Big Brass Balls achievement in BioShock 2

Big Brass Balls

Finish the game without using Vita-Chambers.

Big Brass Balls0
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How to unlock the Big Brass Balls achievement

  • TeamBrian1020TeamBrian102073,684
    01 Mar 2010 01 Mar 2010
    34 6 5
    Like sacredskullkid said, the difficulty doesn't matter this time around, so play on what you're comfortable with. I got mine on normal, but you can be all fancy and go for super hard and think you're better than the rest of us or something.

    Save the game all the time. Seriously, all of the time. Before you hack something, save it, before you walk through a door, save it, before you send the last Little Sister in a level through the vent (or harvest her, you evil Subject Delta you) save it. Big Sisters only attack after you've "dealt with" every Little Sister in a level, so you know when they're gonna come and you can set up the battlefield beforehand - proximity mines, trap spears, and mini turrets are your friends.

    If you happen to have full health and eve, and full first aid and eve hypos, save the game, 'cause who knows when you'll see more, right?

    I know it isn't much of a "solution," but if you save the game a lot, you'll have to re-do less if you end up dying somewhere, and that's really all that getting this achievement is about. Good luck!

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    Anlaquithe ones who goes for this on hard, like me, we r not better than u, u just suck more
    Posted by Anlaqui on 09 Apr 13 at 14:59
    Lord Von Chimpjust wanna add, where you say the big sisters only attack when you deal with the last litte sister, that's wrong, you wanna be saving every time you put on in a vent, i've been attacked on the first in Pauper's Drop and second in Dionysus Park,
    Posted by Lord Von Chimp on 19 Apr 13 at 15:17
    FinalBossBrlol the first Bioshock brass balls achievement is way difficult than this. I just unlocked it on hard today.
    Its not that challefing actually, i've finished with a bunch of adam and 675 dollars.
    What u need to do is just take the upgrades/plasmids/tonics wisely, save often (you start saving all time but you will slowly getting confidence) and aim for headshots, especally in the beginning of the game.
    Posted by FinalBossBr on 11 Jan 18 at 23:56
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  • Brenin WatsonBrenin Watson613,129
    31 May 2010 27 Sep 2010
    23 3 0
    Save. Save. Save.
    When you die just go back to your last save.
    If you save often enough, it won't be so bad.
    You'll get use to doing it like I did.
    The lower the difficulty you go on the less likely you are to die.

    Good Luck!
    Feel free to message me if anything was not clear.
  • CHRI5T0PH5RCHRI5T0PH5R199,985
    16 Feb 2010 14 Mar 2010
    22 5 1
    This can get gotten on easy difficulty and because of this is quite easy. There are only nine levels in the game and many r easy if u know the codes to open doors which saves much time. Paupers Drop=0047 Siren Alley=1919 Inner Persephone=2673
    Showing only comment.
    Anlaquionly one code is needed in the game, the last one for inner persephone the other r just xtra stuff
    Posted by Anlaqui on 09 Apr 13 at 15:03
  • fsanukfsanuk238,516
    17 Mar 2011 30 Sep 2010 17 Mar 2011
    20 5 0
    The first thing you have to do is to disable Vita-Chambers.
    Pause the game and go to Options and Turn ON 'Disable Vita-Chambers' (or something similar). Now play the game normally.
    If you die you will come back to the main menu and will have to reload your last save (so save often!).

    Please note that every time you load a save you will have to go to Options and disable them (don't forget!). (EDIT: This happened to me in the beginning of the game but for some reason the game 'remembered' my settings and kept Vita-Chambers disabled).
  • Greggie SmallzzGreggie Smallzz120,362
    23 Feb 2012 23 Feb 2012
    15 1 0
    In addition to the other solutions above I wanted to add that it is _not_ a requirement to have vita chambers disabled. To obtain the achievement you simply must never _use_ the vita chambers. I started the game and got through ryans amusements, and didn't realize I hadn't disabled vita chambers. At that point I did disable them as to not accidentally use one. So while I recommend you do turn them off, if you already started a game with them on you do not have to restart.
  • mrmontiemrmontie64,356
    07 Mar 2010 07 Mar 2010
    8 7 1
    Just to be clear, as I was fuzzy on this myself, save games make this achievement a sure thing. If you spawn in a vita chamber, just re load. this will count for the achievement. No need to turn vita chambers off. Just remember to save often.
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