Against all odds achievement in 2010 FIFA World Cup™

Against all odds

Win the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup™ with a 1/2 - 1 star team.

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How to unlock the Against all odds achievement

  • MW2 1995MW2 1995303
    14 Jan 2011 14 Jan 2011
    10 2 2
    There is only one team you should be using to try and achieve this achievement - Niger.
    Ouwo Moussa Maazou is a great forward and a great finisher. He can easily score with both feet, he is also very fast and very strong, very "Drogba-like."

    Use a 5-4-1 formation.
    Be patient.
    Keep possession of the ball as much as you can and avoid sprinting.
    When you can, pick out Maazou and try to finish with him.
    Once again, be patient, take it easy. Try to frustrate your opponents and force them to make all the mistakes.

    Thank to NeonGunner

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    MW2 1995Yes, boosting this game is complicated
    Posted by MW2 1995 on 18 Jul 11 at 16:25
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  • RichardW1001RichardW1001150,714
    02 Apr 2011 21 Mar 2011 05 May 2011
    6 0 5
    BIG WARNING - This achievement is slightly glitched in that your team has to be at the right level *at the RELEASE DATE* of the game. Some teams have, crucially, changed in levels since then, and if you win with one of those teams, it will NOT count!!!

    The one we got caught out on specifically was Azerbaijan, who have changed from 1* to 1.5*, but there may be more. We played all the way through, and... nothing...

    There's a full list here, double check this before starting:

    In terms of method, we use variants of Otilia e Gabita's excellent solution which is highly recommended


    This is actually possible with a group of 5 or more gamers by tweaking the group stages.

    If you have a group with 2 gamers, make sure you win 1 game each (by quit out is fine), and get a SCORE DRAW in your last game (e.g. 3-3 or whatever). You have to play the 3rd game to the end which takes longer, but you will both go through to the next round in 2nd place with 4 points. Why do you need a score draw? The ranking is based on points, then on goal difference, then on goals scored. The other game in your group is random and it's possible although rare for more than 1 team to end on 4 points. By having more goals scored, you will go through. This then means that the same pair can play in the R16 together as well, which means you get 1 quarter finalist for every group play-through.

    For every game except the draw, you can quit as soon as the GAME CLOCK is on 5 minutes or more and it will register as a 3-0 win to whoever didn't quit. Matching up is done by setting both of your control settings filters to the same thing - normally 2-Button, but sometimes it will refuse to match you in which case switching to Semi normally does the trick. If you match with the wrong person (rare but happens), back out.

    I think the optimal number of players to get this achievement is actually 9, which would look a bit like this: (Winners of each fixture set always on the right)

    Phase 1:


    Player 1 v Player 2 (Player 2 goes to QF)
    Player 3 v Player 4
    Player 5 v Player 6
    Player 7 v Player 8
    Player 9 - sit out


    Player 2 v Player 4
    Player 6 v Player 8


    Player 4 v Player 8

    Player 8 waits in the final and sits out the next phase

    Phase 2


    Player 2 v Player 1
    Player 4 v Player 3
    Player 6 v Player 5
    Player 9 v Player 7


    Player 3 v Player 1
    Player 7 v Player 5


    Player 5 v Player 1


    Player 8 v Player 1

    Player 1 gets the achievement!

    And back to the top for the next person in the group. This method is relatively fast per run through - all the games in a round can be played in parallel. There are 2 short group games (2-3 mins each by the time you factor in searching and load screens), 1 long group game (12 minutes + stoppages + loading screens), followed by 1 quick R16 (2-3 mins + loading), then quick QF, SF. That all repeats, then you have the quick final. Should be possible to get this well under 2 hours per achievement if you are organised - not yet had a perfect run through though.

    I recommend you sort in advance the fixture order, and make sure everyone knows what's going on - 8 player parties make for confusion, and of course there's 9 of you anyway! We actually found it easiest to have 1 organiser in his own party, and then each match pair form their own party, and then join the organiser party when they are finished if not sure what's happening next.
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    RichardW1001sm182 - per player - very time-consuming! All about getting a group of good people and persevering.
    Posted by RichardW1001 on 07 Nov 11 at 01:22
    vBURSToACTIVZvin the part before the round of 16 can you play the same person multiple of times?
    Posted by vBURSToACTIVZv on 08 Nov 11 at 01:27
    RichardW1001vBURSToACTIVZv - yes - you can play the same person for all 3 group games. If you win one each, and score-draw the other, you will both go through to the round of 16 - this is more time-consuming than quitting on 5 mins, but means you can get further with less people if you want/need.
    Posted by RichardW1001 on 08 Nov 11 at 04:23
  • ChaddersLFC6ChaddersLFC628,739
    18 May 2010 19 May 2010
    2 2 3
    I got this playing as Rwanda, after losing 2 semi's and a final. I also chose not to play against Ivory Coast, France or Spain, as they are too fast for Rwanda and seemed to tear me apart constantly. Anybody else should be feasible to beat, I even spanked Brazil 5-1 in the final.
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    WS Spartan 17Rwanda is a 1.5 stars team ; are you sure it does work for his achievement ?
    Posted by WS Spartan 17 on 13 Jun 10 at 17:28
    ZachRobins0nYea i got to the final with malta and i can beat any team i get put up against got beat in penalties in the final though but im in semis again
    Posted by ZachRobins0n on 16 Jun 10 at 10:30
    ChaddersLFC6I think they have gone up to 1.5 stars after a recent squad update, so obviously they would be no good for this achievement anymore. Could use them for the Ultimate Underdogs one instead though.
    Posted by ChaddersLFC6 on 21 Jun 10 at 22:15
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