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Save every Little Sister and choice character.

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  • WhizEdWhizEd106,629
    10 Feb 2010 10 Feb 2010
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    At various points in the game you will be given the option to kill certain non-essential characters, namely Grace, Stanley and Gil.
    Simply DO NOT kill them, and that, along with SAVING ALL the Little Sisters will get you this achievement. The achievement will unlock upon reaching Lamb's secret hideout beyond the fuel/oxygen pump.


    Upon reaching Gil, it may seem like the most humane thing to do would be to kill him. It did to me anyway. DO NOT, even though if you ask me the achievement should be kill Gil, spare the rest.
  • Atomic Clutch XAtomic Clutch X370,149
    31 Dec 2010 05 Jan 2011
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    1. Make sure that you find and save every little sister in the campaign. You get the option to save when you have a little sister and you are at a vent. Now, you meet Grace at Paupers Drop. She is the first one you meet. You'll meet her pretty much at the end when you infiltrate her hideout full of splicers. When you find her in her secret place, she'll open her door and you have the option to kill her. Don't hurt her and just get the item and leave the room. The door will close and she will start saying stuff to you through the radio, audio, whatever it is. The second person you meet is Stanley. You meet him at Dionysus Park. You meet him early in a locked train room. You have to do some stuff before the door unlocks. Then when your going back to the train at the end, Lamb will open the door so you can decide his fate. Just go in the room and pick up items if needed but don't hurt him and just go in the train and leave. Finally, you meet Gil at Fontaines Futuristics. This guy is crazy and annoying. At the end you get to a dark lab with a huge tank. Gil wants you to find plasmid plants before you can decide Gil's fate. After collecting, you put the adam in the tube. After, Gil will tell you to kill what's inside, and there will be a switch that flashes(not gold). Don't press it, just leave the lab and go to Lamb's hideout. After reaching the hideout, the achievement unlocks.
  • BananaSausage47BananaSausage4797,922
    09 Apr 2010 24 May 2010 25 May 2010
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    *** SPOILERS ***

    At certain points in the game you have the option to kill or spare Stanley Poole, Gil Alexander and Grace Holloway. To save Stanley and Grace, simply walk out of Grace's room and the door will shut close and to avoid killing Stanley, simply board the train. For Gil, after you take the genetic key there is an option to send an electric jolt in the ater tank that holds Gil. DO NOT PRESS IT! Just walk out of the place and board the elevator. As you are going up the elevator, the achievement should unlock. Also you have to save every little sister so it's not enough just to save Gil, Stanley and Grace.

    Video not mine.
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