else. This will save you a LOT of money for keeping your drill fuel up(for reasons explained later), along with special ammo.

    In my playthrough, I maxed out the drill and used the other ammo when appropriate, but the Freezing Drill/Winter Blast Tonic and Plasmid work wonders in taking out Big Daddys, and many other powerful foes, for that matter. As long as you take advantage of the opportunities you’re given, hard mode isn’t very hard at all. Of course, that could be said of any game where you can never really “die”.

    On the first level, you have an EVE dispenser. The second level also gives you an EVE dispenser(although I can’t confirm this one is infinite), and where you get Telekinesis, an infinite supply of food and EVE-restoring products(I say infinite, but there may be a limit, I only had 50 or so canned items sitting around before I stopped). On Paupers Drop you can use the drill refill to farm big daddies for money and max everything out. In Siren Alley you can use the slot machines and save/load to max your money out, as the slots aren’t fixed like they were in the first game. ***MINOR SPOILER*** Make sure that before you attack Father Wales you have maxed out your money using the slot machines. If you do, you will be able to fly through Dionysus Park and most of Fontaine Futuristics***END SPOILERS***

    Almost every level has some exploit to use to get through it. And really, the game isn’t even that difficult outside of using these.

    Another key point to beating the game is equipping the right plasmids and tonics, and making use of the right ones. Outside of using different ones for research, the only plasmids I used on a regular basis were EletroBolt and Winter Blast.
    I already mentioned the Freezing Drill Tonic. This is one of the main tonics I used, and (***MINOR SPOILERS***) it’s found inside the hotel, at the back on a body on an altar, in which you confront Grace Holloway on Pauper’s Drop***END SPOILERS***. Another tonic which will be important to use is the Fountain of Youth tonic, found for researching the Spider Splicers completely.

    At the conclusion of the game, my tonics were(I’ve purchased all available slots):

    Careful Hacker 2
    Drill Power 1 AND 2
    Booze Hound
    Sports Boost
    Vending Expert 1 AND 2
    EVE Saver 1 AND 2
    Thrifty Hacker
    Medical Expert
    Freezing Drill
    Fountain of Youth
    Armored Shell 2
    EVE Expert
    Ice Storm
    Drill Vampire
    Drill Specialist

    Now, understand, everyone is a little different. The drill tonics were my way of playing through. If that’s the way you want to play, this is a great way to do it.
    If you’ve been following my advice, upgrading the drill, using the drill power ups, etc, you should have no problems flying through Dionysus Park and Fontaine Futuristics, using the Winter Blast/Freezing Drill combo, then using water to refill everything with the Fountain of Youth tonic.

    By the end of Fontaine Futuristics, you will probably be running low on money, and will be in a scrap for it. If you are really desperate, you can farm Big Daddies for money. ***SPOILERS***After finding all four ADAM flowers for Gil, you can repeatedly run over to where the final two flowers were, and a Big Daddy will usually spawn there***END SPOILERS*** Never use anything except a melee and slight Winter Blast….and keep attacking until someone dies. You’ll respawn in a VitaChamber. Run at him and keep attacking until he dies, and drops $50 or so, and repeat until you’re ready. Or, you can just continue on and hope for the best.
    Remember, it’s the last level. Strategy for using certain things can go out the door. You’re not going to be needed all that extra ammo you’ve been saving up.

    As far as this guide goes, if you’re looking here for help, you’re probably going to want to play the finale as conservatively as possible. Don’t go all Rambo just because it’s the last level. It could land you in serious trouble.

    I was worried about the last level. But after farming the Big Daddys at the end of Fontaine Futuristics, and upgrading my Winter Blast, I had my money maxed out before the final Boss Fight, and actually didn’t even need to use it. The ONLY problem you’ll run into in the final fight is having to destroy the pipes, which is harder to do without a gun equipped(one of the tonics greatly reduces amount of EVE used but you can only use the drill). Just use Telekinesis and throw stuff at them until they burst.

    Again, I was able to beat the game using only the drill(and occasionally the Machine Gun early on) using this method. It may work for you, it may not. But if you take advantage of the Fountain of Youth, this method will work well for you.
    There’s not much else to say, but good luck!

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    BonkekookSeeker, you're partially incorrect. Drips don't, but pools do. From the wiki:

    When equipped, the player will slowly regenerate health and EVE when in contact with water. This can be from standing under a large leak in the ceiling (flowing water that obscures the whole screen for a moment will heal you; dripping water is insufficient), standing in pools of water, or from being immersed in water while outside of Rapture.
    Posted by Bonkekook on 11 Jul 13 at 00:37
    Blazing NobleThanks for the great tip with he Scout glitch.
    As well as the picking up little sister canceling the glitch I also found that every time I continued to the next level the glitch also stopped. This was never an issue as gene banks are everywhere, just wanted to add that.
    Also I had so many upgrades in the end I kept having to upgrade weapons I never used, I also had a lot of adam to spare by the end so I recommend just harvesting all the little sisters instead of getting her to gather for you before you do, this is because when you get her to gather for you the glitch is cancelled and you have to fight legit. So simply by-pass the gather battles and you will still have plenty of adam. You will still get the big sisters turning up now and then when you harvest the little sisters, but simply activate the glitch when this happens so always know where the gene bank is when you are about to harvest the little sisters.
    Anyway thanks for all the advice, I got 100% today to go with my 100% on BioShock 1. Next up BioShock Infinate on 1999 mode.
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 26 Aug 15 at 00:14

    Great tips. Cake once you get to Siren's Alley and used in combination with the Scout glitch:

    Solution for Against All Odds in BioShock 2 (Xbox 360)

    Notes: Must redo the glitch when changing maps, loading or obtaining ADAM from little sisters or sea slugs--big sisters didn't seem to negate the invurnability.
    Posted by Twincats on 08 Jun 18 at 05:32
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  • Removed Gamer
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    I wanted to share this for those who don't care for a challenge or cheating.

    Get out your scout*. Use it and right away Press A at the Gene-Bank. If it showed the ghost image, before you enter Gene-Bank, you got it! Now replace scout with any perk., leave Gene-Bank and leave scout.
    You are now invincible!

    *Scout is located in Siren Alley's Little Sister machine. It's in Little Eden Plaza. Right after that it should be super easy all the way!
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    KieraaKahlerStill works as of December 2015! Just like everyone has been saying you have to perform this again after you harvest or save a little sister as well as doing it at the beginning of every level. This really helped me get through hard so thank you!
    Posted by KieraaKahler on 06 Dec 15 at 23:53
    flubberfudgeAnyone have a new video that actually works? Would love to see it, no offence but the written descriptions are pretty information lacking.
    Posted by flubberfudge on 30 Jul 16 at 17:56
    GrozniaHere is another video I found for the solution for anyone who may want to use it.
    Posted by Groznia on 01 Jun 17 at 15:42
  • Brenin WatsonBrenin Watson674,972
    01 Jun 2010 27 Sep 2010 29 May 2015
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    This game is not too hard on the hardest difficulty, but just use basic tips like you would on any other game on the hardest difficulty.

    1. Take cover often.
    2. Don't be afraid to heal when you have 50% health left.
    3. Don't worry about your EVE it will reload by itself.
    4. If you die, think about what is about to happen and lay A LOT of traps.
    5. Save often.
    6. Upgrade the plasmids you are good with, don't waste any on ones you don't use.
    7. Optional: Consume the little sisters. (This helps a bunch)
    8. Explore every spot in every room, plenty of EVE, health items, and cash can be found.
    9. Don't rush, it will only get you killed.

    And I think that's about all I can say, so good luck!
    Message me if anything was not clear or anything.
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