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Demolition Man

Online: get 20 demolish kills

Demolition Man+0.1
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How to unlock the Demolition Man achievement

  • VeloxosMortuusVeloxosMortuus193,918
    25 Mar 2010 23 Mar 2010 27 Oct 2013
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    For the Demolition Man achievement you must bring a building down and kill an enemy (not friendly). Doing so will get a 'points bonus' in the bottom middle of the screen "Destruction 2.0"

    When attempting this achievement, stay away from Laguna Presa, because it is the only map in which a player cannot kill with Destruction 2.0. The map lacks any structures that can be collapsed using Destruction 2.0. Valparaiso has nearly the same attribute, however, there is a large building near the end of the Relay Station which can be destroyed. [Thanks to Banemaster117 for all of the previous information]

    You can track your Destruction 2.0 kills with the stats website (link below). [Credit to Unseen 5hadow for linking me the site] The site requires your gamertag (make sure to hit the Xbox 360 radial), but you should be no need to sign-up or create an account.

    *EDIT* The domain name for the website has changed. The old URL ( does not always go to soldier stats at this time. The current link is above. Thanks A Wise Ninja for the help. tbs0 and Sudz0rz have pointed out that achievements can also be check under MY SOLDIER at

    Once you enter your gamertag you will be whisked away to your stats page, which should be defaulted on the INFANTRY tab, and this is where you want to be. On this page you should see all of the kits with pictures and stats of each weapon. The Demolition Man achievement, along with all other achievements in BFBC2, are tracked under the ACHIEVEMENTS tab. Campaign, Multiplayer, and DLC achievements are broken out separately. Thanks d3nn1s99999 for realizing this and posting a comment.

    *EDIT* They have made changes and improvements to the site since I first wrote this guide. I am assuming that achievements are still tracked the same as before, but since I unlocked them already I cannot be sure. If somebody can verify that the site still tracks progress on achievements and leave a comment I would appreciate it.

    Hope this helps. I know that I like being able to check and be reassured that I am making progress towards an achievement.

    There are good tips in the other solutions, so check them out. These are some of the techniques I used:
    •Play as Assault with a non-grenade launcher weapon (G3, M14, Thompson, one of the shotguns, ect.)
    •For Spec 1 use "EX UPGR" (more C4) and for Spec 2 use "EXPLMK2" (more boom).
    •Remember that you can only have 6 C4 charges out at one time. Placing additional C4 charges past 6 just removes your other charges, starting with the first one you placed. Six charges should be plenty to take down the standard 2-story (+attic) buildings.
    •If a building is fully intact, place charges in the four corners and the middle of the longest walls.
    •Try placing charges closer to the ground, rather than the ceiling. I THINK this reduces the chance of killing people on the second floor with the explosion...maybe.
    •Know what buildings will cause Destruction 2.0 kills. I don't think any of the buildings on Valparaiso will cause Destruction 2.0 kills, so don't even bother with those types of shacks. The two-story buildings commonly found on Arica Harbour and White Pass are the best bet. Barns can also cause Destruction 2.0 kills. I only got one or two kills this way, but I'm pretty sure the players hiding in the rafters and hay did not expect me to bring the building down on top of them.
    •Bob Almighty125 points out that watchtowers (the metal framed ones like those found at the first base of Arica Harbour, not the concrete ones) can give Destruction 2.0 kills. Destroying the legs can kill people in the tower or underneath the tower when it falls. Good tip Bob, sounds like it has helped some people!

    A couple tips Anonymous Rain has made in the comments are:
    •Tanks can drive into buildings to destroy walls.
    •The Blackhawk helicopter's side mounted miniguns can destroy walls really quickly.
    •The UAV has the guided missile and is a good way to take buildings with only one wall up from a safe distance.

    One of the best things about BFBC2 is how unpredictable it can be. Rarely do things go EXACTLY as planned, so be ready to adapt. If a building is only being kept up by a wall or two, but you get killed before you can take it down. Try spawning with a grenade launcher or as an Engineer with a rocket launcher. Spawn on a squad mate who is close or in a good position that allow you to quickly reduce that building to heap of rubble (hopefully with a body or two in there).

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    CoPeLiToneed help too for this achievement.... last in BFBC² for me
    Posted by CoPeLiTo on 13 Nov 19 at 13:28
    Maaarc15Anyone knows why our kills always end up being suicide instead of demolition 2.0?
    Posted by Maaarc15 on 24 Nov 19 at 11:32
    Duo Zero SevenAnybody looking for this at the moment?
    Posted by Duo Zero Seven on 17 Apr at 02:18
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  • Inglorious YogiInglorious Yogi78,667
    13 Mar 2010 14 Mar 2010 30 Mar 2010
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    I got this in just over an hour of playtime by following a simple tactic with a specific class. I would not attempt to go after this until you unlock the explosive mk2 upgrade.It makes it much easier and faster to drop buildings.

    Play squad deathmatch, (you don't need to have a squad to do this though it makes it easier) on search for the level white pass. really any level with destructible buildings will work I just prefer White Pass because I found it easier to sneak around. For your class setup choose the assault class with either the M1 Garand, M1A1, M14 or shotgun whichever you prefer. This will give you c4 charges.

    For your specs choose the explosives leg pouch under spec 1, the explmk2 under spec 2 and whatever you want for spec 3. Because you chose the assault class you can restore your c4 charges which makes things easier in the long run.

    As far as Tactics, your best bet will be to focus on 2 story buildings in the center as they get the most traffic. set c4 every couple of wall sections around the outside of the house (preferably on the exterior of walls) and hang back to watch the building, try to leave the majority of the walls intact until you destroy the building as it will be less likely to scare away potential pancakes.

    Once someone enters your building wait approx 2 to 3 seconds to see if they exit if not blow the charges chances are good that they went upstairs and will survive the blast only to be flattened by the building.

    Be very careful when placing your charges, in most cases 5 charges can bring down a building but buildings can be very stubborn I once had a building that was standing because a glass window pane had survived the blast. I knifed the glass and the house fell down.

    Try not to remain in the open when placing your charges place them quickly and vacate the area, this goes back to the fact that future pancakes usually feel more inclined to run into a building if they dont see someone sneaking around the walls, this acheivement is by far the most frustrating one filled with shoulda-hads, almosts, and how-did-the-pancake-manage-to-fly-twenty-feet-in-the-air-and-still-survives. Long story. Good Luck
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    FiBER NL@HAHNZR T4NK Teamkills most definately do NOT count for this achievement. If you want to boost it anyway, play with some friends. With them being on the other team
    Posted by FiBER NL on 13 Apr 10 at 14:28
    Poopdog M60Riottook about 5 matches...around 45 minutes for me. Gotta love quad-kills!
    Posted by Poopdog M60Riot on 28 Apr 11 at 01:00
    REDZERO UKI have been struggling for ages on rush and now doing squad deathmatch I have 5 destruction 2.0 kills in the first match after being stuck on 9 out of 20 for a week! Cheers for the guide, defo the best of all of them!!!
    Posted by REDZERO UK on 11 Oct 11 at 22:27
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    This is sort of an addition to Inglorious Yogi's solution, which I found to be the best of all of the solutions here.

    Basically, load up Squad Deathmatch/White Pass just as he says.
    Use the Assault Class
    For Spec 1 use Ex Upgd for more C4 and for Spec 2 use ExplMK2 to have your C4 cause bigger explosions.

    The part that I did that I found getting Demo 2.0 kills MUCH easier was this:
    Run into one of the buildings and set your charges on the walls on the sides with the stairs (including the stairs) and set them off.
    Next, finish setting your charges on the other half of the building.
    Then, go hide in a bush or somewhere where you can see the stairs-side of the building.

    With this setup, you can now not only see people enter the building, but watch them go upstairs and not have to worry about blowing them up with the C4 instead of the demolition. Once they are up there, set off your C4, watch the building come down, and get a 2.0 kill (and maybe more if some teammates spawned on them while they are up there).

    I say this works better because I sat on 6 demo kills for hours one day, then tried this and immediately got 11 demo kills in three games! I got those last 14 I needed over the course of 5 games. All legit. No boosting needed.:)

    While I posted this over a year ago, I occasionally get questions about which building is the best to use.
    The building I used to get virtually all of mine was the two-story, middle one at the bottom of the map. It sits in front of the overpass that snipers like to go up on to see over the map.
    This building is great for a few reasons:
    It is two-story, so it is easy to trap players and their newly spawned teammates upstairs.
    The stairs-side part of this building faces the cliffside, so you don't have to be out in the middle of the map watching it.
    There is a pretty good sized bush that sits along the bottom of the overpass wall that is perfect to hide in and watch the stairs. I can't tell you how many times enemies would just run by me while sitting there. And while it may be tempting to kill these players, there's no reason to tip them off to your spot, so just let them run on by.

    Hope this helps!:D
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    Inglorious YogiAwesome idea, never even occurred to me to try that. If I could vote it'd be +1
    Posted by Inglorious Yogi on 10 May 10 at 04:35
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