Choose the Impossible achievement in BioShock 2 (Xbox 360)

Choose the Impossible

Achieve Rank 40.

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How to unlock the Choose the Impossible achievement

  • Woady B JankinWoady B Jankin284,166
    13 Feb 2010 16 Feb 2010
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    Alright so there are a number of ways to earn xp, if u do not want to take the boosting path (no offense to Buga75 returns of course).

    ok the good thing about Bioshock 2's multiplayer is that it's kind of like Modern Warefare2, you DO NOT need to win to earn xp, just do certain things while the match is going on. Bioshock 2 offers about 10-12 different ways of earning xp.

    10 points for every kill
    5 points for assits
    100 points for killing a Big Daddy
    50 points for becoming a Big Daddy
    10 points for each Adam vial you find (the red ones that look like eve hypo)
    10 points for Hacking a Turret or Vending Machine
    75-500 points for completing Trials - this can be simple tasks like killing a big daddy with a shotgun or melee killing someone who is on fire. (thanks to whoever left the comment)
    You can earn a Max of 200 points from your match standing, so the better you do of course the more adam you earn.
    50 points for getting a killstreak, i'm not sure how many kills this requires
    10 points for each research photo you take
    50 points for capturing a little sister
    3 points per second for holding the little sister in ADAM grab (guidebook give me that info)

    ~The Strategy~

    Bioshock 2's multiplayer has several games modes

    Survival of the Fittest (Free for all)
    Civil War (Team Deathmatch)
    Capture the Little Sister (CTF)
    Turf War (where you have 3 points to hold onto for a certain amount of time)
    Adam Grab and Team Adam Grab (Basically Halo 3's oddball, you hold a little sister for the longest time possible)
    and Last Splicer Standing (basically you only get 1 life and once u die thats it till next round)

    1) When trying to go for level 40, I DO NOT recommend playing Turf War, Team Adam Grab or Last Splicer Standing, UNLESS you have a good enough team, if you never get the little sister then the game will end quickly without much chance to get xp from it. The point is to try and earn as much Adam as you can during a match.

    2) Game Modes like Civil War and Capture the Little Sister can last for the longest amount of time. The goal while the match goes on is try and earn every single piece of point you can. Hack every turret or vending you come across (10 points there) When finding an enemy try to kill them as best as you can, if your not able to then try and run away, a lot times (at least for me) the enemy doesn't allows follow you because chances are he is hurt too. If you come across a firefight with enemies and your team, try to land at least a melee hit or a bullet on the enemy evening if your not going to kill him, this will still earn you 5 points. Plus even if your team doesn't win, if you can still get 1st or 2nd place among the ranks you'll earn 150 or 200 adam for it. So winning if not everything to ranking up

    3) Pick up any red vials of Adam you see, a lot of people don't seem to care about them but hey its a quick 10 points toward leveling up. Also research every dead enemy body you come across, again a quick 10 points, plus it helps with killing them.

    4) Try to become the Big Daddy whenever you can, if your not able to, don't waste your time trying to kill him first (I mean make sure you help take him down, but don't solely focus on him) try to kill him when he is near death, that way if you land the killshot that earns you 100 points (this happens less more than often, but hey in every Civil War, there is usually 2 Big Daddies at most)

    5) I can't offer any great tips on earning kills, the only strategy I find helps is use Aero Dash with a Shotgun, hit them with Aero Dash, shotgun them, then melee right away if they are still alive, this will usually kill them right after the melee, as long as your quick enough. Getting kills comes with luck or skill at times, depending on the person you go up against, so get those research photos to help with this.

    6) Trials can be your biggest help at leveling up sometimes. Once you earn trials at level 3, start working on them, several of them are simple like land electric bolt 30 times on an enemy or take 30 research pics overtime. Try to complete as many trials as you can, cause they can drastically increase your total adam for that match if you end up completing several at one time.

    Sorry for the Length lol. Hope this guide can help offer some advice on leveling up, if you try to pick up as many little points during a match as you can you can earn roughly 600-900 adam a game. I've been playing multiplayer (according to the statistic's page in the game) for about 6-8 hours and I'm already level 18. If you feel I need to add anything or forgot something let me know

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    Blazing Noblecorrect me if I am wrong but you get 150xp even if you lose and do nothing, so why cant you fill up a lobby with boosters and everybody just do nothing for hours on end, wouldn't that mean everybody gets 150 per round over and over again?
    so if that is true everybody just idle boosts say 10 hours-20 hours and everybody ranks up and they do nothing? if you get kicked for inactivity just rubber band it.
    all this turret and hacking seems like a lot of effort for nothing, if I am correct.
    would this method work?
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 15 Jan 15 at 09:28
    Blazing Nobleto confirm you do get 150xp for losing and 200xp for winning.
    average people get 400xp per match playing legit and would take around 24 hours to get rank 40, so by that ratio after 50 or so hours of idle boosting you get all the rank achievements without lifting a finger. most people have played some games so you shouldn't need that many hours. I am unsure if the whole lobby idle boosts what would happen if it was a 0-0 draw, does the whole lobby get the 150 adam minimum. so I am thinking get a party together for 4-5 x 10 hour sessions of idle boosting. if some people want to get kills that's fine as it will speed things up, at least for that person and the winning team. idle method of boosting while you sleep. is this whole idea crazy or genius?
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 01 Feb 15 at 03:01
    GatorFistWhile there is no idle kick, it does kick you if you don't pick a loadout.
    Posted by GatorFist on 20 Apr 20 at 22:59
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  • ZachRobins0nZachRobins0n497,491
    18 Feb 2010 17 Feb 2010 11 Oct 2013
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    In BioShock 2, ADAM is a green liquid in its raw form that is the stem cells that are gained from a parasitic type of Sea Slug. These are gained by matches in BioShock 2 multiplayer. ADAM is used to level up the player, by ranks, to unlock items and features in the game itself. There are 50 ranks in BioShock 2 but for this achievement you only need the first forty ranks.

    Level 1-10
    The lowest levels require the least amount of ADAM.

    •Level 1- Beginning level, requires no ADAM and will unlock starter audio dairies, the winter blast, the shotgun, the pistol, and the electro bolt incinerate.
    •Level 2- Requires 500 ADAM and will unlock the machine gun, the maternal instinct, and staying visible.
    •Level 3- Requires 1000 ADAM and will unlock the security evasion and master researcher.
    •Level 4- Requires 2000 ADAM and will unlock Aero dash, and a bronze club membership.
    •Level 5- Requires 3000 ADAM and will give the pistol automatic upgrade and the “without a word”.
    •Level 6- Requires 4000 ADAM and will unlock the grenade launcher.
    •Level 7- Requires 5000 ADAM and will unlock the EVE saver and speedy recovery.
    •Level 8- Requires 6000 ADAM and will unlock the geyser trap.
    •Level 9- Requires 7000 ADAM and will give the shotgun rate of fire upgrade.
    •Level 10- Requires 9000 ADAM and will unlock the silver society membership and the crossbow.
    Level 11-20
    The lower mid-range levels require a more moderate amount of ADAM.

    •Level 11- Requires 10500 ADAM and will unlock the backstabber.
    •Level 12- Requires 12000 ADAM and will unlock telekinesis.
    •Level 13- Requires 13500 ADAM and will give the tommy gun clip increase upgrade.
    •Level 14- Requires 15000 ADAM and will give the nail gun.
    •Level 15- Requires 16500 ADAM and will unlock the metabolic EVE.
    •Level 16- Requires 18000 ADAM and will give the Houdini Plasmid.
    •Level 17- Requires 19500 ADAM and will give the grenade launcher homing grenade upgrade.
    •Level 18- Requires 21000 ADAM and will give the elephant gun.
    •Level 19- Requires 22500 ADAM and will unlock sabotage.
    •Level 20- Requires 25500 ADAM and will unlock the insect swarm and the gold circle membership.
    Level 21-30
    The upper mid-range levels will require a good amount of ADAM to level.

    •Level 21- Requires 28000 ADAM and will give the crossbow damage upgrade and Jacob Norris’ final audio diary.
    •Level 22- Requires 30500 ADAM and will give repairman.
    •Level 23- Requires 33000 ADAM and will give the nail gun magazine upgrade.
    •Level 24- Requires 35500 ADAM and it unlocks speedy hacker.
    •Level 25- Requires 38000 ADAM and it gives the elephant gun sniper scope upgrade.
    •Level 26- Requires 40500 ADAM and it unlocks slugger.
    •Level 27- Requires 43000 ADAM and it gives the pistol damage upgrade.
    •Level 28- Requires 45500 ADAM and it unlocks Leg Up.
    •Level 29- Requires 48000 ADAM and it gives the shotgun automatic reloader upgrade.
    •Level 30- Requires 53000 ADAM and it unlocks Fast Feet.
    Level 31-40
    The highest levels require the most amount of ADAM to level up

    •Level 31- Requires 57000 ADAM and it gives the tommy gun recoil decrease upgrade.
    •Level 32- Requires 61000 ADAM and it unlocks Deadly Machines.
    •Level 33- Requires 65000 ADAM and it gives the grenade launcher a velocity boost upgrade.
    •Level 34- Requires 69000 ADAM and it unlocks Head Hunter.
    •Level 35- Requires 73000 ADAM and it gives a crossbow rate of fire upgrade.
    •Level 36- Requires 77000 ADAM and it unlocks Big Game Hunter.
    •Level 37- Requires 81000 ADAM and it gives a nail gun damage upgrade.
    •Level 38- Requires 85000 ADAM and it unlocks Death Trap.
    •Level 39- Requires 89000 ADAM and it gives the elephant gun damage upgrade.
    •Level 40- Ending level, requires 97000 ADAM and it gives a special reward, the final cutscene to the game, and Resurrection.
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    Blazing Nobleso by comparing your rank with the list of xp in this solution and multiplying 7,750 per hour, you can work out exactly how many more of the turret boosting sessions you will need to do to achieve rank 40.
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 13 Feb 15 at 00:47
    Blazing Noblefor example
    I am on rank 32 (61,000)
    so I know that I need another 36,000 to get to rank 40 (97,000),
    so that means I need to do no more than 5 hours more turret boosting.
    (as 7,750 x 5 = 38,750).

    I hope this has been of some help to you guys.
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 13 Feb 15 at 00:50
    The S bot 9000Just wanted to add on to Noble's great info above. If you're looking to complete the DLC too (Specifically the Reincarnation Achievement), then you need to hit rank 50 for the resurrection achievement.

    Rank 50 requires a total of 66,000 ADDITIONAL XP according to the wiki. Ranks 41-49 are 6000 each and Rank 50 needs 12,000 additional XP. (So a total of 163,000 ADAM to fully complete the multiplayer).
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 09 Sep 20 at 18:48
    11 Feb 2010 15 Feb 2010 11 Oct 2010
    123 51 31
    I posted a guide on how to boost but it wasnt well received. People are so ungratefull these days. If you want 2,800 xp a match, i have seen my friend get 3,200 using this method.

    You can only do this trick on Farmers Market there is a vending machine that is infront of a little mini wall you can hack behind the wall and have the other person hold the little sister to trigger the trap. Doing this with speedy hack will net you close to 3000 xp a game if done without mistakes.

    Credit goes to EL MACHO46 for finding this.


    I was recently finishing up the dlc for this game and me and my friend XRL8ing666 found a trick above all others for this game. It may or may not be common knowledge yet but on the map Smugglers Hideout there is a gold mine of an adam trick.

    Go to the vending machine near where the little sister spawns and have one guy stand near the left side of the vending machine and the one hacking it on the right side. You can hack here without having the bomb hurt either of you because it falls into the water. Over 3000 adam a game with ease here.

    Again this is a boosting method so if you are anti boosting im sorry but boosting is legal get over it.
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    McLovin88869Great solution u rock but it would be less of a let down if u let ppl know in the guide that it is only 3000xp for 1 person per match
    Posted by McLovin88869 on 25 Oct 14 at 08:58
    Zye HatosuIs it possible to do this (and the other MP achievements) with only 2 people? Or do you need more than 2 people to start a match?
    Posted by Zye Hatosu on 30 Jul 15 at 22:56
    Blazing NobleIf anybody is interested I have been crunching some numbers and have worked out the following.

    to reach level 40 is 97,000 adam/xp

    and on average with speedy hacker (gained at rank 24) through turret boosting you gain:
    7,750 per 1 hour
    15,500 per 2 hours
    23,250 per 3 hours
    31,000 per 4 hours
    38,750 per 5 hours
    26,500 per 6 hours

    so basically from 0-40 you are looking at 16-17 hours of turret boosting sessions.
    I just wanted to put a number on it for you guys who are just starting out at what you would be looking at to achieve this.

    (without the rank 24 speedy hack you gain about 5,500xp per 2 hours of turret boosting)

    There is the list of ranking amounts of xp, (It is the 2nd solutions on TA for the rank 40 achievement) by referring to this combined with my estimations you can track your progress and work out your total remaining boosting time required from the rank that you are currently on. That way you don't join a session that lasts much longer than you need to be in. After all those hours im guessing you wont want to do any more than nessacery.
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 16 Feb 16 at 04:45
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