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Territorial achievement in BioShock 2 (Xbox 360)


Win a non-private match in each of the 6 new maps.

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How to unlock the Territorial achievement

  • NastyMastaDaddyNastyMastaDaddy2,929,178
    13 May 2010 13 May 2010 27 Jan 2011
    70 13 24
    *6 people required to boost*
    First of all the maps you need to win on are:

    -Dionysus Park
    -Fighting McDonagh's
    -Fontaine Fisheries
    -Pauper's Drop
    -Siren Alley
    -Smuggler's Hideout

    You will want to play adam grab and not touch the little sister so it ends with everyone at 0 points. Once you all tie for 1st on all the maps and the achievement only pops for the host. Therefore you have to each win one individually outright on only one more dlc map then for the achievement to pop (one more win for each person). You dont have to win outright on each map just one more once you all have tied for 1st on all of them. Also a quick way to get the map you need to play on is to have the host back out after you connect if the map that shows up isnt the one you need. Then when you get the map you need you can tell the 6th person to join in the game (join session in progress) as soon as you get the map you need.

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    Posted by psportal on 22 Jul 19 at 01:59
    PankerizateOnly four people are needed for Adam Grab, are you sure 5 are required?
    Posted by Pankerizate on 02 Apr 20 at 22:38
    Linky0033My GT is Linky0033 add me!
    Posted by Linky0033 on 03 Jun 20 at 14:01
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  • Segendary TySegendary Ty662,595
    29 Nov 2013 01 Dec 2013 21 Jun 2014
    51 2 26
    To everyone still playing this:

    If you play every map in a private match all by yourself and then win a match on any of the maps in a non private one, you can unlock the achievement.

    Solo part
    -So setup a private match
    -ADAM grab as the gamemode as this takes little over 3 minutes
    -Launch the game by yourself
    -Grab the little sister until you win (3 min)
    -Go down the list of all the DLC maps (described in the other guides)

    Non solo part
    -Play a NON-private match on a DLC map and Win Win it (tie win doesn't count)
    -AchievementS unlocked
    this also unlocks this achievement:
    BioShock 2 (Xbox 360)Aqua IncognitaThe Aqua Incognita achievement in BioShock 2 (Xbox 360) worth 59 pointsPlay at least one non-private match on each downloadable content map.

    Extra info
    -If want to boost this set it up with 4 people and switch holding the little sister in "adam grab". You might get 'randoms' but you should be able to win very quickly anyway. If you abhore that then set it up with 6, just make sure everyone did the Solo part first
    -This also works for the regular maps, but you'll have to win on a regular map to unlock that achievement, it also requires you to apply the solo part on the regular maps first as well
    -I do not want to take credit for inventing this. This info was passed on to me through a friend of a boosting partner
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    GunnerkiteWorked liked a treat Segendary Ty, thanks. Nice easy way to knock these out.
    Not sure about other comment about being ok to dashboard. I did 1 win on capture the sister, then dashboarded the gaem and came back later and did the other 5 on adam grab, and didn't get it (maybe it was the game type that messed it up??) whatever happened, I just re-did ALL the maps on adam grab and then won 1 game and that sorted it out.
    Posted by Gunnerkite on 03 Aug 14 at 10:28
    Failure OnlineExiting the game lost progress for me. Perhaps a BC issue.
    Posted by Failure Online on 05 May 18 at 21:46
    Segendary TyI recommend not quitting the game nor does it say so in the guide. Loss of progression at your own risk ;)
    Posted by Segendary Ty on 05 May 18 at 22:03
  • AndyLSimmonsAndyLSimmons148,391
    17 Sep 2010 10 Jan 2011
    30 9 0
    For this achievement, you will need 5 other players. Play on Adam Grab and have no one touch the little sister. While you wait for the game to end, you can work on trials to help towards the levelling achievements.

    When the game ends with everyone on 0 points, the game will count it as a win for everyone. This will have to be done on all 6 maps which are:

    Dionysus Park
    Fighting McDonagh's
    Fontaine Fisheries
    Pauper's Drop
    Siren Alley
    Smuggler's Hideout

    Once you have done this on all 6 maps, each person needs to take it in turns to win a game on one of the above maps. Once you get a untied win, the achievement will pop.

    Unfortunately, everyone requires the DLC so there is very little chance of DLC maps coming up when playing online normally so I would advise you to make or join a boosting session for this game. You can do so by looking to the right at the box that says "Achievement Gaming Sessions." If there are no sessions available, you can use this link to create one:
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